Second Time Around


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SPLITS with his girlfriend broke the woman’s heart who love him so much for someone new...
RAYDE splits with his long-time girlfriend for another girl. He does everything on his power to make his parents agree with him. As they refused to support him from marrying the said woman ‘cause they knew about his long-time American girl, he dated the woman while he was obtaining his second degree in the USA. His parents want him to marry the American girl instead of the woman he met right after he got back home from the US, but he refused, he keep insisted on his decision and his parents strongly disagree every time he talks about it. Even his relatives keep on telling him that she is not the right woman for her.

Until he figured out a way to make her parents agree.
Did he make the right choice or decision?



This is amazing Anyway, I have an offer related to writing story and I'd like to talk about it. If you are interested, you can reach me on insta: ods.apa or message me at leonandre880 (at) g m a i l (dot) com Thanks.

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Dorothy Whittingham

sounds really interesting

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Congratulations co-author :)

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Congratulations Author :)

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I just finished reading it before i voted I read first to know if this story will deserves my votes! And wow! Simple story but full of lessons some of the words really hits the bottom of my heart! Good luck to the author of this story.... She might plotted this she seems know about plotting stories complete details! A simple but meaningful story 😊😊

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Locaba Saquillo Aireen


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Park Shin Hae

Love it😊

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Lei Yah

The story is very inspiring, thank you

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Ashley Nichole Reyes

Awesome story

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Enjoyed reading every chapter..Goodluck author

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