a Mask?

The city at night was the main attraction especially on Christmas Day as most of the people go out to celebrate with their friends and loved ones. Well, not everyone though. One of them is the girl who is currently walking into a pastry cafe. Heads turn when she walked passed them as if they had just seen a celebrity.

Her hair was tied to a high ponytail, face half covered with her mufflers and clad in a leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans and high boots. Her figure was slender yet so charismatic as she walks.

Taking off her jacket and mufflers, she greeted her co-workers before going into the staff room.

"Beautiful Sara is here. Working on Christmas day is not that bad after all~"

"Yes I am." She winked at her co-worker before closing the door.

Putting her things away in her locker she paused at the sight of the costume that she's going to wear that night. The door opened again revealing her manager that looked like he hasn't slept for days. She took hold of the costume and pointed at him, squinting her eyes.

"What is this?"

"Santa." The manager said obviously. Sara chuckled lightly.

"Yeah no shit but as in a dress? Where's my beard and when did Santa change genders?"

"You're pretty and using that will attract more customers."


"And you will get paid extra."

"Deal." Sara said instantly and went to change out of her clothes at the other room. The manager grew amused and knew that she won't refuse if there's advantage to her.


Rocking the santa dress with a santa hat on her head, the cafe no doubt attracted many male customers. No one could resist the lively smile that light up the world. Even though she didn't do much of persuading and promoting since most of them had come to her first, she still worked hard making sure she sealed the deal.

"Mommy look! A pretty Santa!" A child around the age of six said tugging his mother's hand for her attention.

"Hi! Today we have a special santa bread and a Christmas discount." Sara said giving the flyer to her mother who smiled apologetically at her because of her son's remark.

"Mommy I want one!"

"You sure do huh? Is there a sample?" The mother asked and Sara politely brought her to the display counter.

"Since today is a special day, every bread is decorated to the occasion."

"Oh my, these do look delicious. Is there any vacant seat for two people?" She said as her son hopped excitedly. Sara smiled softly nodding. She called her co-worker and refer them to him.

"Of course, my friend will bring you to a table. Enjoy your meal and thank you for the compliment handsome gentleman." Sara said bopping the child's nose with her finger.

The child giggled, bringing a smile to his mother's face. Excusing herself to the family, she walked back out and continued her job. After what felt like forever, she finally told that it is her break time for the hectic night. She leaned her back to the wall at the shop, getting the view of the gigantic christmas tree that was the main attraction to the people in the city. The tree was decorated like a normal christmas tree with sparkly ornaments around. Families and lovers get to hang their pictures or note to the tree as a memory. A faint smile plastered on her face as she remembered back to the last time she had celebrated the holiday.

Then her view was blocked by a group of males around her age, sneering at her. She frowned and about to went inside her shop when she felt a strong grip on her arm, forcefully dragging her to the alleyway just beside the shop. Since it was hectic around them, no one noticed her situation to her dismay.

"Hey, what do you want? You don't have to drag me here." She pulled back her arm with one or two hard pull until she succeed detaching herself from the male. She faced them clearly getting each of their faces.

"Oh? Sorry, we thought you're our friend. Seems like we have mistaken you." The boy with a sly smile said feigning an apologetic face.

"Right." She said and turned to walk back out of the alleyway but the boys blocked her. She sighed exasperatedly.

"Since you're here, how about you join us? His dad has a basement club nearby. You should come with us and have fun." This time another boy with a hoodie said while the rest of them smiled smugly. Sara shook her head.

"No thanks. I'm still working."

"How much did they pay you? I could pay you double if you work with me." The sly boy pushed, stepping closer to her. He brought his hand to her face and she did what she had to.

Twisting his hand as a self defense, she pushed him away from her and started to make a run from it only to feel air being knocked out of her when a hard kick landed on her stomach. Sara coughed as she fell back, crashing to the wall and slid to the ground.

"Hey, don't blame me. You started to get feisty first." The boys grinned making Sara giving them disgusted look.

Seeing them peering over her like a predator she started to feel like she's seeing that one person. Unable to feel her body, she had hoped that whatever that's about to happen to her end quickly.

Flinching at the sight of them getting close to her, she looked away in loath and a person got her attention.

Though she cant see his face due to the mask that hid his eyes and his out of place formal suit and tie, she for the first time called out to the stranger.

"Help me."

With the voice that barely went out, the figure immediately get into action and stopped the boys. His mask stayed on his face as he went on a full brawl with the boys, gracefully dodging hits and sending blow to them like it was his profession to save people. Sara had thought whether the figure was indeed a superhero.

Now that she gained the energy back to push herself up. She logically distanced herself from the situation and did what she could to help her apparent savior.

"I called the police!" She said clearly enough for the junkies to stopped from whatever they're doing and sprawled out, running away.

Some of them were limping and Sara made sure to note that whoever her savior is a hell of a fighter since he looked like he just went on a walk. Huffing, the figure turned to her with a face that she couldn't make out since..well the mask.

"Are you okay?" The voice took her back just for a second when she didn't expect that it would be deep.


"Are you sure? You looked like you're-"

"I'm fine. Thanks for saving me, I almost gave up my life." Sara cut him off, saying it with a more clear voice hoping that he would drop it and looked up to him questioningly.

She no doubt felt relieved that the things she had imagined in her head at the brief moment was not happening thanks to the lad with a mask but she still didn't know what's his intention and stepped back. Realizing that he was still in his mask and her sudden movement, the male with a blonde hair took off his mask to reveal his perfectly sculptured face.

"We went to the same college. Sorry if I scare you." He said ruffling back his soft hair. " I don't think you recognize me though-"


Her saying his name caught him off guard. Jacob didn't expect her to know him since she's quite popular and being the carefree self that seems like she never hang out with just anyone.

Don't get her wrong, the college itself is huge to know everyone.

"You know me?"

"Well yeah, we have the same class this semester and you're quite popular, captain of the swim club." Sara said dusting off her dress that had ugly smear due to the fact that she did got kicked down.

Only then she felt the terrible pain on her abdomen where the kick had landed.

"Not popular as you, I hope." Jacob said scratching his nape awkwardly. He noticed the slight wince that she did subtly when her hands brushed her stomach.

Her nose was slightly red from wearing not enough clothes in the cold night, Jacob can't help but to smile at her adorableness.

"Oh don't worry. A good kind of popular. I'm problematic." Sara chuckled lightly and huffed out, bearing the pain like she didn't feel anything.

"Anyways, thanks again. I got to go now, my break time is over." She said smiling at him and walked to her shop. Jacob hummed and followed her.

"That dress look cute on you by the way."

"So does that mask on you. Whats up with that suit up though, fancy christmas party?"

"No way, you're saying my mask is cute?" He asked amusingly, opening the door for her and they stepped into the shop together. Sara found herself laughing at his retort.

"Do you want anything? My treat as for thanks."

"It's okay I just ate but I do have one request though." Jacob said clearly, tucking his hands in his pockets. Sara tilted her head questioningly.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Where's your manager?"

Sara didn't think much and just nodded at the tired man who was writing some stuff in the documents behind the counter. Jacob smiled and turned to the man.

"Mr Manager?"

"Huh yeah?" The manager looked up to see the fine gentleman smiling at him.

"Can Sara be dismissed right now? She had just been attacked earlier and she needs some medical treatment right now."

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