Chapter 7

When Rosalie came down from the loft after freshening up after the drive up, Chad had fixed them a simple dinner of crackers, meat, cheese and dips with hot cider to keep them warm.

“Wow, Chad, this looks great!

“Just thought I'd fix a little something for us to eat.

“I love it. It's all my favorites.

As they were eating the delicious meat and cheese with crackers and dip, Rosalie felt relaxed; a feeling she hadn't felt in a very long time. They spent a couple hours just talking and then Rosalie began to get a little sleepy.

“I'm sorry, Chad, I'm getting a little sleepy.” Rosalie said, with a yawn.

“Yeah, me too.” Chad agreed. “I think we had better get some sleep. I have a big day in store for us. You're going to need your strength for tomorrow's adventures.

As Chad accompanied Rosalie to her room, he left her at the bedroom door with a sweet peck on her lips. Then he went to another bedroom next to hers, after saying good night.

Rosalie went inside and got into her night gown and crawled under the cozy comforter, falling asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, Rosalie woke to the aromatic odor of pancakes, bacon, and eggs cooking downstairs. She got up out of bed and got dressed in her pink culottes and matching pink sweater and her sneakers. Then she braided her long tresses and headed downstairs.

“Well, good morning, gorgeous!” Chad greeted Rosalie as she sat down at the wooden table for four.

“I can't believe you got up and made all this!” Rosalie warmly said.

“Well, we need a good breakfast for our hike this morning.” Chad said. “I have a picnic lunch all made for our hike.

“You totally amaze me, Chad.” Rosalie said, smiling.

“Well, I love to make you smile. You have a gorgeous smile.” Chad complimented Rosalie as she blushed.

Chad and Rosalie finished the wonderful tasty breakfast. Rosalie wanted to wash the dishes before they left, but Chad insisted they just set them in the sink until they got back.

After the breakfast dishes were carefully set in the sink, Chad grabbed the pack and slung it over his back. Then he took Rosalie's hand and they set off for a morning hike to the lake.

It was a glorious sunny fall day, a perfect day for a hike. Chad held Rosalie's hand as they walked together on the hiking path. Rosalie even got to pet a fawn that had wandered away from its mother, before it darted back into the woods.

Chad and Rosalie walked for an hour before coming to the lake where Chad set out a blanket for him and Rosalie to sit on.

Rosalie saw swing bridge that she was sure she could balance on to get to the other side of the lake, so she set off to walk on it. But as luck would have it, Rosalie lost her balance and fell into the lake.

Worried for Rosalie, Chad darted into the lake and swam to where Rosalie fell in the lake. A very good swimmer, it took no time for Chad to swim out to Rosalie and manage to pull Rosalie to safety.

Shivering from falling in the water, Chad pick up the blanket that was on the ground and wrapped it around a trembling Rosalie.

“You had me so scared, Rose.” Chad said, as he held her.

“I'm so sorry. I thought I could cross it.” Rosalie apologized. “I should have known better.

“Just don't ever do that again, okay.

Rosalie just nodded in agreement.

Chad just held Rosalie in his arms. He loved holding her. It made everything right with the world. They gazed into each others eyes. Then Chad kissed Rosalie. Rosalie didn't resist.

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