Fayre's POV

We slip out of the insane party at the massive suite room, and we use the elevator to go a couple of floors down the hotel. The two of them seem to sandwich me in the elevator. They make the elevator cramp because of their body size. With my five feet and eight inches height, I still look petite beside these two over six footer guys.

They show me which room is booked, and we enter it. It’s also a suite. It looks pretty nice and clean and smells nice, too.

“So, what do you wish to drink?” Waz asks quietly. “I can make a cocktail for you.” He smiles at me. “You up for Gin Spritz?

My heart kicks against my rib cage. I seldom see him smile, unlike his friend Amos who is obviously more easy-going than he is. So it’s really special for me to be the recipient of Waz’s sexy smile.

I nod at him. “Sure! Thanks.” I smile back at him, sitting on the long couch.

Amos sits right next to me. “Waz is an awesome cocktail maker. I’m very proud of him. I think he’s going to be a bartender forever if he hadn’t debuted in the octagon ring.

“Oh, wow! I love bartenders. I mean, their job.

Amos laughs at me. “Waz and I are your fans, you know?” he confesses.

My sherry brown eyes grow wide. “Really?” I laugh with excitement in my heart. I can’t seem to believe this. But I don’t see any reason he’s lying or just playing me. His eyes tell me so.

He turns the TV on and jumps to a music video channel. The volume is just enough for us to hear. We talk more for a few minutes until Waz is back with our drinks. He also sits next to me opposite Amos, handing me a glass of the cocktail with hazy color that’s almost dirty white. I drink it and compliment him.

“You’re really good at this!” It has a bittersweet taste, and it is cool as it goes down to my throat.

He sets the glass down on the center table when I’ve downed all of it. I almost haven’t noticed it. It’s really good and it’s a pity I have no more.

“I really loved it!” I say, touching his bicep, running it downward to his forearm. It’s really hard and so good to touch!

He smiles and holds my hand, bringing it to his lips. Then I feel Amos’ hand caress my smooth thigh, slowly going up.

Waz kisses my lips as his hand touches my boobs, kneading them. Meanwhile, Amos starts to undo my belt, putting it aside to continue his quest to touch that area between my legs. He also kisses my shoulder and neck gently.

I softly moan. My mind is empty except for Amos and Waz who are now my only focus, not to mention what they do to my body.

The two of them help me out of my top, baring my perky breasts. Each of them dips their head to lick my pink nipples and suckle them.

Shit! This feels so great. I’ve never had a threesome before, and I can say that this is fucking great!

I feel Amos’ hand unzip my outfit, and they both pull it down and off my feet, leaving it on the floor. When I am completely naked, the two of them admire my nakedness before they also take off their clothing. Every last one bit of it. I can see some bruises on their bodies but they seem to not mind these at all.

And, oh! Fuck them! They’re both equally huge down there! They’re both beautiful and magnificent. My heart beats faster with excitement, and I swallow the invisible lump in my throat.

Each of my hands reaches out to stroke their cocks. They move closer for my easy access and they both groan as I kiss each of their cock heads when I kneeled down in front of them.

I first lick Waz’s massive cock. His hand holds my crown, caressing my straight hair. My sherry brown eyes meet with his gray ones. They already look hazy with desire. Then I kiss and suck his cock. He runs his tongue on his lips.

I continue to stroke Amos’ cock while I give Waz a blowjob. Afterward, I also kiss his cock and suck it. His blue eyes are also smoky with desire as he watches me.

God! They’re really huge. My mouth is stretched because of their size.

When I finish sucking Amos’ cock, Waz guides me to kneel on the couch. He pushes my back gently so I will lean forward to the back of the couch. My tummy supports my body as it leans on the surface of the back of the couch. He caresses my bottom while Amos binds my two hands behind my back using my own belt.

Waz traces my pussy lips with his fingers, playing with them. On the other hand, Amos uses his belt to blindfold me. Then with his easy and soft steps, I hear and feel him move to the back of the couch. He gently caresses my lips and my face before he gives me a lingering kiss on the lips, our tongues playing with each other.

I softly moan, loving his sweet and manly taste that is unique of him.

Waz then rubs his thumb against my clit, before he licks it with his tongue. My body naturally wiggles at the delightful sensation he’s giving me. His hands caress and knead my bottom as his tongue pleases my pussy.

My eyes rolled up, and I moan. Again and again.

Amos pinches both of my taut nipples as he poses his cock in front of my face. The head of his cock teases my lips. I open my mouth to let him in. And in he goes. I hear him grunt softly.

“This feels wet, soft and wonderful,” Amos mutters. “I bet you taste sweet, too. Right, Waz?

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