Chapter 11

It was already dawn when she woke up with muscular stiffness.

Jenna was stiff and stared at the beautiful Italian crystal chandelier above her head. Her mind went blank for a moment.

Last night, she and Eason...


The man aside wrapped around her with a pair of big hands and she was then pulled over by him with force. He got up slightly and squinted at Jenna who was under him. He seemed to be smiling but then he lowered his head down just as she was about to speak.

"Eason, you let..."

Jenna blushed. "Go away! Get up..."

The man above her seemed not to hear her.


He narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Mr. Hancher."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Breakfast is ready and the car has been washed and driven back."

Jenna's face was so red that it seemed to bleed the next second. She pushed Eason away and then ran into the bathroom after pulling the bathrobe over.


Eason slowly opened his misty eyes. He forced a smile and got out of bed. He opened the door with a whoosh and glanced expressionlessly at the people outside. Then he strode into the bathroom in the living room.

The door was slammed.

Another bang sounded.

The new servant was startled.

She was just following Mr. Hancher's instructions to make breakfast and wake him up. Why did he now look as if he had no place to vent his anger?

Jenna took a shower in the bathroom and came out after changing her clothes. She was dumbfounded when she saw someone in the dining room. However, she looked calm and respectfully invited Jenna over for breakfast. "Miss, dinner is ready. You can have it now."

"Who are you?"

"I'm the new servant here. I'll be in charge of your food and clothing here."

Jenna subconsciously waved her hand. "No need." She just stayed overnight and had some fun with Eason last night. She was not a regular here.

Laura didn't understand what Jenna meant so she waved her hand politely. "Miss, don't stand on ceremony. Mr. Hancher said that you will be here often so I have to take good care of you."

Jenna was in a daze.

Who would be a regular here?

Not far away, the bathroom door was opened. Eason saw two women standing opposite in front of the table and frowned. "Why are you standing there without eating?"

Jenna felt her ears a little hot. She swallowed and looked away awkwardly. Then she bent down to take her cell phone and left without looking back.

"I have classes at school today and it's getting late. I'll leave now." After that, she closed the door and left.

She went downstairs and stood by the side of the road to stop a car. Not far away, a black Maybach slowly drove over and honked at her.

Jenna recognized that it was Eason's car and turned to leave.

The Maybach window was rolled down and Eason shouted expressionlessly at Jenna, "Get in the car."

Jenna straightened her back and ignored him.

Mr. Hancher seldom had such patience that he followed her for a period of time. Jenna finally lost patience and she turned around abruptly with her fists clenching. She shouted at the man in the car, "Eason, what exactly are you going to do?"


"What the hell do you want?"


Jenna was lost for words.

A couple walked past Jenna, talking and laughing. They couldn't help but look at her and Eason. Jenna blushed. She clenched the phone in her hand and turned to leave.

The man behind her said, "How? Are you going to deny what you have done to me?"

Such a noble and proud person like Eason would never have thought that he would actually follow a little girl and say these indescribable words one day.

The couple who had already walked to the front subconsciously looked back. Jenna's face was burning and she rushed over the man without thinking. She covered his mouth and gritted her teeth. "Eason, I will bite you if you dare to say one more word!"

The man looked at her with a half-smile and a playful expression. The next second, he stuck out his tongue and licked around her palm.

Jenna was speechless.

She felt as if she had been electrocuted.

The next second, she quickly let go of his hand and bent over to get into the car after opening the car door. "Eason, don't think I... Will be with you. As adults, you won't..."

Before she could finish speaking, the man beside her raised his hand and threw a paper bag over. A strong smell of rice rushed into Jenna's nose. "I'll send you to school. Take your time to have some breakfast now."

In fact, Jenna was already hungry.

She had hardly eaten anything from yesterday afternoon until now. At night, she was then having a good time with this bastard in the kitchen and in the bed until two or three o'clock in the morning. Her stomach was already empty and she even felt a little dizzy while walking. However, she wanted to refuse this food without any reason thinking of the man beside her.

The car was started. Eason looked at her sideways and said as if he could see through her. "Do you want to do something else in the car with me if you don't want to eat this?"

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