Chapter 5 They Can Never Get Back Together.

The colorful lights in the room shone on the couple sitting in the middle of the sofa.

The man was comparably handsome. He looked breathlessly charming and sexy when he took another shot emotionlessly. Christina could never be more familiar with him. It's John.

A sexy blonde lay on his leg and snaked his neck with both arms. That's Kelly, her stepsister.

Kelly pretended to be shocked when she found Christina. She sat up right away and asked, "sister, why are you here?"

Who could imagine Kelly was, in fact, the one who recommended her the job.

And the one who was truly surprised was Christina. She didn't expect to meet John again on such an occasion. She had no idea Kelly was dating John, either.

What's going on here? She asked herself, and her brain went totally blank.


She shuddered by the scream and realized all people in the room were acquaintances, or to be more exact, her classmates in college.

John had just come back after getting his master's degree in Stanford. That's why they threw a party to welcome him back. Never did he expect to meet Christina here.

"Christina, are you cosplaying?" Someone noticed her outfit on her and the plate in her hand.

She was dressed in a sexy bunny costume with her white and long leg exposed. Her thighs, porcelain white and juicy, were hazy in the laces, making her even sexier. Her boobs were cupped tightly by the leather corset, highlighting her curves. All these, plus the bunny ear on her head, made her hot and cute.

No man can say no to her. They all stared at Christina with burning desires.

Some of them had been secretly in love with Christina on campus, but it was hard for them to speak it out when she was dating John. Right now, they could hardly breathe when Christina showed up in a sexy bunny costume.

John did not expect to see Christina here as well. He was dumbfounded for a moment, but soon he noticed the clothes she was wearing. His hands unconsciously gripped the wine glass tightly. His joints began to turn slightly white, and his eyes darkened.

What a bitch!

How could she show up in this way? Is she shameless?

"What are you doing here?"He looked up at her and asked with anger.

Christina didn't know how to respond. It was already her bottom line to accept a job in a place like this, but she really didn't want to be seen by John.

Because in this way, he would definitely look down upon her even more.

She tried to defend herself but was cut in by Kelly.

"Sister, why did you do that?" She said in pain, "Dad has agreed to give you more pocket money. You don't need to come to work in such a dirty place."

It seemed she was defending Christina, but people would believe that she came here for money."

Christina looked at Kelly. Her face was blurry in the dazzling light. She finally realized why did Kelly become so considerate to her yesterday.

She gave Christina the card on purpose. She had plotted a trap for her. She was clear what had happened between John and Christina. She threw the party to embarrass her.

Christina glared at Kelly but didn't say a word to defend herself. In fact, she didn't know how to explain it. And Kelly was right. She worked as a waitress for money.

Her silence, however, irritated John even more. She is a real gold digger. Money is the only thing she cares about.

She could sell her body, her face, and her dignity for it.

John, annoyed and enraged, put the glass aside and pulled Kelly in his arms, "so you're here for money. Christina, we are friends. If you need money, I can surely help you."

He took out a cheque and slammed it on the table. "Here is 100 thousand. Take your clothes off now, and it's yours."

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