The Reigh

(*) Flashback




“IS EVERYTHING alright?” The blonde frowned beneath me.

I was inside her, yet it didn’t feel right. She was hot and definitely made me hard, but it felt like something was forcing me to do this just to get a release.

I wrapped my arms around her soft and feminine body and rolled over. “Ride me, babe.

She pulled out, and my sheathed cock sprang free. “Take me from behind.

“On four. Now.” I quickly positioned myself when she moved to follow my order. I pushed her head down. “Ass up, and tilt your pussy.” I closed my eyes and thought of the innocent honey-colored eyes staring up at me, then plunged my cock into her from behind.

My cock instantly jerked inside. “Fuck!” I grunted, and she moaned.

“Faster, Skip.” Her voice came out a pant.

I quickened my thrust, pushing her head down, then grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head to me. She moaned—she liked it.

“Like it rough, babe?” My muscles started to clench. My breathing came out heavy. Sweat made our body slick despite the cold temperature of the room.

Leaning down, I pressed my body against hers, then I bit her shoulder and growled at her, “Answer me.

She nodded and whined with pleasure.

“No. I need a word,” I said firmly.

I always prefer to be a boss when it came to bonking even if it was just a one-night stand, but I always guaranteed the woman I slept with to have the best night of her life. I liked it rough, soft, wild, and vanilla. I loved sex. I tried and experimented in many ways, and it always fascinated me how it could blow any mind away.

I pushed her head down roughly till it pressed against the mattress. “You don’t order me when my cock is buried deep inside you, understood?

She granted me a nod.

“Say it!


Great. I thrust until I was buried deep, my balls slapping against her slits.

“Yes! Oh God, yes!

“Good.” Then I pounded into her faster and rougher the way she liked it. This was what she wanted, then she was going to have it. Her pussy clamped my cock—she was about to come. I flipped her onto her back.

“Wrap your legs around my waist,” I commanded, and she quickly complied. “Now touch your little nub, and don’t come until I told you so.

She gave me disapproval looked.

“Do you have a problem?

She pressed her middle finger into her clit and moved it in a circular motion. I slowed my rhythm, feeling my cock dragging into her pussy. I closed my eyes and clenched my jaw. Electricity surged through my spine as my balls felt heavy.

Her honey-colored eyes. Her puckered lips. The visual of her writhing, moaning, and screaming my name almost brought me to the edge.


“I’m coming!” she screamed, and it took me back to the woman with me. Her name was Denys. She convulsed, rolling her eyes back her head.


She shuddered, and I came so hard, spurting my seed and filling the condom inside her pussy.

I dragged myself into her bathroom and pulled out the condom. I tied it, tossing into the bin. My emotions swirled around me. I felt guilty for Denys. I just used her.


“R-reigh.” My voice came out raspy as emotions grew inside me.

“Oh, now you remember me?” Her words wrapped with sadness and disappointment. Tears started to well her eyes.

“Then why did you lie to me? You said your name was Reighan.

“My name is Arella Rieghan. My mom got the Reighan from my grandma, and you said your name was Linton.

“Yes, I’m a Linton.

“But why didn’t you just say your name was Skipper?” she asked in a shaky tone. The tears finally fell down her face.

“Back in uni, nobody called me Skip, Arella. I didn’t lie to you, I swear. What happened...” My ribcage squeezed my heart with excruciating pain. I balled my hands to stop myself from pulling her into my arms and hugged her till my heartbeat calmed down. “T-that, that was the best night of my life,” I told her truthfully.

“Then why did you just run away?” Her eyes filled with shocking emotions.

“Haven’t you figured out yet, Arella?” I cursed silently, rubbing my face in frustration. “You didn’t tell me you’re under eighteen. And I never asked your age.

“How did—”

“And fuck! I took your virginity, slept with my best friend’s little sister, and you know what’s worse? I just committed statutory rape that bloody night!

Her hands flew to her gaping mouth, trying to hold her sob. But it was too late, and I just watched her like a fucking daft while she was shaking to cry. I wanted her to hit me, punch me, and kick me if it could ease the pain of leaving her that night.

“I-I’m so sorry,” she apologized, taking a step closer.

I held my hand up to stop her. “Please, don’t.” I pulled out my wallet and took a card. “This belongs to you.” 

* * *

I PULLED the door open, leading Denys inside the Rogue Pool House. The same energy, noises, and smell filled the room. This time I had company. After talking to Arella that day, I couldn’t contact her, but we still chatted on HeartRated, in fact, we still had a plan to meet tomorrow as hotsome and SindeRella.

It was odd to read her messages opening up her likeness on me, but it warmed my heart because I felt the same towards her.

