Chapter 8

She did her ablution and started praying. She lifted her hands in front of her creator and cried her heart out. She prayed for the safety of her family her friends. She prayed to see her family again. Her tears stricken face expressed her sorrow in front of her lord. She didn't know how's her fathers health, she didn't know how's her mother and brother are coping up with the situation and she didn't want to even imagine it. She felt a bit relieved after sharing her grief with Almighty ALLAH.

She wasn't planning on staying here at all. She knew she's living with criminals that's why she was always cautious. She's all calm and composed because she was planning to escape. She'll behave like a good working maid and when they'll let their guards down. She'll make a run for it. From last four days she was doing all the chores which Mia told her to do. She did everything, but all the tasks which must be done in the presence of the criminals, Alizey avoided doing that. Mia didn't forced either. During her time here she came to know about the cctv cameras at certain parts of this place.

And also that third floor was off limits for her. It ignited her curiosity as she was kept there before but she ignored it as she has more important tasks at hand. But it was always in her mind that maybe she would find something important there.

By now Alizey was aware of their schedules, timings and most of the common things like the main door will only open by the thumbprints of these mobsters.

She was really uncomfortable when she got to knew that all the rooms on the second floor were occupied by these mobsters. But the least bit relief was that Mia's room was besides hers. But still at night she would lock her door and place the bed side table in front of the door inside her room.

For double safety!

The beast hasn't showed up at all in these four days it was as if he didn't live here at all. She got to knew from Mia that his name is Alex. And he is practically their boss or leader something like that. Alizey tried to get more information about this Alex but Mia was adamant on keeping her lips sealed.

Alizey was shocked when she got to knew that Mia is working willingly for these mobsters. She asked her the reason but Mia simply replied in a dismissing tone. "This is the only place I have."

Alizey didn't pushed the conversation any further as she got the hint. Mia had done a bit online shopping for Alizey as she told her the first day. And to her relief all the clothes are according to her preferences.

Jack was always trailing behind her and Mia. It was as if he didn't have any work to do at all. And his personality is just so joyous that sometimes Alizey had to remind herself who he really is. But in these days she started to get comfortable in his presence she didn't know how but it's just naturally happening.

Someone knocked on Alizey's door. She thought it was Mia here to call her for work but the moment she opened her door her eyes met with the forest green orbs. Her senses went on high alert. She silently thanked GOD that she was wearing her hijab.

This is the same guy who was smirking four days back when Alizey snapped back at that beast. This guy smiled softly at her and spoke in his deep voice. "I'm Cane."

Alizey felt intimidated by his tall frame, muscles and all but he was more lean than the beast.

Why the hell I'm even comparing them!

His eyes were a beautiful deep green with dark black hair and pale skin. His features were sharp. In simple he was handsome.

Astagfirullah! The nuts in my head are getting loose .

She didn't let it show on her face a least bit that she was on high alert. She didn't know how's he. He could be like Jack or could be like beast. Either way she has to be cautious.

But like always her mouth wanted to get her in trouble.


At this Cane raised a proper brow at her. Giving expressions like do-you-really-have-the-guts-to-talk-to-me-like-that!

He was noticing her from day one when he saw her snapping at Alex at that moment he knew that Alex was right she's a fierce tigress. He was keeping an eye on her from past days as per on Alex's order. She's beautiful, a rare one at that. He has seen many women in his life but the fact that intrigued him about her was her modesty. And he respect her for that. He saw her looking at him with her doe like shining blue orbs.

"I'm just going out to shop. I thought as you can't leave this place so there might be something if you need, I can get that for you."

Alizey was stunned in one second and in other second she was like Awww. Cane smiled softly, her expressions were so adorable.

Such a gentleman! She thought.

"I want curtains please." She said in all thankful manner.

"What?" Cane was confused. Upon seeing confusion on his face she elaborated. "It's just that I don't like these dull curtains, can you please bring the ones with more bright colours."

"Yeah sure. Is that all?" He asked her one more time. She nodded her head in affirmation. As he was about to walk away. Alizey spoke up. "By the way! I'm Alizey."

Cane gave her his charming smirk before leaving, saying "I know."


