Chapter 8: The Way You Taste Me


Sighing, I turned to Elias. “I’ll go ahead,” I murmured. I was about to leave him when he gripped my arm and led me toward the fourth floor, which amazed me. “W-what are you doing?” I didn’t mean to sound shaky because there was no need to. It was just that I was surprised he was doing it, and I couldn’t even think clearly how to go about it. I just went blank! Weird.

“You need to change, don’t you?

I raised an eyebrow when we stopped in the hallway. “My room is on the third floor, fyi.” I had no idea why I needed to impart this information to him.

“Thanks for letting me know. Does it mean I am welcome to go into your room?” He gave me a slow, sexy smile. His dark eyes liquefied with desire.

In my head, I heard a breaking of glass. What was with this metaphor? And of breaking? Breaking of what? My maidenhead? Darn it! No! Be still, my lady parts. But did I sound like I invited him when I told him where my room is?

I glowered at him. “Don’t be full of yourself, Elias. You’re just a guest here. Please act like one.” I turned my back to him to go down the stairs. God! I needed at least a shower before I’d mix with those creatures that have overly sensitive sense of smell.

I heard Elias let out a snort. “Oh, no! Maria Adriana told me to feel at home. I do intend to do that, especially that you’re her family,” he said and was in front of me. I didn’t know how he got there so fast.

My lips slowly gaped. “And what does that make us?” I raised an eyebrow. “A family, too?” I added with a lopsided smile.

He suddenly held my throat. Not that kind of threatening hold but sexy. He pushed me toward the wall, making me “umph” when my back hit it. His eyes even became darker as they could ever be. They slowly touched every inch of my face, seductively going downward, to my lips. They stayed there. It was almost like he already touched me; it was crazy.

I couldn’t help but feel excited. His body was close to mine. Enough for me to feel the heat that radiated from his shifter body. His scent assaulted my entire being, arousing the deepest desires I had, which I had never known I possessed. The tinkling laughter and glasses, as well as the murmurs of chitchats, seemed to fade away. Only my heartbeat and his could be heard in my sensitive ears.

“You’ll not only be my family, Avabella. You’ll become a part of me,” he uttered huskily. “And I you.” Then he crushed his mouth to mine. The type of kiss that wrecked havoc in my gorgeous body… especially my lady parts.

Darn it! He did it again. His taste that was like a mixture of sharp mint and sweet candied orange was heaven! It fogged my undead brain, clouding all rational things that I could think of if his mouth was not touching or crushing mine like this. I didn’t know when I closed my eyes. Maybe right after the millisecond he claimed my mouth. Then I felt the slight bending of his body, just to put his hands on the back of my thighs, lifting me and wrapping my legs around his waist.

I moaned when my damp center connected to his bulging front. It was rock-hard. Gracious God! I never felt such ache like I felt right now. I wanted him inside me… It was so strong that I had never experienced before. This was all new to me. And I’d never been so sexually aware than with Elias around, especially at close proximity.

Where had my conviction gone? It only took a kiss from this Alpha and everything melted away. ¡Maldición!

I heard a door close, and the knob clicked, telling me it was locked. But I was only half-aware of it all since I was busy clinging on to Elias’ broad, powerful shoulders and kissing him back like my life depended on his passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined. He caught mine and sucked it, which made me groan.

“Mon Dieu, Avabella!” he breathed. He looked at me with hooded eyes, which were filled with fiery desire that shot right through my lady part that was in the middle of my body. “I can’t stop now!

I cupped his face, feeling that soft scruff and making my palms tingle deliciously. “Then don’t!” ¡Dios mío! I wasn’t in my right mind! But then again, he clouded my brain right now. Desire prevailed like it never did before. “Just this once, Elias. Just for tonight.” I must be crazy for letting him get close to me like this, for giving him permission to have my body. Tonight.

He growled like in a protest but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he buried his face in the middle of my breasts. His hot mouth found my marbled peak beneath the satiny fabric of my dress. I threw my head back in pleasure, and I realized my back and head already hit the covered mattress of the four-poster bed. I realized it was the same room we were in earlier.

Elias’ one warm hand played my other breast that was already half exposed as he pushed the material downward. Somehow, the knot in front of my bust was already untied, setting my braless breasts free. I could feel the air that softly touched the naked skin of my upper lady parts. But it didn’t take long since his mouth rained kisses on each of them, leaving them on fire and peaks standing tight, asking for his deep affection.

He gently massaged my other breast as his mouth busily suckled the other. “Oh, Avabella!” he groaned sexily. He then tore my clothes away from my body. “You’re so sweet!

My brain sent an alert tone. There was like a loud alarm blaring in my head when I realized I was fully exposed to Elias’ burning eyes, filled with want and need. In a second his magical clothes were gone when I blinked. There, he stood fully naked. And very much aroused. His virility was clear. He looked even proud and majestic. ¡Dios mío! He was enormous for my innocent eyes to take in. Never had I seen a naked man who was as huge as he. On second thought, I only mostly saw those on the screen, not much in person. Because it was only one time that I did… but my mind refused to go beyond that because it was filled with Elias and his huge manhood.

