Chapter 15

The sound was familiar.

That was...

The next second, she suddenly sat up from the bed.

Her phone was still in the living room!

She turned over and looked at the clock. It was one o'clock in the morning. The person who called her so late must have something urgent.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, but she paused at the door. She supposed that Eason was asleep too. She just needed to get her phone back as soon as possible. As she thought about it, she put her hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

The living room was quiet. Only her phone, which was still ringing, flashed blue in the darkness.

Jenna quickly took her phone and turned back. She was looking down at her phone when she passed a guest room.

The call was from Eason?

As a thought crossed Jenna's mind, the door beside her opened. A slender hand reached out and dragged her into the room.


Jenna was pressed against the wall while Eason's cool smell came to her nose. Then, she was undressed by him.


The man chuckled in the darkness. He carried her in his arms, walked to the bed, and pressed her down.

It was five in the morning.

Laura got up early to cook breakfast and prepare things needed for the tomb-sweeping.

As she opened the door, a white figure ran from the guest room to the master room. She rubbed her eyes and wanted to look carefully, but there was no one there.

"Am I blind?" Laura muttered to herself and turned to the kitchen.

After cooking the breakfast, Laura went out of the kitchen and saw Jenna, who was coming in from outside.

"Miss Aaron?"

Jenna was wearing high-neck chiffon with a bun on her head. She was carrying a school bag in one hand and waved the car key in the other hand at Laura, "Morning, Laura. I left something in the car last night. I just got out to get it. I have to go back to school first. Bye!"

She put the key at the entrance and opened the door.


"Miss Aaron?"

When Laura followed her out, she had left by the elevator.

At the same time, another elevator's door opened. Two slender figures came out together. One of them saw Laura standing at the door and asked with a smile, "Are you Eason's new nanny? Is Eason awake?"

It was eight in the morning.

Eason took Irene and Chloe to the flower shop.

Eason went out with two bouquets in his arms. When he was about to open the trunk, Irene suddenly got off the car from the back seat. She reached out her hand to Eason, "Give me the flowers. I can hold them."

"It's a two-hour drive. Wouldn't you get tired?"

"Of course no. It's for auntie."

Eason handed the flowers to Irene and walked back to the driver's seat.

The road from Y City to the cemetery was not smooth. It was bumpy all the way to the destination. Irene and Chloe felt unwell with it, so Eason had to stop the car and take a rest for half an hour on halfway.

At eleven o'clock, the cemetery gradually entered their sight.

Eason looked at Irene through the rearview mirror, "Get off the car first. I'll park the car and walk back."

Chloe suddenly volunteered herself, "Let me park the car. Irene was still feeling unwell. Please take care of her for me." Without waiting for Eason to agree, she got out of the car and stood by the driver's seat, looking itch for a try.

Eason glanced at Irene in the back seat, got out of the car, and handed the key to Chloe, "Be careful."

"It's okay."

Chloe readily agreed and drove away. As the car approached the parking lot, she suddenly stepped on the accelerator with a crooked smile on her face.


The wheels rubbed violently on the ground while a dull thud came from the trunk.

Chloe snorted. She parked the car and got out of the car contentedly. After a few steps forward, she turned back and opened the trunk.


There was a huge cardboard box inside. Chloe bent over and rummaged around the box, then she turned around and left happily.

But she forgot to lock the car.

After she left, the trunk quieted down.

A head poked out of the box.

Jenna kicked the box away and threw up on the edge of the trunk without even getting out of the car.

She retched.

She had thought that the two-hour journey would be smooth and easy to endure, but it was bumping all the way. She even vomited the bile in her stomach out. After taking some deep breaths, she crawled down with a pale face.

She would really die inside the trunk if it took longer!

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