Chapter Four

Isabella’s POV

I can’t concentrate on the class. I wonder if Sam found her P.E class. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really judge people when I first meet them. But there is something about her. Like when I first saw her on the stairs. She was startled when I touched her shoulder. And when Mrs. Gonzales tried to hug her, she stepped back. I pretended like it was nothing because I didn’t want to embarrass the Headmistress.

During lunch, Erin was asking me about the new girl. I didn’t tell her the things I noticed about Sam. Unlike me, Erin likes to talk about other people. Like what they are wearing. If they’re hot or not. If they are cool or they are like some kind of weird. And for Erin, Sam probably leaning towards the latter.

I raised my hand and asked Mr. Dickens for a hall pass. I need to check on Sam.

“Okay. Be quick” and he gave me the pass.

I can see Cindy and Erin peeking at each other. Wondering why I have to go out.

I ran outside the building and went straight to the C building.

I unhurriedly walked into the hall and I was looking for Sam in her P.E class. I didn’t see her. So I turned around and pass by the room to double-check it. She’s not there. Where did she go? Did she cut class on her first day? I have to look for her. We will both be in trouble if the Headmistress finds out about this.

I looked for her in the D building. She’s not there. And then I saw the field. I went down and head straight to it. I saw someone sitting on the bleachers. I couldn’t see if it’s Sam. But her head is on her knees and that’s when I walk towards her.

“What are you doing here?

She raises her head and looks at me. I am standing in front of her.

“You are supposed to be on your P.E class”

“I couldn’t find it”

“What? It’s that building over there” I pointed the C building.

“I was there. I didn’t see any students wearing their P.E uniform”

I can’t help but sigh.

“Sam we’re not supposed to use P.E uniforms until the third week because it’s all lectures for now”

She didn’t answer me and stared at her shoes.

“Why didn’t you text me? I gave you my number”

I sit beside her and wait for her to talk to me.


“I don’t have a phone” she said.

I was about to say something I would probably regret so I stopped myself.

“Then you could’ve asked someone”

“I’m too shy”

I’m already running out of patience here.

“I have to tell the Headmistress” I stood up.

“Wait!” she said. She was about to grab my wrist but she hesitated.

I looked at her.

“I don’t wanna be a burden to her”

I was going to say something when I heard her whisper.

“Or to you”

Burden? I think that is a bit too much. I mean at first, I was doing it because Mrs. Gonzales asked me to. But when I saw how she was this morning, I really think that she needs my help.

“Get up. I’ll take you to your class”

“But I’m already late” This girl is certainly testing me right now.

“Thanks for stating the obvious. I will talk to Miss Fitz”

She stood up and we started walking towards the building.

“Can I see your schedule again?” I ask for the paper.

“You have fourth and fifth period with me”

I am thinking of ways on how to do this.

And then I stopped her.

“Okay Sam, listen. After this period, I want you to go straight to the stairs where I first saw you. Do you remember where it was?

She nods her head.

“Good. I am going to meet you there. You have to wait for me, okay? Because I will be on the A building and our class is on E. Just wait for me and I will get you. Do you understand?

She’s just gazing at me.

Seriously? After all that I said, she can’t even mumble a simple “Yes”.

“Mr. Dickens” she said.


“You have to go back. Mr. Dickens might be looking for you”


I went inside the room and talked to Miss Fitz. I told her that I was showing Sam around and we lost track of time. Miss Fitz knows that I’m a good student so she believes me. Once Sam was settled in her class, I ran straight to our building.

I wiped the sweat off my face and entered the room.

“Good to have you back, Miss Elizalde. I thought you fell asleep on the restroom”

My classmates chuckled. I gave Mr. Dickens the hall pass.

“I’m so sorry. I had my period so I went to the clinic” I made sure that he’s the only one who heard it.

“Okay. Take your sit”

I took a sit and I saw Erin gaping at me.

“I had my period” I said.

“I’ll buy you an ice cream later” and winked at me.

What did I just do? I was running on hallways and lying to the teachers. I’ve never done that before. I am the type of student who always follows the rules. That’s why teachers like me. I’m a good student.

But I can’t help but smile. I don’t know, but it excites me.

The bell rang and I hurriedly pack my things. I have to go meet Sam.

“Why are you in a hurry?” Cindy asked.

“I have to meet Sam”

“The new girl?

“Yeah. But she’s not really new. They just moved back here” I said.

“No way! You mean Sam Delgado?” Cindy was surprised.

“I don’t know her last name. But I think Mrs. Gonzales knows her” I’m a little confused.

“Then it’s her!” I can see the excitement on Cindy.

“I’m so stupid. I didn’t recognize her”

She was walking really fast.

“Come on, Belle! Let’s go see her”

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