"It's too embarrassing. I usually predict the day my period comes and take a day off to stay at home."

She habitually mumbled. After all, she had dirtied his bed.

"Take good care of yourself. Women would have a higher possibility to get pregnant after her period."

Hearing this, Tracy shivered uncontrollably. This guy was simply a beast. How would he still think about this kind of thing at this time!

Hugo frowned. Was she afraid of him? Just as he finally touched her hair, she suddenly looked up and her almond eyes were full of anger.

Looking at the strange person in front of her, Tracy was only embarrassed.

"What does it mean for you to have a child? A child is a new life! It's not something you just said casually!" Tracy had a more strict discipline on herself so she did not understand how this man could be so casual in this matter.

"Hmph! Then why did you give birth to Louis but then abandon him? Don't try to use these high-sounding excuses to cheat me!" Hugo grabbed her shoulder and said coldly.

"I've already said it 800 times. I'm not the one you're looking for!" Tracy's whole body ached and she felt even more uncomfortable since he kept shaking her.

Tracy was as weak as a little flower swaying in the wind and rain as if she would be torn apart in an instant in Hugo's big hand.

Hugo pushed her away and pinched his thin lips tightly. Although brimming with sorrow in his eyes, he said ruthlessly and indifferently, "You regret it now? When you married me recklessly and set me up to sleep with you, you should have thought of this. I don't care what happened to you! But I am not someone that would be cheated easily! Tracy, you have to be responsible for everything you've done before!"

Before Tracy could get the meaning of his words, he pushed her onto the bed.

Hugo walked out of the room and sighed the moment he closed the door.

The room quieted down completely. Tracy maintained the position of being pushed down by him just now and two lines of tears flowed from the corner of her eyes. The physical pain was not as much as one in ten thousand of her psychological pain. She did not understand what was wrong with her life. She originally had a stable job, good friends, and relatives. She thought that she would live such an ordinary but happy life for the rest of her life and finally found someone she loved. However, everything was a mess now, just like a pile of messy threads.

She didn't understand why she had to bear this and all those crimes that she didn't do at all.

"Bastard!" She slapped the bed hard and buried her face in the quilt, which immediately became wet because of her tears.

Tracy lay on the bed, not knowing what to do. She looked out of the window at the dark sky which was just like the despair in her heart at this moment.

She turned a deaf ear to the knock on the door. Now all the sounds had nothing to do with her.

"Miss Raber!" An anxious voice sounded. Jason was relieved to see her sitting at the head of the bed, "This is your dinner." He waved his hand and the servant then brought up the plate.

"I don't want to eat anything," Tracy said the same boring words coldly again.

"Miss Raber, Mr. Danish has ordered me to send you this every half an hour until you finally have dinner."

Looking at Jason's indifferent look, Tracy bit her lower lip and did not say anything. Soon, they went out. Turning to look at the food on the table, she only felt a panic in her heart. It was really terrifying for a foodie like her to still have no appetite while feeling sad.

Jason did not lie. Every half an hour, there would be someone coming to deliver the newly cooked food to her and the tempting smell of the food would linger in the room.

At first, Tracy really didn't want to eat but then she endured her hunger just because she didn't want to give in to him. Finally, the smell of the delicious food became torture to her.

Finally, she stopped Snow who brought food in, "Don't come here anymore. It's already nine o'clock. I'll get fat if I eat this." If Snow still let her eat this time, it would be the will of God.

"Mr. Danish said you should be more healthy so that you can give birth to a child as soon as possible." Snow had always been so straightforward. Although her words were not pleasant, Tracy knew it was just a fact. There was a famous saying, "Don't punish yourself with other people's mistakes."

"Okay, okay, I'll eat it." Tracy picked up her chopsticks and pretended to take a bite. However, she couldn't pretend anymore in the end. The food was so delicious! Halfway through the meal, she noticed that Snow was still standing in the room. She raised her head slightly and noticed that she was looking at Snow like a pervert seeing a beautiful woman. She swallowed the food awkwardly and said embarrassedly, "Do you want to eat with me?"

"No need. Servants can't sit at the same table as their masters." Snow said in a low voice and knew that Mr. Danish gave Tracy harsh orders and the food for Tracy was quite preferential treatment. Without Mr. Danish's special treatment, Tracy might be bullied to death indifferent by servants in the Danish family.

Tracy suddenly sensed Snow's faint smile. She had learned about the abnormality of the Danish family in just a few days. It was really an unfortunate thing for Snow, such an outstanding girl, to stay here. Tracy sighed and shook her head helplessly.

"Miss Raber, is the food not delicious? I'll ask the chef to redo it."

"No, no, it's delicious!" Tracy was afraid that Snow would take it away again and quickly ate it.

She maintained the good habit of eating while keeping silent and finished the whole meal in silence, not even leaving any leftovers. In fact, she felt that it was a good way to form a meal with small plates of different dishes. In this case, she would be full without wasting.

Snow cleaned up the dishes and walked out of the room.

Hugo happened to walk towards her and Snow quickly lowered her head nervously.

"Has she eaten all?"

"Yes. She hasn't eaten anything all day so she must be starving."

Hugo narrowed his eyes and said, "You seemed to be much more polite to her."

"I'm just obeying master's orders." There was never a trace of warmth but only respect in her indifferent tone.

"You can go now," Hugo said coolly.

"Hello, Snow." A handsome figure went upstairs and he suddenly leaned his handsome face close to Snow. Snow raised her eyebrows slightly in an instant and was about to take action. However, a trace of panic flashed in her eyes when she saw the person coming early and she then called softly, "Mr. Hancher."

"Hey, hehe." Tim showed a light smile and then walked toward Hugo without saying anything more.

"Can you stop flirting with everyone? How old are you? Why are you still so flirtatious!" Hugo was trying to protect Snow.

"It's just a simple greeting. Snow has once protected me." Tim sincerely said, "Oh, by the way, that woman seems to eat a lot. She probably has good control of her physique. By then, you can let her leave as soon as possible after she gives birth to your child so that you won't have to see her often."

Hugo glared at him coldly and turned to walk towards the study as if he despised his noise.

Tracy leaned against the door and heard their footsteps fading away. She heard clearly what that stranger had just said. (How could Hugo be like this? Even if I give birth to a child in the future, I should stay with my biological child! Hugo, this damn beast! How could he let me leave directly? I would never give birth to a child and would never let him succeed!)

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