Yes. Here was Elias. He was one tremendous shifter indeed! I wondered if this was one of the requirements of an Alpha’s assets. To have a big… um… should I name it Elias II? ¡Maldición!

Before I could speak, he moved atop me. Elias II was grazing my toned thigh. Gracious God! It made me wetter just to feel him, his heat, on my skin. I felt feverish and I shivered in anticipation, moaning.

Elias dipped his head to attack my pink peaks that surrendered to his wet tongue and sexy lips. He flicked his tongue on each of them making me arch my body toward him, wanting more. I’d never felt so wanton in my life. It must be the Elias effect. Darn it! I didn’t know if I’d be whole again and composed after this. It was like the wall, which I tried to build around me to not make him enter my personal space, just crumbled down. Anyway, it was built only halfway. This super hot shifter had that effect on me. I should be annoyed in normal circumstances and fully clothed. But no. It was all for nothing. In fact, I was already naked as on the day I was born.

Then I felt his hot tongue made sexy trails downward. My hands could only hold his long soft hair. Oh, gracious God! I liked to touch his dark hair. And his mouth… it just went further down south of my body. I knew where he was going. But would he really go there? I almost screamed in pleasure when his lips touched my lips down there. A series of expletives burned my brain as this different rapture filled my whole being, pooling in the centermost of my body. I could feel the heat travel down there, making him groan with delight.

He parted my thighs even wider as his tongue traveled up and down my most private lady part. He sucked and kissed each plump fold before he teased the apex of it with his wet and hot tongue.

“Oh, my gracious God! Elias!” I moaned louder.

His tongue circled on that most delicate part, which I felt was swelling with so much desire. I could feel the heat building up in my center again, before it flowed freely, making me scream.

“Yes, my sweet Avabella. Give me more of your sweet syrup!” he breathed, kissing me down there passionately. His wet and hot tongue moved horizontally and vertically, drinking and tasting me. My hips buckled, dancing erotically. My hands gripped his hair as I moaned with delectation that only he could give.

My body writhed as he continued to lave my needy lady part. It was sweet torture! I could still feel that throbbing sensation that needed to be filled. We both knew he and I wanted it but he apparently took his time, drinking my essence until it was dry. Just when I thought he had enough since he lifted his face to look at me, he reached out his one hand to pinch each of the rosy peaks of my proud breasts, which made me moan.

“I want you to moan more, Avabella.” Then his face dove in between my thighs again and suckled my sensitive nub there. I almost screamed with so much gratification. But he didn’t stop. He nipped it a bit, making me gasp and push his head closer. I was really breathless and my mouth couldn’t seem to stay closed.

‘¡Dios mío!’ I couldn’t seem to take it anymore as my body spasmed and liquid heat flowed freely into his mouth. He lapped it up like a cat drinking milk. Then I felt the tip of his tongue enter my tight entrance. My eyes rolled in rapture as a response to it. Darn! That was so, so good it was beyond words.

“Ohh… ¡Dios mío! Elias…” I whimpered in ecstasy, panting. It seemed that he stole the air right from my lungs by teasing me there.

“Merde! You’re so sweet, Avabella. You’re as sweet as a mix of red grape, peach and honey!

My eyes went wide when I heard it. I never imagined I’d taste like that. Was he baiting me or something? There was no way I’d taste like that, was there?

“¿Qué? Don’t be a culo, Elias! There’s no need to sugarcoat something like this.” Surely pussies didn’t taste just like he described me, right? Well, I had no idea. I never tasted pussies before and certainly I didn’t taste myself!

Elias gave me that seductive smile of his. “Of course I don’t, my sweet Avabella. In fact, I’d love to ravish you again and again.” In just half a second, his tongue was back on my lady part again, making my hips dance lustfully. It was addictive. But I wanted more. More. It was driving me crazy.

I moaned as he pulled my swollen nub with his lips. Again and again. That brought… elation to my lady part.

“¡Dios mío! That feels so, so good, Elias!” I groaned even louder and louder. “Don’t stop!” Then the tip of his tongue played it again and again like there was no end to it. After that, he swirled his tongue over it, sending delicious tingle all over my body, which made my toes curl, and I gripped his hair even tighter.

He groaned. It was so darn sexy! I loved to listen to it. I could tell he was enjoying what he was doing to me.

Then he spread the plump lips of my lady part, left and right. Back and forth. Then the tip of his tongue teased my entrance again. He poked inside and ran his tongue over it in circles. It was driving me crazy, and he almost sent me to the edge again. Wait, he already made me climax twice just by his tongue! ¡Dios mío! But then I still couldn’t seem to get enough.

“Elias, stop your sweet torture right now or let’s call it a night and join the party downstairs!

He quickly got up on his knees, looking at me hotly. “Oh, merde, Avabella!

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