“I don’t know how to play pool, but I can be your cheerer.” Denys batted her lashes on me.

“We won’t stay long. I’m just going to meet my friends and play straight, then we’re good to go.” I was glad she agreed to come with me. I needed someone to distract me in front of Arella.

I thought it helped once we both cleared out what happened years ago and started out a clean slate, but it was quite the opposite. I thought of her a lot more lately than necessary. It gutted me to stay away from her, but I had a promise to keep with Brett.

“Cool then,” Denys agreed, hooking her hand around my arm.

“Linton, over here!” Brett waved.

We strolled towards him, and I almost stumbled back when my eyes landed at Arella’s back. My heart instantly recognized her presence, racing its beat unsteadily.

She was only wearing a red shirt and jeans that hugged perfectly her round bum. She’s just so damn sexy! Her curves were all in the right places, unlike Denys had a runway type of body and taller than Arella in a few inches.

“Wow! Didn’t expect you to bring someone, hotbrit.” Kat reacted, showing her disapproval shamelessly.

“Well, I wasn’t aware you’d be here, Kat.” I smiled. “Guys, meet my date, Denys. Denys, this is Kat, Brett, and Lorcan.” Lorcan just stood up from his stool and gave a salute. Despite Kat’s remark, they welcomed Denys warmly.

Arella stayed on her seat and didn’t even turn around to greet us. Just bloody great!

“Let’s go to the table, shall we?” Lorcan announced.

“Excited, eh?” I smirked, then I shifted my gaze to Arella. “Is she okay?” Concerned laced on my voice, but I didn’t give a damn to hide from them.

“Yeah, she’s a grumpy grandma these days, but she’ll live,” Lorcan replied.

Brett gripped Arella’s shoulder, and she shifted to face him, taking off the AirPods from her ears. Then our gaze met—there was a glint of happiness in those eyes, then her face fell when she noticed I didn’t show up alone.

I swallowed the thickness clogging my throat. I didn’t regret taking Denys with me. She knew we were just having a great time, and nothing serious. We both enjoyed sex, and it was not like I and Arella were in a relationship. I couldn’t let the guilt suck me whole this time.

“Hi, I’m Denys.” She smiled.

Arella stood and offered an awkward handshake. “Arella. Please to meet you.” Then she looked at me for a few seconds before a half-smile spread across her plump bright red painted lips. “Hiya, Skip! Are you ready to kick their arses?” 

My brow arched, humor filling my senses as she took everything lightly. “Hiya? Arses?

“Aye, rear, butt, bum, ass—”

“Aye? That’s definitely not British, and I know what arse means, Arella. And since when did you learn my lingo?

She rolled her eyes. “Let’s just go and win this game, eh.” She faced Denys. “Do you play snooka?

“Snow what?” Denys furrowed her brows.

“Pool, billiard, snooker. I can show you some tricks. Skipper loves to play pool.” She swayed her arse away, ignoring me.

“Oh,” Denys chuckled. Finally loosened her hand on me, moving closer to Arella. “You don’t have to. He likes to play something else.” Fuck!

“Oh?” Her lips parted. A flush blossomed on her cheeks.

“Come on, Linton!” Lorcan called out.

“Yeah! Come over here, Skipper Linton! Let me kick your arse!” Kat seconded.

“Crikey Moses.

Kat just burst out laughing. The knocking of balls excited me. I was not good like Brett, but I and Arella had a chance of winning.

Brett agreed that I and my partner should start since he was a pool shark.

I took two cues—one for me and one for her. She took it from me and muttered thank you, not meeting my gaze anymore. Everyone gathered around the table including Brett whose standing across us with Lorcan and Kat. Our drinks arrived, and I offered Denys a beer.

I took a step closer to Arella on my right when she seemed to be quiet at the corner. “Reigh, all right?

“H-huh?” She blinked twice.

“Are you okay?” 

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” She bent over the table and positioned herself after scraping the chalk to her cue’s tip.

My brain flooded dirty thoughts. My cock went stiffy as I imagined her lying on this table while eating the jewel between her thighs, then bent her over and tilted her ass up while I took her from behind. I looked away, groaning inwardly. My hand around the cue tightened that it would break any moment.

How the fuck can I concentrate like this?

Bloody perfect! My cock just jerked.

“Good luck, Are,” Kat said.

She slid the clue along the crook of her hand, targeting the cue ball. The satisfying loud smack made us cheer.

“Great shot, girl.” Denys clapped her hands, clearly no idea how this game worked.

“Not my best,” she simply replied. She was right—she was a little bit shaky.

“Just relax, Reigh. We’ll win this.


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