Fayre's POV

“She’s so damn sweet, Amos!” Waz answers, voice thick and husky with desire. He suckles my pussy like a baby suckling his mother’s breast. But in my case, he’s doing it to my pussy.

That fucking mouth of his! It’s really fucking me good down there! I hope he won’t stop so soon.

Waz inserts a couple of his fingers in my wet pussy as his tongue plays with my clit and labia. He thrusts them in and out of my pussy. And of course, I cry with such insane delight!

Amos also groans as he continues to ram his cock inside my mouth. One hand is supporting my chin and the other pinches my nipple. Harder.

Shit… It’s a bit painful but wonderful at the same time. I can’t help but whimper in the back of my throat.

I then feel Waz move behind me, shifting his position. He now stands behind me from his kneeling position and poses for a moment before burying his huge cock into my pussy.

I scream at his one deep plunge. He’s really huge! But it feels so good, especially when he began to move.

The two of them seem to move in harmony. I keep moaning with their every stroke in my mouth and lady bits. I feel like I’m going to go insane with pleasure.

Waz lightly smacks my bottom for a couple of times, while he continues to bury his cock. He is truly enjoying my tight pussy. Obviously. He also massages my bottom, increasing the tempo of his plunges.

My scream is buried deep in my throat since Amos continues to drive in and out of my mouth. The tip already reaches to my throat that I almost gagged.

After some minutes, Waz pulls out his cock to lick my pussy and Amos stops entering my very wet mouth. Some of my spit is already down my chin, and I feel my lips are so tender with bruise.

Waz guides me to shift my position. It is good, too, since I’m a bit tired of it. My tummy seems to have taken all my weight, to control my body’s position while being fucked by these two gorgeous and huge men.

Amos sits down in the long couch and Waz lets me sit in his friend’s lap, without my blindfold this time as he has removed it. My back is on Amos, resting on his muscled and rock-hard body. I try to be comfortable as my hands are still bound behind me. He unceremoniously enters my ass that makes me scream but Waz covers my mouth with his hand. He clamps his hand on my mouth, kissing it hotly and wildly afterward. Then he lowers himself so that he could enter my pussy.

Oh, shit! It’s like they’re tearing my body apart with their huge cocks. But no. It feels so fucking unbelievably delicious! The two of them pleasure me like I’ve never known before.

I can’t stop moaning. Damn it!

Amos plays with my breasts, kneading them, pinching the nipples. Then his hand reaches down to find my clit, rubbing it like crazy.

“Oh, God!” I cry. So much. So loud.

“Yes, Fayre. That’s my fucking name right now!” Amos says. His lips bury in between my shoulder and neck. Then he nips it.

I look at Waz who fixes his eyes on my face as he continues to slam his cock into my very wet pussy. My eyes beg him. I can’t take it anymore.

“You want to cum now, Fayre?” He wants to affirm with that sexy voice of his.

“Yes, please,” I say with a moan. Then, I curse.

He gives me a slow smile. “Let’s do this, Amos,” he urges his friend.

“Yeah, Waz! Let’s fucking do this!” He agrees as if they’re in their gym having an MMA fight practice.

Fucking MMA fighters!

The two of them even increase their tempo, and I curse while I moan, nonstop. I scream loudly when I finally hit the peak of my pleasure. Waz pulls out his cock with a grunt and drops his load on my breasts. Meanwhile, Amos cums inside my ass, groaning hard.

The three of us are panting. Waz takes off my bind, while Amos still holds me. Waz kneels down to kiss my lips, hotly, as Amos still slowly moves his cock in my lacerated ass.

I smile at Waz when he stops kissing me. It’s not really a bad evening for me. It’s been beyond my expectation to be with these top two hot MMA fighters. They’re not only good in the octagon ring but they’re even better when it’s about fucking! It is totally mind-blowing.

About ten minutes or so later, after we have a glass of bourbon each, Waz carries me to the bedroom. Amos follows with his belt in one hand. He binds my two hands to the headboard of the bed, and then, he positions himself between my two slender legs, whereas Waz lowers himself to sink his cock into my waiting mouth. He grunts with pleasure. So does Amos when he has entered my tight pussy.

I keep on moaning as the two of them continue to enjoy my two different orifices.

Waz makes me lick his balls as well. Then the tip of his cock teases the underside of my tongue and my lips. Next, he plunges his cock slowly into my mouth down to my throat. I almost gag and almost lost some air. But he pulls his cock back and then he sticks it in again and again, letting me breathe.

Meanwhile, Amos holds my hips as he continues to ram inside my pussy. He changes his tempo now and then. Slow and deep. Fast and hard. Shallow and fast. What can I say? The man is artistic in such a way. He has his own jam. And I can’t really complain. He is just so perfect!

Waz stops fucking my mouth to let my jaw rest after some minutes. How sweet of him. He is so thoughtful.

Instead, Waz kisses my breasts one by one, licking the nipples each, grazing his teeth lightly. Then his small kisses and licking tongue trail up toward my neck and face and lips.

“I so love these lips,” he tells me with a murmur. His eyes are probing mine.

“And I love yours, too.” I give him a sweet smile, responding to his sweet and gentle kisses.

His hands run on my arms, back and forth, while his eyes admire my breasts and my face. He kisses my mouth again, plunging his tongue inside to search my own. I meet his tongue and he sucks it.

Oh, God! It’s so good. I feel like I’m going to cum now with only by his kiss, even minus Amos ramming my pussy so hard at the moment. I moan softly. But my heart is really beating fast and my breath is short and fast like I’m running in a marathon.

He runs his tongue on my parted lips. Again and again. He lightly bites my lower lip, sucking it for a moment or two. Damn! It’s so sweet of him to do it. I so love it!

He kisses the swell of my breasts, the undersides and the nipples. His other hand reaches down to rub my clit, while Amos is getting faster and faster now, ready to cum again.

“Cum, Fayre,” Waz whispers his order against my lips, keeping his fingers on my clit and making crazy circles.

I moan and moan until my body bursts into flames. Amos pulls his cock and blows his load on my abdomen. After that, he moves out of the way for Waz.

My eyes go round as Waz takes over and he slams his rock-hard cock into my dripping pussy. I can barely notice that Amos is caressing both of my breasts as I concentrate on Waz. His thumb is still rubbing my swollen clit, and he just keeps going. My body is already trembling with my climax but I can’t stop it from shuddering. Waz is still plunging without mercy. I can’t help but keep cumming and keep moaning louder and louder.

“Oh, shit! Waz!” I cry. Time and time again.

Waz groans and pulls his cock out of my pussy once again to spill his seeds on the V area just above my pussy. He rubs the tip of his cock there. He separates my labia and lightly gently pounds the head of his cock on my swollen clit, and my body shivers.

Some five minutes or so later, Amos takes off my bind and carries me to the bathroom. Waz follows us and the three of us have a slow and warm shower, washing each other’s bodies under the rushing water.

“I don’t think you can go home tonight, Fayre,” Waz warns me with a smile on his delightful lips.

“I don’t mind. I can stay with both of you forever,” I seductively reply.

Waz and Amos exchanged glances.

“Are you serious?” they both asked in unison.

“Why not? That’s if you want.

Both of them kissed my cheek and neck, and a smile tore my lips. It may be selfish of me to want them both at the same time, and yet, sharing me is selfless for them both. Their friendship must be that strong that they even share me. And tonight, we three are bonded together.

The end