Tracy knew she was in trouble, but she wasn't expecting Hugo to take her to the room on the second floor.

"What are you doing! I stained your shirt but it was an accident!" She hated being carried like a piece of clothes, but there was something more important now.

"You are the first person who splashed water on me." Hugo brought her up to him with one hand. She was so vulnerable and was scared to confront such a powerful man.

"I didn't mean to!" Tracy explained, "Why so serious? I'll pay for it."

"What?" Hugo's eyes flashed. As the head of the Danish family who ran a huge interest group, he thought she was kidding.

His sneer freaked out Tracy. She always had an inexplicable fear of him.

"Tell me your decision after you've known how much it is. Go have a bath."

With that, Hugo pushed her into the bathroom. (Aren't we talking about the suit? Why he suddenly asks me to take a bath?)

"Mr. Danish! You..."

"Wait for me after you've finished. Don't use any body lotion. I hate women who smells like chemical fragrance."

Tracy's stomach tightened. She knew what he was going to do.

"Mr. Danish! Let's talk about it, shall we? There must be a misunderstanding between us!"

Seeing that he was about to leave, Tracy grabbed his sleeve quickly.

Hugo's eyes darkened, and he looked at her hand holding his sleeve.

Tracy noticed his gaze. She smelt a rat and instantly let go of him.

"I... Ah!"

Before she could speak, Hugo pushed her against the bathroom wall and locked the door. Tracy's heart sank. She tried to turn her head but found that he pressed on her shoulder, and she couldn't even move.

He pressed her shoulder with one hand. Just as Tracy wondered what he was doing with another hand, she felt a chill at her waist and saw that her top wear was lifted.

"You!" She screamed and stopped his hand from lifting her clothes. Tracy's face flushed out of panic, which looked like the beautiful burning clouds on a summer evening.

Hugo was surprised. He had never seen the naughty side of her before. He was so busy with his business that he often forgot he had a wife when they just got married.

Feeling his hand caressing her body, Tracy trembled violently and subconsciously moved to the side.

"You're scared." Hugo suddenly said teasingly. He played with her hair with his slender eyes, and the atmosphere turned flirting.

"No, I'm not!" Tracy looked up and said determinedly. Her eyes were like dazzling diamonds. And no one could ignore the shining light in her eyes.

Tracy looked tough but was actually freaked out.

"Then why are you trembling?" Hugo deliberately leaned closer to her and asked teasingly. His expression was even more ambiguous.

Tracy felt his aggression and did not dare to breathe.

Hugo smelled the faint fragrance on her body and erected. The feeling of flirts instantly reached his brain and controlled some part of his body.

"Hurry up. I don't like dawdling women!" Hugo let go of her shoulder and turned to leave out of embarrassment.

Hearing the door was shut, Tracy was finally relieved. (He's definitely a psycho, but fortunately, he's gone now.)

The bathwater was ready. Tracy looked at the steaming water in the pool and jumped in after taking off her clothes. She couldn't stand the cold, so taking a hot bath was the happiest thing. Though she was in danger, she enjoyed the hot bath very much.

"Uh, so comfortable." She moaned in hot water.

"Huh, silly girl." Hugo had not gone far. He said contemptuously while his eyes were smiling.

"Mr. Danish, you might need to change your outfit." Jason said worriedly.

"It's okay. Have you found out anything about what I told you in the morning?" Hugo took off his suit jacket, and the servants next to him quickly took it.

"Madam had a car accident six years ago, and she lost her memory." Jason said directly.

"So she's not faking?"

Hugo was surprised. And his mind changed a bit.

"Madam has no recollection of the old days so she can't remember you."

Hugo nodded, "Did she have a physical examination? Is it the right time for her to conceive?"

"We took a blood sample when madam was off guard. She is indeed taking antibiotics, so she can't conceive in the next week."

"Louis can't wait for a week." Hugo said decisively.

"But the doctor said it's not 100%."

"That means it doesn't matter, right?" Hugo raised his eyebrows and checked the time. (Why she's still in there? It's already twenty minutes.)

"Well, maybe." Jason said sullenly.

"Off you go." With that, Hugo turned to go back to the bathroom.

"Sir." Jason suddenly stopped him.

Hugo stopped without turning around.

"Master Louis and madam met a few days ago."

Hugo raised his eyebrows, "And then?"

"Well, he treated madam in a special way." That was all Jason could think of to describe the meet.

"Ok, I see." With that, he opened the bathroom door. The dense mist flowed out, and he suddenly felt something was wrong.

The dense steam filled the big bathroom. People may suffocate if they stay in this hot air for a long time.

Thinking of this, he rushed in and found Tracy lying unconsciously in the tub. Then he covered her with a towel and carried her out.

"Jason! Call the doctor!" He growled at the butler.

Jason's face darkened when he saw Tracy was in a coma, and he quickly called the doctor.

Tracy felt dizzy and sick.

"I..." Just as she was about to speak, she felt even more uncomfortable. She jumped out of bed, staggered to the bathroom and threw up everything she ate in the afternoon.

After washing her face, she looked at herself in the mirror with a frown. ( I remember that I was in the tub. Why am I on the bed now?)

Tracy walked out of the bathroom in confusion. When she looked up, she was frightened.

She saw Hugo, Jason, the servants, and the bodyguards staring straight at her.

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