Rewrite the Ending


47.41k words

40 chapters



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The Pathology student Kriszel Mercones felt her life was about to fall into pieces after discovering that her only Aunt died because of Broken-Heart Syndrome, and the cause is the prolonged absence of her Aunt’s Argentinian boyfriend. Kriszel’s grief worsened when the guy didn’t even show up in her Aunt’s funeral, and since then, she promised herself that she’ll never fall for a man’s love. But a decade after, the game suddenly changed when she met the gorgeous Italian chef, Nathaniel Salvatore. His perseverance and kindness spontaneously softened Kriszel’s heart. Will Kriszel break her own promises for the love that she had never experience?

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J. Cross

Just to let you know, dear readers, this story is a spin-off of Scalpel & Espresso. :)

2020/8/26 Reply