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The world has changed.
Peace was forsaken. Unity is too fragile. Silence has too much uncertainty. And loyalty was exchanged for safety.

The lives of people are always in danger. The number of crimes increases, the death rate increases, and the trauma to people increases as well. There are more lose than gain, more pain than pleasure, more hatred than love. Everyone is horrified with the unfair judgment of the world. They fear to die. They fear to be guilty for something they didn't do. And they fear to have no one who will believe in them.

However, during darkness, a beacon of light appears. There is hope in every worst situation.
There are still people who fight for peace and order. They are called secret agents of World Black Organization. They were filtered to become bravest, strongest and genius who will rule the world with good intentions.
They show no mercy yet they fight for justice. They are killers yet they kill to save lives. WBO secret agents are all fearless, fierce and undoubtedly ruthless.

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