Chapter 7

After her not so walk of shame, she went back to the hospital where police got everything under control. The hospital again started to treat people and nothing unusual happened again.

Though the hospital made a investigation team to find out what exactly happened that day and the new medicines were being tested before giving them to patients.

In a few days everything became normal as if nothing happened. Jenny also didn't heard from Liam after that day. Jenny was tired after a whole day duty, she was gathering everything to retreat to her quarter when her friend called her.

"Hello, Mila."

"Keep your hello to yourself. Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"I knew it! You already forgot that we were supposed to meet at the club today."

"Gosh, I am so tired. I was on my legs whole day and you are telling me to murder my legs wearing heels and being on my legs, whole night as well!"

"They have couch. Who told you to stay on your legs? Just get ready and come fast or else you will dissappear like that day."

"I told you the situation. I can not come when so many patients died." Jenny said ignoring the part where Liam literally kidnapped her.

"Fine, Just come. We are waiting for you."

Jenny sighed and went to her room. She opened her cupboard and eyed her clothes. She took a deep breath and decided to ditch the classy dressing of clubs.

She wore a jeans dress that ended few inches up of her knees. She put her hair into a ponytail as she didn't have time to shampoo that day.

She only used BB cream, Mascara and lip gloss as her makeup. She completed her look with a pair of sneakers.

"Mila is going to throw a fit." Jenny chuckled looking at herself on the mirror.

She was looking cute with those loose bangs framing her face.

The night star club was full packed and Jenny felt like vomiting because of the mixed smell of alcohol and sweat. She could not understand how people enjoy coming there.

She spotted Mila in the arms of her boyfriend Calvin at the bar. They were laughing with a guy, that guy was handsome but she was not looking for anything so that didn't matter.

"Hello, guys." Jenny said standing beside Mila and Calvin.

"What the..." Mila noticed her outfit and glared.

"Wow! You are looking cute." Calvin said and winked at the guy.

Jenny chuckled lightly and poked Mila, "Loosen up, the world is not ending."

"Young lady, you are up for a long lecture. Anyway, meet Danish and Danish this is Jennifer, the one talked about."

"Nice to meet you, Jennifer." Danish forward his hand for a handshake.

Jenny accepted his hand and said, "Call me, Jenny." she turned to Mila, "Can we go and find a booth? My legs are really hurting."

"Let's go doctor and make you sit." Mila said wrapping her arms around Jenny's shoulder.

Mila and Calvin went to dance, leaving Jenny and Danish in the booth where they both were drinking. Jenny was drinking a fruit punch and Danish was having a beer.

"Mila said that her friend is beautiful but I think you are more beautiful than what she said."

"I am flattered. But I want to clear one thing, I am not looking for any relationship. It's Mila who thinks I need to go dating. Actually she doesn't know about my secret relationship and the heartbreak that came with it."

"It's okay. I know she could be a little crazy and too persistent but we could be friends if not dating."

"We can."

"Cheers to our new friendship."

"Cheers!" They bumped their glasses and swallowed the rest of their drinks.

"If you want, you can go and dance. You don't have to ruin your night for me."

"Can't leave you alone, Jenny. Mila said you don't go out frequently so, can't let you bore here alone."

"That's nice of you but I am going to feel guilty. So, let's go and dance. I can manage, two to three songs."

Jenny and Danish started dancing. Jenny was not moving that much, her plan was to engrosse Danish in dancing so that she could get away.

Suddenly the dance floor became crowded and she lost Danish so, she decided to go back to the booth. But when she got out of the dance floor, she saw Liam standing in front of her with his men.

His eyes were on her but his face were blank. Jenny knew if she stay there would be a scene so she moved towards the exit door.

Once outside, she tried to look for cab but Liam was already dragging her towards his car.

"Mr. Bradford, what is this? Why you are dragging me right now?" Jenny said, clearly irritated.

"Somebody was too eager to flew from my house so I am taking her back."

"Well that someone doesn't want to go."

"That someone doesn't have a choice."

"Of course. You are the almighty, you are the decision maker, no one ever had a choice." Jenny mocked and Liam pushed her inside of his car.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Jenny poked him when he settled beside her.

"If I didn't know you better I would thought that you are drunk"

"Yeah... It would have very easy for you to kidnap me again."

"I am not kidnapping you."

"No? Yeah right! You didn't just dragged me and pushed me into a car, you are not taking me somewhere against my will. You are going for picnic, right?"

"You are right. It would have been better if you were drunk."

Jenny laughed. "Now tell me, what do you want?"

"Your safety." Liam said blankly.

"I am safe. Drop me back to my hospital."

"Listen, I am still calm after watching you with that mutt, so don't tempt me."

"Are you talking about Danish?" Jenny frowned. "What did he do to you? Or are you jealous? You don't have any right to be jealous."

"Of course not. You were not safe with him. How can he lost your sight in that dance floor? Anything was possible in that crowd. No one will know what exactly happened and who did it."

"What even..."

"You should not see that guy again." Though Liam said it with a blank face but Jenny very well knew, what he was trying to do.

"If not Danish then someone else. I am not going to be alone for all my life."

Liam clinched his hands into a fist and Jenny smirked looking at it. Liam neither can bear anything nor say anything.

The car ride was silent after that. Liam was a bit surprised seeing her entering in his room without any bickering. He thought she would put up a fight.

"Now tell me, why did you bring me here again? There is nothing dangerous in my work place anymore." Jenny said sitting on the bed, stretching her legs straight.

"Why did you come here without any extreme resistance? That's not you."

"You are damn right but I am too tired to fight with you because you are going to do what you want no matter what."

"You need someone around you when you get the news."

All the playfulness left from her face and asked seriously, "What news? What's happening again?"

"Something.. Even I don't know. I was at the club because of that but couldn't get to know anything."

"What do you mean?"

"There were the boys of few ministers. So, we thought we would get to know something. We always do in such gatherings but they did not open their mouth on this matter and -"

"It shows that nothing ordinary is going to happen but something big." Jenny completed with a horrified gasp.

"Oh God! I can't tolerate another incident like the last one. Those few deaths shook the whole hospital, what can be bigger than that?"

"Attacking all the hospitals and this is our best guess." Liam completed and Jenny got several image of people dying all over the country.

Jenny shuddered and asked, "Are they going to use any deadly virus?"

"I don't think so. They also can be attacked by that."

"Then what? Hospital also didn't leaked anything about that day. I don't know if investigation team got anything at all."

Liam didn't say anything because they got messages from government. Any sudden or important decisions, programs or anything were sent by text messages so that everyone could know what's happening.

Jenny dreaded about the future as she whispered, "Red Alert!"

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