Her face was pale, which made her look very weak. In the dim light of the table lamp, her expression was obscure, but she was still stubborn.

(What do I have to do to get out of trouble?) She thought of this and laid back in bed in frustration, tossing and turning, feeling sleepless, her head resting on her arm and crossing her legs. She liked to think in this casual position, but she fell asleep without realizing it.

It wasn't until midnight that Hugo finished his work. As he passed Tracy's room door, he suddenly thought of something and crossed straight over to Tracy's room and went downstairs.

"Mr. Danish, how can I help you?" A servant saw him coming downstairs and rushed to meet him.

"Prepare a glass of milk and a glass of water."

After preparing the appropriate drinks, the servant asked Hugo, "Mr. Danish, do I need to bring these to your room?" He felt puzzled. (Mr. Danish never drinks milk.)

"Give them to me. I'll take them up personally." He reached out his hand.

The servant froze slightly, but obeyed Hugo's order and respectfully handed him the tray. He then hung his head and waited for Hugo to go upstairs.

Hugo gently pushed open the door to Tracy's room and frowned at her sleeping position. (Tracy has become more and more rude over the years, and has learned to talk back to me, which is really naughty.)

He gently placed the tray on the bedside table and leaned down to gently position her arms and legs. Suddenly, he felt some coolness on his hand, then raised his hand and saw that there was blood on his fingers. He frowned and stared at Tracy with stern eyes until he was relieved to find her pajamas stained with blood at the hip area and on the sheets.

"Brother! Help me!" Hugo suddenly heard Tracy muttering in a dreamy whisper. His eyes became gloomy. But he still picked up the quilt next to him and casually covered her, wiping the blood on his hands with the bed sheet by hand. Then, his expression turned disgusted.

Tracy woke up in a daze only after Hugo had left. She looked at the quilt on her body and thought Snow had covered it for her. Satisfied, she patted the quilt, planning to express her gratitude to Snow tomorrow, and then fell asleep again.

After a while, she always felt uncomfortably sticky underneath and also felt thirsty. She was about to get up to drink water when she suddenly found milk and water on the table. (This would be much more convenient! I never expect that Snow looks cold and heartless, but she actually is so sweet!) However, Tracy forgot that Snow wasn't present when she drank water that day.

She glanced casually at the sheets and suddenly coughed with embarrassment. (Oh my god, my period is staining the bed everywhere! This has happened before, because of my casual sleeping position. I would have paid attention in the past, but I was so focused on defying Hugo yesterday that I forgot it was my period recently. I used to wait for my brother to go to work when I was at home and then secretly wash the sheets. But now what am I supposed to do at Hugo's house?)

(I must quietly wash the sheets while it's still early morning!) With that in mind, she sneaked out of the room with the sheets in her arms, being thankful that the hallway was empty, but she was still cautious in case she ran into the servants.

"What are you doing? Do you want to escape?" Tracy was startled by the cold voice behind her. (How could I have met Hugo, the demon?)

She stood still, not daring to turn around, but felt Hugo slowly approaching her.

When Hugo stood in front of her, she realized that he was wearing an expensive luxury sports suit. (To be honest, he looks so much better in it than in the ad! He seems to have just finished his workout, and sweat soaks his dark hair and flows over his handsome features, making him look even more attractive!)

Hugo surveyed her casually, his gaze turning to the object in her hand.

"What are you holding?" Hugo's tone was unkind when he thought of her actually calling other men's names in her dreams.

Tracy thought. (I don't expect him to talk to me properly anymore; after all, I'm rather odious in his eyes.)

"It's nothing." She pretended to be calm and hid the sheet behind her so that he would not discover the embarrassing scene. Having said that, she hurriedly left.

However, the moment she turned around, the blood on the hip area of her pajamas was fully exposed to Hugo's eyes, which made his face turn grim.


Tracy was apprehensive when she heard Hugo's somber tone. (Does he want to give me a hard time early in the morning?)

"Go to your room and change your other pajamas first."

Tracy, surprised at his order, looked up and asked. "Why?"

"After all, if you're in the Danish family, you need to follow the rules." Hugo raised his eyebrows.

"Why are there so many rules in your family that I need to follow? You forced me to follow the rules last time..."

"Hurry up!" Hugo interrupted her coldly, while she did not dare to resist, so she turned around and went back to her room to change her pajamas.

Hugo watched as she slammed the door to her room. (Although she seems to be obedient even now, I always feel something is wrong. It is like she has changed her personality.) He thought about it with mixed feelings.

Tracy felt very uncomfortable during her period and just wanted to lie down. (I don't want to change my clothes. I don't even want to get out of bed! If I didn't stain the sheets, I would continue...)

As soon as she took off her pajama pants, she was startled by the blood on the buttocks of them. (So did Hugo totally see it just now?)

She felt extreme embarrassment and her face blushed instantly.

After she took the sheets out of the room again, she ran into Snow, who forcefully took them away. "Don't get cold water in the meantime."

"Thank you." Tracy was embarrassed to express her thanks. When she saw Snow's expression turn serious, she quickly said, "I know you're trying to safeguard my health. Is that what Hugo, the demon, has told you?" She sneered and shook her head, her expression dismissive.

She suddenly noticed Snow's change of expression and turned around just in time to see Hugo in his suit. Although Hugo was quite handsome, she was now too ashamed to look at him directly when she was thinking about the embarrassing scene.

"What did you just say I was?"

Tracy heard his somber tone, subconsciously shook her head and hid behind Snow. (I can't believe he ran into me when I badmouth him!)

"When you recover your health, I will show you what it means to be a demon."

Tracy kept her head down and waited for Hugo to walk away before she reacted to his subtext as an afterthought. (He's such a beast!) She felt unusually ashamed because Snow was present, but she found Snow was calm, seemingly unconcerned with what had just happened.

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