She Remembers


45.33k words

39 chapters



Table of Contents


Candace Talker wakes up in a room full of unfamiliar faces, confused she walks into a boy, he takes her to a room packed with something she always thought was a myth - Angels.
The last thing she remembered was being hit by a speeding truck, but that's not the problem, what she doesn't know is that, she will uncover secrets that will change her life forever.
Alma's life is a repeat of helping the Angels, he helps her, because that's all he has ever known, helping. He is fascinated by this quirky, curious girl.
Together they uncover secrets, and lies that he didn't know he was a victim of. The Angels are about to confront their biggest fear, something only assumed; CHANGE.
What happens when the girl's feelings for him start to change too? What happens when they fall in love but can't be together?.



Lily White

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2021/6/10 Reply

Princess Ogan

This is amazing!💙 I didn't want it to end!😍

2020/9/20 Reply


Wow! Fascinating description. Can't wait to read it. ❤️

2020/8/24 Reply

Utiezeh Nkereawaji

This is lovely

2020/8/8 Reply