🔞Warning🔞: This chapter contains an explicit sex scene.


When Yi carries Xia up from the cold floor and heads to the bed for the second round, he totally isn't expecting that his boyfriend still has some strength left, given how limp Xia's body is in his arms. However, once he places the older guy gently on the bed and hovers over the slender body, his vision spins for his body is flipped until his back touches the soft mattress.

"We may begin our second round, but I'll be in charge, sweetie," Xia leans down and whispers next to Yi's ear, leaving goosebumps to crawl up to every inch of the younger guy's body.

"Wow. I can't believe you still have some strength left. Maybe I was too easy on you back then?"

"Guess so." Xia retreats from Yi's ear and wiggles his eyebrows teasingly.

"I'll remember to do it harder next time then. Thanks for the reminder." Yi sticks out his tongue and trails the wet, soft flesh over his teeth while maintaining eye contact with his boyfriend, making sure to be as seductive as he can.

Rolling his eyes, Xia brushes his thumb over the slightly open lips, ignoring the wet contact when it touches the naughty tongue. Yi can taste the saltiness from the slender finger. And he likes it.

Instead of retreating his tongue back in, he protrudes it out even more and begins to dart it up and down before circling it all over as if he is licking a popsicle.

Xia holds his breath at the wet sensation. Suppressing the moan that is threatening to escape, he asks with his eyes narrowed, "Enjoying the taste of my thumb?"

Yi wiggles his eyebrows once as a replacement for a yes since he has no intention to disturb his tongue from doing whatever it is doing.

Xia puts forces on his thumb with a smirk, pushing it down the warm cavern to bring down the naughty tongue back to its original place. Yet, he keeps it lingering there, showing no interest in withdrawing it even after his mission succeeded.

He gives a taste-it-more look to Yi through his hooded eyes, to which the latter doesn't hesitate to comply. Wasting not a single minute, Yi moves his lips, parting it more to welcome the slender finger further inside, and begins to obey the inaudible comment.

Xia closes his eyes as his body acts up at this mere contact. The wetter his finger is soaked by Yi's saliva, the more goosebumps creep over his skin. With the exaggerating sucking sound that Yi intentionally makes, Xia feels something throbs in between his legs. He can't believe this twenty-five-year-old guy, who is quiet and shy on the outside, can be this dangerous behind closed doors.

Unable to withstand the ticklish sensation that makes his toe curl to the point that it almost wrinkle the bedsheet, Xia opens his eyes briefly and removes his thumb, earning a frustrating groan from Yi. But before the younger guy can complain about the absence of his salty lollipop, Xia leans down and covers the pair of rosy, plump lips with his own. He can still taste the saltiness lingering there left by his thumb, which arouses him even more.

And the battle begins.

As usual, whenever the hot makeout session happens, Yi's and Xia's tongues never fail to fight for dominance. Though almost always Yi is the winner, this time, Xia gets the crown.

Satisfied at the result, Xia roams his tongue all over his boyfriend's warm cavern and licks every nook and cranny within his reach. His aggression makes Yi's body shiver in anticipation, hence the whimpers into his mouth. The sight and sound turn him on even more, for the thing down seem to weigh heavier than usual. Delving deeper, Xia lowers his body and crushes his lips against Yi's, letting his tongue get more access to the inside.

"Emm...Ngah..." Yi moans when the intruder keeps invading his mouth without mercy, making his little buddy go painfully hard again. Subconsciously, his hands find their ways to settle down on either side of slender's hip and, without warning, bring Xia's body even lower so that not only their lips but also their lower parts are greeting each other passionately.

"Arh," Xia gasps and breaks the kiss at the unexpected friction. He lifts his face to look at his boyfriend questioningly, only to see Yi's hooded eyes begging him.

The telepathy between the two has never been wronged. Even without breathing out a word, they know what the other wants to say by just peering into the eyes.

"Sure, darling," whispers Xia as a response.

