Chapter 12

She was startled and thus her hands shook a little bit. The bag was ripped open. Jenna saw that it was full of her favorite food. She immediately had an appetite.

Eason glanced at her and handed her a bottle of water. "Eat slowly."

Later, Jenna was full. She finally felt less tired. After resting for a while, she looked hesitantly at Eason. "Eason."

Eason turned his head to her and a dark light flashed through his eyes.

He didn't like this title.

Jenna subconsciously shrank back and carefully measure her words before she said, "The exam is coming soon. I want to live at school recently. If you're free, can you help me go back to the Hancher... home and bring my luggage here?" After last night, she did not want to go back to face Gavin.

Eason took a deep look at her and nodded. "I see."

After that, they kept silent all the way.

When arrived at school, Jenna untied the seat belt and get out of the car. Eason stopped her. "Is that all?"

Jenna stood in front of the car with a dark face full of impatience. "What else do you want?"

Eason leaned over, pulled her over with his slender hand, and kiss her. Jenna's mind went blank. She didn't expect him to act like this. When she recovered from her surprise, Eason had sat back with a slight taste. His mouth curved in an evil smile.

"Jenna, it is you who started it first. So, you have no right to withdraw early. As for what kind of ending we will have, I'm the boss."

Jenna did not understand those words, but she was frightened for no reason. By the time she clenched her fists and chased after him, the Maybach he droved had long disappeared like a gust of wind.

She sank her head in her hands and squatted on the ground in a breakdown.

How did this happen...

Even though they are not related, he was her brother...

As soon as class was over, Jenna received a call from the butler. She walked out of the classroom swiftly and reached the school gate. From afar, she saw the butler standing upright under a big tree with an aqua-blue suitcase beside him.

Although Gavin was a jerk, he did what he promised promptly. When the butler saw Jenna, he walked over with the suitcase and smiled "Miss, here you are." In the Hancher family, probably no one regarded her as a family member except for him.

Jenna took the suitcase and grinned at the butler. "Clark, why didn't you send someone to deliver it?"

"I don't trust other people to work for you." Clark smiled kindly, rubbed his hands, and looked at Jenna awkwardly. "Miss, are you not going home?"

"I've been quite busy lately," Jenna kicked the little stone beside her foot and looked away. "Maybe later."

Clark sighed. "Miss, I know you've suffered a lot over the years. But the master has his concerns. He doesn't know how to face you. You'll understand some day." Clark kept signing and turned to leave.

Jenna watched the old man leave in the car. When she was about to leave with her suitcase, her phone rang in her pocket.

A message with a photo was sent by an unknown number.

When she clicked it open, her face immediately turned pale.

They were indecent photos!


Jenna's head was in buzz, and a bone-chilling chill rushed up to her head.

She staggered, endured the emotions that were about to collapse, and tried to pull herself together.

Eason was the only one who saw her naked and she had sex with.

They did it once at the hotel.

Another time was in Eason's private apartment.

Even those dreams about Eason were set in her room of the Hancher family.

With trembling hands, she zoomed in on the photo and found that the background was a place on the outskirts of the Y city.

The person in the photo was not Eason.


Sarah, her good friend, called as she was thinking about it. As soon as she got through, she started yelling.

"Jenna, have you seen the photo? Almost everyone in the circle who knows you has received it. Is that true? There have been rumors recently that you have been clinging to Francis because of those indecent pasts. You want to marry him and get away from the bad reputation. Damn it, those idiots said you didn't deserve to be the school belle, let alone Francis's partner. They didn't think that if that was the case, why did you suffer so much to get rid of engagement..."

Jenna's mind was in a mess. "I don't know..."

"Could it be that Francis deliberately released the news in order to retaliate against you?"

Even if that made sense, what about the photo itself?

She was IT personnel and knew that it wasn't revised by software.

Who could tell her what was going on?

All of a sudden, Jenna was surrounded by the scornful sights of the crowd. They poked on her back. Everyone was defending Francis. For a moment, Jenna became a contemptuous girl from a fresh and lovely school beauty.

In a daze, she left without finishing her class.

Jenna left the classroom and called Francis directly. When he heard her question, he snorted coldly. "I'm lying in the hospital because of you. Do you think I will have such a thought? And Jenna, I don't have to work so hard to get you."

After hanging up the phone, Jenna became even more depressed.

If she couldn't find the person behind it, she wouldn't be able to figure out what was going on in the photo, let alone prove her innocence.

As she couldn't find a clue, her phone rang.

"Is that Miss Aaron? This is the RX Hospital. I'm Sean Fallat's nurse. Well, after Mr. Fallat transferred to the general ward, he resisted taking the injection, broke the things in the ward, and kept losing his temper. Mr. Quall was busy, so he asked me to call you and see if you could come over..."

Jenna tightened her grip on the phone, and the sadness between her brows turned into a chill. "I'm sorry, I don't..."

Before she could finish speaking, something was smashed on the ground in the ward. A sound of bang came through the phone, accompanied by a sharp cry from the nurse, "Ah!"

Jenna paused, hung up the phone, and went straight to RX Hospital.

She arrived at the hospital. Sean's cold and angry voice came from afar before she entered the ward, "Get out of here! Get out of here! I don't need you to take care of me. I don't need you even I die!"

As Jenna arrived at the door, something was thrown at her and landed at her feet. White pills were scattered all over the floor.

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