Tracy lay on the bed, listless. When she thought of Hugo, she felt weak and achy all over. Now her phone was confiscated, so she couldn't contact anyone. Her chances of escaping were slim. What should she do now?

(Now Hugo is very wary of me. He treats me like dirt no matter what I do. Obviously, he misunderstood me before. I would never believe a word he said. What he said was so different from what Grunt said. There's no reason for me to believe him instead of Grunt.)

(If I wanna go out, I have to gain his trust first, but how can I gain his trust? Oh, yeah, Louis! He always says that I am Louis' mother. I don't know why he mistakes me for Louis' mother, but if I'm nice to Louis, I'm sure it'll do me some good.)

She thought about it and suddenly sat up, but her sparkling eyes immediately dimmed. (Is it too despicable for me to do this? Louis is already pitiful enough.)

(Is Louis really my own child? I've never been married. I don't know what it's like to be a mother, and I don't know how to get along with a child, but I like children.) Although Louis was a little difficult to deal with, Tracy laughed at the thought of his stern little face. Suddenly, a very similar big face appeared in her mind. She was in a foul mood at the thought of Hugo who was cold and difficult to get along with.

Not only was she kidnapped by him, but she was forced to make love with him. Although there was no blood on the sheets, the pain was real. She completely felt like she was being raped by that bastard at that moment!

All of a sudden, she remembered the scene where he had had sex with her. Her eyes turned red and she felt humiliated. The physical pain in the memory, coupled with the period pains, made her suffer hugely.

Hugo looked at his watch. It was already four o'clock. He got up to get off work.

"Atlas," Hugo called him on the landline.

"Mr. Danish." Atlas quickly appeared in the office.

"Get the car ready. It's time to get off work."

"Ah?" Atlas was slightly surprised.

"What's wrong?" Looking at him, Hugo frowned as he put on his clothes.

"Nothing. I'll call the driver now." Atlas said quickly. He walked out of the president's office, looking puzzled. (Mr. Danish always works until 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock. Why did he get off work so early today?)

Just as Hugo was about to leave, his phone rang.

"What's up?"

"Come out and have a drink. Everyone's here." Tim said in a cheerful voice.

"Is Lance there? Is Curie there?" Hugo raised his eyebrows and asked sharply.

"Well, only Marvin and I are here. We haven't seen much of each other since you guys started families," Tim said resentfully.

"I'm not going," Hugo said coldly. After that, he hung up the phone and walked into the elevator.

Tim sighed and looked at Yvonne next to him with a smile, "Oh, he has changed a lot since he had a family. I lied to him about Marvin being here, but he still didn't wanna come here."

Yvonne smiled, picked up the glass, and clinked it against Tim's. There was a trace of coldness in her eyes. She did not expect Hugo to care so much about Tracy. Originally, she did not take Tracy seriously. For so many years, she had kept in touch with Hugo and thought that he would marry her. She didn't expect him to bring Tracy back.

"That woman has done such a shameful thing. Why did he bring her back?" Yvonne exhaled and asked.

"You don't know about Louis' illness yet, right? Louis was born with a blood disease, and he has been receiving treatment all these years. Although it isn't a problem to keep him alive according to the strength of the Danish family, it's not a solution. Therefore, Hugo wanted to find that woman and have another child with her. Louis could be saved with the cord blood."

"What? Have another child?" Yvonne exclaimed in surprise. After realizing that she had lost her composure, she quickly took a sip of wine, but she kept thinking about Tim's words. (Have another child! Hugo wants to have another child with that woman! No way! I would never let this happen! I've waited for so many years. Hugo must be mine!)

When Hugo came home, Jason immediately came up to him. Obviously, he didn't expect Hugo to come back so early.

"How was it today?" Hugo asked in a deep voice.

"Miss Raber has been upstairs in bed all day and hasn't eaten anything," Jason replied subconsciously.

Hugo looked up at him. Jason realized in a flash that he had said the wrong thing and quickly changed his answer. "Master Louis is sleeping."

"Master Louis stayed in Miss Raber's room all day today. It's the first time I've seen him so close to someone," Jason said.

Hugo didn't say anything. He went straight to Louis' room and gently pushed the door. When he saw Louis sleeping soundly, he closed the door.

"It only took Miss Raber ten minutes to put him to sleep."

Hearing Jason's words, Hugo tilted his head slightly and asked, "What's she doing now?"

Jason suddenly looked embarrassed and shook his head with a sigh, "Miss Raber has been in her room since she coaxed Master Louis to sleep. Master Louis was carried back to his room by Snow.

When Hugo heard this, his face suddenly darkened. (This woman is so cruel! She didn't even wanna hug her child!)

Tracy looked up at the ceiling with a sad face and heard the door being kicked open.

"You know how to knock?" she said coldly.

Suddenly, she was pulled up. Hugo grabbed her arm and said coldly, "Louis is your child. Why did you do that to him?"

"What's wrong?" Tracy asked with a frown.

"Why did you send him back to his room when he was asleep?"

Hugo was very concerned about this matter. He could tell from this matter that Tracy didn't like Louis, and this reminded him of the fact that she had abandoned Louis before, which aroused his hatred for her.

"I'm sick. If he slept in my bed with me, he would catch it from me. Louis has a blood disease. Do you know what it means to be infected with the virus?" Tracy was so weak that she didn't even bother to open her eyes. In fact, she didn't know if she had caught a cold, but to be on the safe side, she sent Louis back to his room. She was actually a little reluctant to part with Louis.

Hugo's anger suddenly dissipated when he heard her explanation. He subconsciously let go of her hand. When he saw her lying straight back on the bed, he was shocked, but when he saw her indifferent look, he curled his lip with disgust.

"I'm not in the mood to argue with you now. I don't have the strength anymore." Tracy was telling the truth. She was pretty much in bad shape during her monthly period. Now she was really exhausted after talking to Louis for the whole day.

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