Chapter 9

Chad and Rosalie woke early to have breakfast and pack the Jeep to go back home. Within an hour, Chad had the Jeep all packed and they were on the road back home. Rosalie offered to help pack the Jeep, but Chad insisted she rest while he packed the Jeep.

On the drive back to town, Rosalie was quiet. She felt like a fraud. She knew what the dream was about. She had remembered what her Uncle Ray did to her when she was just five years old. He had sexually molested her and the abuse lasted until she was seven years old when her Uncle Ray had suddenly died of a heart attack.

Rosalie remembered that she blamed herself for her Uncle's death because of what was going on between them. She thought that she killed her Uncle.

Rosalie really felt like a fake. Her stance on remaining a virgin made her feel like a fake now that technically she wasn't a virgin after her Uncle sexually molested her. How could she tell her parents what her Uncle did to her? He was dead. She was sure they wouldn't believe her and they would accuse her of tarnishing good name. Everyone adored her Uncle Ray. Rosalie remembered how he was the life of the party. Always willing to babysit her and a her cousin Layla at a moment's notice when Rosalie's parents or Layla's parents, her mother's sister, Lisa couldn't find anyone to watch them.

Rosalie also wondered how she could tell Chad her revelation. Chad was so sweet to her. But what would he think of her now? Especially now that she was no virgin. Would he dump her? She decided that she wouldn't tell Chad or her parents. It was best not to say anything. She blocked it out of her life before, she could do it again.

“Hey, Rose, you're awfully quiet.” Chad said, bringing Rosalie out of her reverie. “You haven't spoken a word since we left the cabin. Everything alright?

“Everything's fine, Chad.” Rosalie lied, as she squeezed his hand and snuggled closer to him.

Chad put one arm around Rosalie as she snuggled closer to him. They enjoyed the rest of the drive home talking about their favorite things and what they wanted to do.

With everything going on at school, she had to find out if the dream was true, and if it was, what did it mean for her? She was not a virgin like she thought! What would everyone think of her if her secret came out? One thing was for sure, Rosalie was determined to keep her dream a secret from everyone, especially Chad. She couldn't risk anyone finding out!

It sure seemed like all Rosalie was doing was creating lies to cover up more lies. She wondered when it all would end? And would anything ever be the same again? Rosalie wasn't so sure anymore? Too much has happened... and she didn't know if she could trust Chad to tell him this secret?

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