Shifting his weight up and repositioning himself for another job, Xia glances at the necessary place, checking to see if any assistance is needed. However, after one look at the glistening ring of muscle, he knows there is no need to, given they are still wet from the first round. Parting the younger guy's legs gently, Xia begins preparing his boyfriend's entrance. He slowly inserts the first finger and makes sure that Yi is adjusted to it before putting in the second one. Just when he is about to add the third digit, Yi kicks the bed lightly.

"Stop with the foreplay. I need you in. Put yours inside me now." Yi whispers faintly through his labor breath. Clearly, he is getting impatient.

Xia removes his fingers from the dripping hole with a low chuckle and replaces it with his hard shaft. Once his blade is completely swallowed to the hilt, gasps escape from their lips. Yi's hip arches up at the penetration, leaving Xia to remain still and wait for his boyfriend to adjust.

"Move," commands Yi after he drops his body back to the sheet that seems to be dampening with sweat and perhaps, something more.

"Your wish is my command."

As two bodies begin to collide, various sounds can be heard throughout the room. Ten minutes later, simultaneous Arh echoes, followed by Xia's body toppled over Yi's sweaty one on the bed; both are painting and gasping for breath. Indeed, a second orgasm has been reached.

After regaining his breath, Xia pulls out and moves to the side before pulling the cover over their naked bodies. Lying side by side, they brush the sweaty bangs off each other's foreheads while maintaining eye contact with big smiles. Then, they reduce the gaps to nothingness by moving closer with Yi resting on Xia's shoulder, burying his face inside his boyfriend's neck. Xia places a soft peck on the younger guy's forehead, trailing it down the temple before ending it on the cheekbone. The two cuddle in silence and bathe in the afterglow until their breath becomes stable.

"Haha," Xia titters all of a sudden, breaking the silence inside the room.

Confused at the sudden reaction, Yi cranes his face up. "What's funny? Why are you laughing?"

"Well, I just can't believe that this is real."

"What's real?"

"Having you in my arms like this."

Yi rolls his eyes after hearing about the reason behind the mysterious titter. "Oh, please. It's been almost a year."

"I know, but it still feels so new to me." Xia chuckles again before continuing, "I've never thought that accepting this drama will not only bring me recognition but also you."

"Yeah, well, me too."

"I hesitated to accept it at first. But now, I am glad that I did. Or else, I'd have regretted it forever."

"Regret that I'll end up in someone else's arm instead of you?" Yi can't help but tease his boyfriend.

Xia frowns as he looks down to meet the pair of thin almond brown eyes. "Don't ever say that, Yi. The thought makes me cringe. You're mine, and mine alone." He tightens his embrace, bringing Yi's body even closer than it already is to the point that it almost squashes him.

"Ouch, I can't breathe. Loosen up your arms a bit, will you?" Yi tries to wiggle his way out but to no avail. Giving up, he remains still within the warm embrace. "Say, do you remember those days when we filmed, and we tried so hard to hide our feelings so it wouldn't show up on screens?"

"Of course, I do. Trust me. It wasn't that easy. Every time we are near, I just want to bring you in for a kiss. If it weren't for the censorship, the director would have gotten many unscripted kiss scenes already."

Both of them chuckle at the thought before Yi asks again, "So, tell me when was the first time you want to kiss me?"

"Well, it is a long story."

Yi rolls his eyes and pouts. "How long? We have the whole night anyway."

"I'd rather spend the whole night with you doing bed exercises than talking," says Xia, stealing a kiss from the pouted lips without warning.

"Don't even dream about it. If you don't tell me, I won't let you do me. Nor will I do you." Yi sticks out his tongue teasingly, to which Xia finds it so adorable. He almost loses control and devours the adorable creature in his arms once and for all.

However, Xia suppressed the beastly instinct. Answering his boyfriend's question, he decides to reveal everything about how he develops romantic feelings for his co-star during filming.

"It all began that day..."

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