Fayre's POV

I pass by Amos first. He checks me out. It’s really obvious. I smile wider at him and to the people, so that it won’t be obvious I’m giving him a hint. Then, I pass by Waz’s corner, still smiling. He watches me as well as I walk until I am out of the ring. I then rejoin Monique and Jerela.

The game is on. I watch with awe and admiration at these best friends. Both are very strong, talented and sexy. As the two of them grapple each other in the octagon ring, I picture myself being grappled by the two of them on the floor. It’s so hot! It’s like I’m going to cum right here, right now. Shit!

The first round ends. Jerela gets in for the second round. I watch Amos and Waz as their coaches tell them what to do next and stuff like that. Right now, I don’t see either of them injured, which is a good sign. I’m not too sure which of them to cheer on. They’re both good fighters. In fact, I’m one of their fans.

The two MMA fighters are now back in the fight. Punches, kicks and others like hitting by elbows and knees are thrown back and forth. They either evade or get hit in the right spot. However, the two are still standing by the end of the second round.

Then there goes Monique for the third round. And then me, for the fourth round and Jerela for the fifth round. Now it’s a very tense moment for everyone. It’s been a close fight. They have been beating each other until the last round. In the end, there’s a split decision with Waz announced as the winner.

I happen to know the reason of this one. And I am also sure that the two fighters know this. It’s purely political. Waz’s fans are ecstatic. I am, too.

I see the two of them hug each other in a brotherly way and clap each other’s backs. They are quite a sport. It just shows that the two of them are still best of friends in spite of the result tonight.

Some of our fans ask to have pictures with us, which we readily oblige. A male fan suddenly comes up to me and offers me an engagement ring that really looks expensive and amazing!

“Will you marry me, Fayre?” he asks, kneeling in front of me. He’s not so bad-looking. But he’s not really my type. The reporters and camera men enjoy the show, recording the scene.

“Oh, God! Are you serious?” I say with a huge grin on my face. I cover my mouth with one hand.

“Yes, I am!” he says with a serious face.

I touch his face and caress it. “You’re so sweet. But I’m so sorry. I can’t marry at my tender age,” I gently turn him down.

“Sorry, we have to go.” Our fat manager Van apologizes to our fans, especially to the man who’s just proposed to me. Van ushers us to the exit, which I’m so grateful. I don’t know what will happen next if he hadn’t intervened.

Jerela, Monique and I have not bothered changing our uniforms. We just go with our manager and the others to the nearby five-star hotel to celebrate with the fighters. Many celebrities and MMA fighters are also there, even our other co-ring girls who date fighters.

So, the two MMA fighters tonight are obviously and absolutely the top in the world. Thus, there is this celebration that’s so insane. The music, food and booze are just flowing without halt.

“I think I’m gonna go get some air!” I tell Jerela and Monique who are busy talking with Van and a couple of other MMA fighters.

“Okay, girl! I’d know where you are if you’re not back in ten minutes,” Jerela says and winks at me.

I just laugh at her and take my drink to the balcony. The air is refreshing for a change. No smoke or booze wafts in the air. It’s just fresh breeze. It overlooks the city. The blinking lights are so beautiful. They are of different colors.

I sigh, as I admire its beauty. It’s not every night that I get to see such scenery and appreciate it like this.

“So, are you a loner type?” A deep voice from behind me asks.

I turn around to see who it is. Oh, my God! It’s tonight’s winner, Waz. He looks quite delectable even though in his shirt and jeans. He holds a drink in one hand. The small cut in his right eyebrow seems to be stitched already and is protected by band-aid. But it doesn’t make him less attractive.

I smile at his question. “Well, not really.

“So, Fayre, you don’t mind us hanging out with you tonight?” Another voice joins us in the balcony.

Oh, shit! It’s Amos. And he knows my name! There are a lot of ring girls out there and he knows me! My heart flutters at that.

But well, that’s not entirely impossible but I’m just surprised. I’m not so used at being a celebrity myself even now. I’m still adjusting. Yeah, I’m a slowpoke at adjusting. Quite a bit.

Like Waz, Amos looks casual in his jeans and shirt right now. He also has a band-aid but on his left eyebrow. He has no drinks with him, though. He crosses his muscled arms across his sinewy chest.

I look at the two of them. “Well, no. It’ll be my pleasure, guys,” I say with a sweet smile on my lips.

“If you want to go somewhere private, have a drink or something with us, I have a room booked,” Amos invites me.

I think for a moment, considering this situation. But I think it’s very exciting to have them all to myself even for just some time tonight. So, why not?

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