Alizey felt really thirsty, she checked the time it was 2 am in morning. Probably everyone must be sleeping by now. She wrapped her hijab around her head and headed towards the kitchen. After drinking water when she was passing the living room she felt as if someone is watching her every move.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at her surroundings it was dark as the lights were off. She saw something moving or more precisely a man moving towards her.

She was about to scream as she made her way towards the stairs but before her feet could even touch the stairs. A strong calloused hand was on her mouth muffling her screams and a strong arm wrapped around her waist. Her feets were off the ground. Who ever it was, was strong and tall. His hands were so big. His hard muscular chest was pressed firmly at her back.

Her hands shoot up to pry of the strong hold. She was struggling and kicking in the air but to no avail. Her heart was beating erratically and all the thoughts left her mind. But she didn't stopped and continued to struggle but a deep raspy voice near her ear, jerked her mind back to reality. "I'll let go! If you don't scream."

Her eyes went wide when she realized who it was. ALEX.

She started struggling more violently now but his next words scared her "Stop struggling. If you don't want me to keep holding you like this." His hand around her waist tightened to show the heaviness of his words.

She immediately stopped her struggling her heart was thudding loudly in her chest. The only thing eating her mind right now was his giant hands which were wrapped around her small frame.

After a complete agonising minute he let go her slowly so that she won't fall. The moment she got out of his embrace. She took three steps back, away from him.

She immediately turned around facing him. It was dark but still she can see that he was wearing a white shirt whose first few buttons were opened giving a complete view of his chest. His sleeves were rolled up and his hairs were a bit messy as if he has combed it with his fingers.

She gave him a deadly glare. "What the hell were you doing."

Alex could still feel her soft body against his hard one. How perfectly her small body was enclasped in his large one. He composed himself and said.

"Stopping you from making a fool out of yourself."

She understood he was talking about her screaming mode. But she retorted back "Then you shouldn't have scared me in the first place."

He took a step towards her. "Or maybe you shouldn't have left your room in the first place."

She narrowed her eyes at him angrily. "That's non of your business."

He took one more step closer. "Everything here is my business or are you forgetting that you're a maid here." Alex spoke threateningly.

This fumed her anger. "I just work here for a time being that doesn't make me your slave. So don't boss me around because as soon I'll be able to pay all the money. I'll be leaving from this hell."

Alex chuckled amusingly at her words. His chuckle was deep and husky. For a second she thought this isn't the same beast.

Alizey was confused. She just gave him a serious speech and he is chuckling.

"My corazón! Do you have the slightest of knowledge how much you have to pay?"

He spoke in his deep voice while taking yet another step closer.

He was cleverly moving closer to her and she was just too much in the conversation to even notice that.

"How much?" She asked angrily. Completely ignoring the fact that he called her something in spanish.

He can speak spanish!

"One million dollars!" He spoke with an emotionless face.

She understood it now. The maids didn't get too much pay and like this it will take her whole life paying off the debt. That is why he's so smug.

She was in her own thoughts when his next words got her curiosity.

"There's a way through which you can pay the whole amount at once. Then you'll be free to return to your family." He spoke in a deep voice.

Her bright blue eyes met with his icy grey orbs. For the very first time she saw an emotion in his eyes other then anger. His icy grey orbs roamed at her body from head to toe. She felt chills at his gaze. His eyes turned darker and a smirk plastered on his face.

"Sleep with me."

She took a step back at his words. Her blue orbs widen in shock. "W-What?" She stammered. Her blood turned cold at his words. She felt so exposed under his gaze at that moment, that she wanted to claw at his eyes until he bleeds.

"Have sex with me. Then I'll let you free-"


His face turned to the side with the impact of her slap. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"How dare you!"

She seethed in anger. She felt humiliated and disgusted. She wanted to kill him. She felt so angry and scared at the same time.

The slap was so hard that her hand was stinging with pain. But it cause no pain to him at all but does made him furious.He wasn't expecting this. His icy grey orbs turned murderous. He moved forward in a lightening speed and held her throat in a tight grip. Her eyes widened in complete fear. His intimidating aura was deadly all of a sudden.

Furious would be an understatement he was raging. No one dared to speak loudly in front of him and here she slapped him on his face.

How dare she!

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