Taking a Leap

I finally arrived at my place and quickly browse the contract, everything seemed to be well put together. I had worked on internship programs before and had read through some law binding contracts for big corporations, and this was as well polished as those were.


This contract was really designed carefully for wealthy clients. There were some clauses, that made me cringed, but in the end, all of it makes sense. If they really were billionaires, they would want this kind of exclusivity. It was one in the morning when I decided to wash my face and went to bed.

I was going to hold off on my eBay account tomorrow, and temporally took it all off the listings. And took a leap to this sugar baby world.

Oh! Why the hell not. I'm all alone and I have to make it.

Then I would show everyone that left me behind, my true accomplishment.

One day.

Till then, I would be a sugar baby.


I woke up at seven and started my morning routine, I had a strict pattern that I'd like to go through. Doing that, make me a really strict and punctual person. That was why I know, I would be successful in the business world. Without my shrink, I was getting tenser with my OCD. That was why this morning I was already done by eight, instead of my previous schedule of eight-thirty.

I needed money to pay for my weekly therapy. I need this to be dealt with, my hands were trembling when I call Adriana. "Morning Adriana, I'm done with the contract. Where do you want me to drop it off? I've got thirty-five minutes to spare before my first class."

She laughed at the other end and said good morning to me. "Oh Lorraine, I know just the right person for you. Why don't you come by? I'll text you our office address, and we'd like to take a couple of pictures of you for your portfolio. So anytime you can spend, let say about forty minutes of your time, we will set it up with our photographer."

"Oh...mm..well then, I can do a meet after lunch. Say about one fifteen?"

She laughed some more, I still didn't get it. So I just thought, maybe she was in a good mood today.

I drive to campus and started my day. I would see Richard and the girls sometimes, but they would quickly appear to be busy. So, I didn't even try anymore. This was better, I would get more studying done.


I got to buy some new books for my afternoon class. I quickly check my balance from my phone. I think it was doable, maybe I would take a few and put the rest on hold. I hope Adriana finds me, someone, soon, I got the hospital bill on the way and I need to pay for that also.

The rest of the morning pass by uneventfully. Then it was time for me to grab a quick lunch, and go to Adriana's office. I went to McDonald's, it was cheap and affordable and it was near Adriana's. I was eating my burger peacefully until I heard someone talking on his phone. I gazed around and found the source, the Gucci guy? Wow, no wonder he was mad. He was eating McDonald's. Then his eyes met mine, and I could see the smirk on the edge of his lips.

He has the most perfect plump lips. Umm...why am I even looking at him? 

I return to my lunch, and quickly look at my watch and decided that it was time to go to Adriana's.

I put away my scraps, then headed back to my car. My Mercedes-Benz convertible definitely stood out on the driveway of this family restaurant, as also the shiny black Bentley beside my car. I was about to open my door, as I felt somebody behind me.

"Grocery girl, never thought I see you again." He smiled at me.

Damn! He's hot.

"Gucci guy. Same thing. But I got to go. Can't be late. Sorry again for the shoes." I smiled too sweetly at him and quickly drive off. I didn't have time for him. 

I need money. Not men. Money.

I arrived at Adriana right on time. She smiled widely at me and quickly ushered me inside her office. Wow. They must make a lot of money out of this business. Still not sure if it was legal or not, but seemed to be since their office looked like one of those really high-end lawyer offices.

"So, here's the signed contract." I gave it to Adriana, she quickly looked at it then put it inside her drawers.

There goes my innocent young life. 

"Now, let's get to the fun part. Photoshoot. Come Francois has been waiting for us. We got some clothes for your portfolio. But you can choose which ones you're most comfortable with. Let's go." She grabs my hand and pulled me next door. It was a large photo studio, with wall-sized mirrors on one side, I felt like I was back in my ballet class. The studio was beautiful, like the ones where the professional models pose for. I was overwhelmed.

"Adriana, these are lingeries? Am I supposed to wear this on my portfolio?" I asked her dumbfounded.

She laughed and gave me a side hug. "Oh, Francois! You're going to love her. She's the sweetest of them all."

Then I saw Francois, he was the most handsome photographer I had ever seen. Tall, tan, and ruggedly handsome. I blushed under his smile.

"Come my lovely, let me choose something that will match your blushed skin tone." He took my hand and kissed it. Making me more crimson.

"I'm going to leave you with Francois okay? I've got a client needing an emergency date." She winked at me, looking amused with herself.

I was glad that I had my full body wax a couple of days ago. These are very skimpy lingerie.

"Come we only got another half an hour for your shoot. Let's try this on. Just think of it as a bikini if you're not comfortable okay?" He turned to his working mode.

I just nodded my head. Best to get this over and done with. Half an hour later I was back at Adriana's office having coffee.

"So, do you remembered when I told you that I was meeting a client with an emergency date?"

"Yes, while I was having the photoshoot." I drink my coffee trying to get my bearings back.

"Well, he was quite taken by you. He was looking at you through the mirrors, while you were being photographed."

"Wait what?" I was beyond shocked.

"Yes, he was on the other side of the mirror. And he will be your date for tonight. So, I suggest you clear your schedule. It will be a formal dinner. He will send you the dress, and you get to keep it of course." She smiled at me and drink her coffee.

"Oh...god! It's really happening, isn't it? How old is he, do I get to see his portfolio, or not? I'm a bit panicking here Adriana. My OCD hasn't been to therapy in a couple of weeks. This is why I don't do blind dates. I need to have control over what's happening in my life. Do you have a stronger drink?"

She laughed and got me a glass of whiskey. I gulped it down in one go and winched. Shit! But seconds later, my heart rate started to slow down.

"I'm good now. Thank you." I rest my back on the chair.

"He's forty-one years old, a very successful businessman. He has been with us for more than five years I think. He's a good man, a perfect sugar daddy for you to start your baby steps in. No complaints from the previous girls. Usually ends from his side." She winked at me mischievously.

"Okay then, what time tonight? I better get ready then. Got some homework that I need to do for tomorrow."

"I already informed him of your address and mobile number. He should be at your place at seven sharp. Well then, I wish you good luck for tonight Lorraine." She gave me a warm sisterly hug, then accompany me back to the elevator and said our goodbyes.

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