"What are you looking at?" Tracy asked timidly, with apprehension in her heart.

"You guys go out first," Hugo ordered the servants to exit the room instantly.

"Aren't you concerned about suffocating if you bathe at such a high water temperature?" Tracy watched Hugo get up and approach her and subconsciously took a step back. "I didn't expect this. I just felt a little dizzy in the shower, and then I lost consciousness... Ah!"

She was looking down to explain when she was picked up by Hugo in a horizontal hug.

"What are you doing?" With that, she was pinned to the bed by Hugo, her face pressed against the sheets. She turned her head as best she could and struggled to shout. "You're so ungentlemanly!"

"Why should I be a gentleman to you?" Hugo ripped her pajamas violently.

Tracy felt a chill on her body, and then she flushed. (This is the second time Hugo has stripped me naked!) Her skin was so fair and delicate that it felt good to Hugo's touch, causing him to smile in satisfaction.

"Did you initially plan to have a baby with me because of Louis?" Tracy asked evenly, suddenly recalling her earlier thoughts. (I think there might be some misunderstandings, and I don't want to ruin my reputation because of them.)

"You're in no position to mention Louis." Hugo's face showed disdain. (However, even though I hate the woman, I know Louis is her child. Therefore, I can only do this to save Louis.)

"Why am I not in a position? I saw Louis today, and I like him a lot. But, Mr. Danish, I'm really not the one you're looking for. Just let me go." Tracy looked very pitiful.

"I know who you are better than you do. All you have to do is get pregnant and have the baby, and Louis will be saved by the cord blood. When that happens, I will naturally kick you out."

Tracy was still thinking about Hugo's words when she felt a sudden, unexpected pain coming from her lower body. (Damn it, I thought I still had time to wrap my head around him, but I didn't expect him to be so rough!)

On the other hand, Hugo did not expect his behavior to be so uncontrollable, and he broke out in a cold sweat, apprehensive. (In fact, Tracy and I have only had intercourse once, when I was drugged. However, although I was dimly conscious, I never forgot that feeling. I just saw her skin flushed, like she was in heat, which made me unable to control my sanity and aroused my sexual desire.)

Tracy cried and struggled vigorously, but in vain. After a long time, she felt exhausted, and Hugo finally let her go. She buried her face deep in the pillow, feeling the humiliation and pain. (For so many years, I followed my mother's long-cherished wish to be a self-respecting person. And now, I've been raped by this damned man!)

"Very well, you haven't had sex with anyone else but me." Hugo said pleasantly. (I had just felt her very rusty reaction to my sexuality, which gave me great satisfaction.)

"Why the fuck did you rape me? I clearly explained to you that I'm not the one you're looking for! I couldn't save your son even if I had a baby!" Tracy jerked up, only to have her expression distorted by the stinging pain coming from her lower body.

"I would not be mistaken. You lost your memory because you were injured in a car accident, and that's why you forgot that Louis is your son. You abandoned him when he was just born, and even when he was sick, you never took care of him. Do you know how sad he was?" Hugo said, with a stern expression, as he dressed slowly and methodically. (I thought I would be very excited about saying these words, but I realize now that I don't hate her as much as I thought I did.)

Tracy was apprehensive when she heard his well-reasoned explanation. She looked tentatively at Hugo's expressionless face, which looked at her condescendingly.

"Don't talk nonsense. I only lost my memory for a year, how could I have a son? My brother told me I was still a student, so how could I possibly get married?" Tracy retorted, but her mind grew increasingly puzzled. (What is Hugo's purpose in lying to me? On the other hand, how could my brother have lied to me?) Her thoughts became very confused and she looked down at the clean white bed sheet, which was not stained with any blood. (I had just been in pain, but apparently I had long since ceased to be a virgin. Could I really have had sex with someone else before?)

"I just gave you a punishment for cursing me in public this morning. In the future, you must obey me and not be so rude."

Hearing Hugo's words, Tracy asked with subconsciousness. "How do you know I cursed you?" After saying that, she hurriedly covered her mouth, remorseful for her own indiscretion.

"Atlas can lip-sync, and he repeated what you said back to me. Remember, if you badmouth me the next time, I'll have you on your knees begging me to spare you."

Tracy heard his command and looked up at his deep gaze before she reacted to the fact that she had been naked the whole time, and she hurriedly tugged the covers over her body, blushing while her looks once again seduced Hugo.

"I'll have someone bring you clothes later, so you can change and come to dinner with me."

Tracy sighed in relief after Hugo left the room, reacting to what had just happened. (Even though I had just been raped, I couldn't stay frustrated after it had happened. I still didn't have a clue about my year-long memory loss, but I did have very special feelings for Louis. I don't know if I'm just too loving and fond of children, my heart breaks for him in his wheelchair.)

"Miss Raber, these are your clothes."

While her thoughts were confused, she suddenly heard a cold female voice and looked up to recognize it as one of the two servants who had been watching her but not talking to her before.


"Mr. Danish has given me permission to speak to you. Miss Raber, change your clothes and go out to dinner."

Hearing the woman's deep voice, Tracy frowned and muttered in a small voice. "Is this necessary?"

"Miss Raber, Mr. Danish's words are not to be disobeyed by anyone in the Danish family. So, please watch your words in the future."

"I've been careful with my words! You are the ones who have to keep me here!" Tracy was in a violent mood because she had just been raped and now she was being treated badly.

"Repeat, Mr. Danish's words are not to be disobeyed by anyone in the Danish family."

"I know, stop it."Tracy don't bother pestering her and tried to get up and get dressed, but felt discomfort in her body, so she slowed down her movements.

The servant at her side assisted her in dressing, and she was grateful and shy because it was the first time she had been treated like that.

"Thank you." she said politely.

"You're welcome. I'm just following Mr. Danish's orders."

Hearing this reply, Tracy sighed in understanding and asked softly. "What is your name?"

"Snow." The servant answered coldly.

"Thank you, Snow. This is an exclusive tribute to you." Tracy smiled and looked straight at her. (No one is naturally cold, including Snow.)

Hugo was standing outside the door in his freshly changed white shirt, hearing the conversation in the room. His cold expression gradually turned into a smile.

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