Chapter 2

The butler entered the room and then came out. Seeing that Jenna was still in a trance, he hesitated for a while. Then he looked at Jenna carefully and he chose his words before speaking, "Miss Aaron, we have to hold a welcome party for Mr. Hancher tonight. Senior Mr. Hancher said that you may not want to attend this kind of party..."

Jenna twitched her lips and gave the butler an indifferent smile. "Well, Uncle Hancher knows me well. I don't like it, so you guys can just do your job. I won't come to the party."

She turned around and closed the door before the butler could react.

Her father died in a car accident and her mother was missing when she was 12 years old. He brought her to the residence of the Hancher family and adopted her, so she became the young lady of the Hancher family.

He told her that she could call him Uncle Hancher from the beginning.

He had given her an extravagant life and never imposed too many restrictions on her over these years. He always treated her with politeness. She had never gotten any chance to fit into the Hancher family.

However, her marriage to Mr. Sandgren was an exception.

To Senior Mr. Hancher, Jenna was more like an unimportant person who relied on the Hancher family for a living.

In order to stay away from the crowd, Jenna had a meal early and hid in the pavilion in the garden to have a rest.

At seven o'clock in the evening, the guests arrived one after another, and the courtyard gradually quieted down.

The sound of the car's engine came from outside the door again at a quarter past seven.

Jenna turned around and saw the high railing at the gate. All the people in the gatehouse were standing in a row and bowing to a black Maybach outside the gate.

The people in the Maybach did not even roll down the window and he drove the car to the lawn without slowing down.

Jenna clicked her tongue and she secretly mocked the arrogance of the rich. When she was going to turn around, the door of Maybach suddenly opened.

She caught sight of a man, who was in a sharp suit, wearing the well-polished handmade leather shoes. He had long and straight legs with his navy shirt tucked into his trousers.

The man turned around and casually glance in the direction of the pavilion in the garden, Jenna was shocked and the book in her hand dropped to the ground with a clatter.

"He... Is he..."

Jenna immediately reached out her hands to cover her mouth. However, she accidentally lost her balance and fell down from the rattan chair.

Jenna resisted the pain, hurriedly picked up the book, and spread her wings, and flew to the deep in the garden.


"Why is he here? Why is the world so small?"

Jenna finally stopped after running for a long distance when she made sure that the man wouldn't find her. She breathed heavily with her hands on her knees.


Suddenly, she heard someone call her from behind.

Jenna subconsciously looked back. All of sudden there was a ghostly expression on her face.

"It's him!"

She could not ignore his oppressive gaze. She gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, turned around, and walked forward directly.

However, he lifted her up when she just took a few steps.

"Are you leaving just like that?"

Jenna started to kick him, but he easily avoided her attack.

Jenna blushed. He nearly drove her crazy. "What the hell are you doing?"

He chuckled.

Jenna instantly remembered the note she left for the man in the hotel. At that moment, she felt like crying.

"I really dig a hole for myself."

"Just kidding." She made up an excuse for herself. Her heart almost jumped to her throat when she listened to the approaching footsteps not far away. "Come on. We are adults and we just slept with each other. Why are you coming to me? Let me go. Someone's coming!"

Not far away, footsteps were approaching.

Jenna tidied up her clothes and was about to leave in a panic, but the man held her hand. "There's something you don't know yet. I'm..."

Before he could finish speaking, someone stopped a little further off and said respectfully, "Second Young Master, it's time."

Jenna paused and she was shocked.

She turned around and looked at the man who was standing a few steps away. She stared at him with big dark eyes, raised her hand to point at him, and asked in a trembling voice, "Second... Young Master?"

"He is the Second Young Master of the Hancher family?" Jenna thought.

The man's lips compressed into a thin line. He had mixed feelings when he was looking at Jenna.

He did not deny it.

Jenna didn't give up and asked him again, "Are you Eason Hancher? The Second Young Master of the Hancher family. Are you my middle brother?"

Eason's gaze was as dark as a burial at sea. His thin lips compressed into a thin line, and he was still as calm as usual. He replied in a deep voice, "Yes."

What he said blew Jenna's mind.

There was a buzzing sound in her ears and her brains felt like scrambled eggs.

Her ears were burning, but her whole body was icy cold.

She had her heart in her throat and then she was disappointed.

The little color remaining in Jenna's face was gradually draining from it in the night.

She didn't know what kind of feeling she had now.





"Or fear."

Jenna didn't dare to get out of the room for the whole night.

The door was locked.

The lights in the room were turned on for a while, and then she turned them off and switched on orange bedside lamps.

She sat barefoot on the floor with her hair disheveled. She hugged her knees and stare blankly like a half-fainting clown.

There was only one thought in her mind.

She knew that they were not related by blood.

However, the words seemed to be Demon's whisper right in her ear.

Gradually, the pain in her heart turned into confusion, and then rage.

She always felt that this man had recognized her early a long time ago.

Jenna was suffering from a certain struggle and emotional swings all night, so she did not sleep well.

She seemed to see that bastard again in her sleep.

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