Meeting Alexander

I was coming down from my climax. Francois had always full fill my every need, but sometimes I felt like he treated me like a princess. His delicate little princess.

Maybe it was the romantic side of him, but I felt we lacked some oomph in the bedroom. I just couldn't figure out what it is, while him on the other hand always look sated after his climax.

Oh well, it's just sex. We will figure it out someday.

In the meantime, I got to get ready for the day. Francois already pulled me into the shower for a steamy sex. I was giggling then moaning, and next our bodies were flats against each other in no time.

An hour later, we had our usual breakfast at a dinner just across our office building. We talked about his photo session for today about the new design and so on.

Coming to my office, I was greeted by Gary with his ever charming smile and his glints of pearly whites peeking trough his sexy lips.

This kid should seriously consider himself being a sugar baby, I've got women lined up for him already. I should break him, I should find the right woman and parade her in front of him just to give him a taste.

I had tried to reason with him several times before. "Gary, you know being a sugar baby doesn't mean that you gave up your career here with me right? It's a lifestyle. You know that right? Oh, Gary, you're just too beautiful of a male specimen, just to decorate my office entrance." To this, he just laughed at me.

Other times I would say. "Gary, I don't know what your preference is, but you know we could provide you with all choices of sugar mama or daddy for you right?" And then he would laugh again and just shook his head no.

Still nothing. I never gave up easily. Soon. I will break him soon enough.

The day passed by easily. Meet up with new clients, found out more about their credibility, their financial standings, and their commitment towards being one. We didn't want a member that might be a tattletale or bad-mouthing us in the future. I had my own people investigating them from time to time just to make sure we were in the clear.

It was five in the afternoon after most of our people had already gone back home that Francois decides to visit my office. Gary already knew about us, and he said nothing to no one.

See, he's such an asset already.

"Hi, babe." He came into my office with his brooding face again. Then he gave my espresso, I took my coffee from him as I relaxed in his arms, seating on his lap as usual.

"So who mess with my favorite boy toy now?" I drank my espresso and slowly stroking his hair.

"Darla, she still grinds herself to me like a cat in heat." His words almost made me choked.

"Damn it, Francois! You need to warn me about saying such things." We ended up laughing. But then I dialed Darla's number, she picks up instantly.

"Darla honey, I've just got a complaint from Francois about you. No, he didn't say what it's about. But I'm afraid he wouldn't take your photo sessions if you don't behave. That was all he said to me, honey. And you do know that he's the best right? Okay, got it. I'll tell him tomorrow. Right then. Thank you, Darla. See you tomorrow." I hang up on her and smiling back at him.

"There, mommy got it all fixed for you." With that, he gave me his kisses. Oh... I adored his kisses, it was sweet and sensual at the same time.

Minutes later Gary called my office phone, saying my evening appointment Mr. Davis, had decided to come early and asked if I was available. He knew that Francois was inside with me, I told him to give me five minutes.

Francois was upset that his time with me was cut short, but he knew about my work ethics already, so he just pulled me in for a hot scorching kiss making my lips all swollen and plump. I just let him be and then let him leave my office moments later.

I could already see Mr. Davis were busy with his phone on the sofa by the lobby. He looked at Francois then back to his phone again. Minutes later Gary showed him to my office and left us. I greeted him and shake his hand. Must be the celebrity aura, but I was instantly captivated by him immediately.

He was as handsome and even more in real life. Gary had given me his report this afternoon, and I had read through it all, It was all very scandalous. I had to make sure our legal put on extra details for his contract.

"Adriana, whenever you're ready?" He made me snapped into reality.

Fucking hell.

"Sorry, Mr. Davis. Please have a seat, I just thought Drew had sent us his oldest client. But you don't look that old." I was stalling, when in reality I had known everything there was to know about him.

Like the fact that he's forty-two years old and loves fitness. And if I went through his portfolio, he had a really nice junk that supports him, throughout his underwear modeling career.

"Right, I'm not much of a different age-wise. You know, with the man that was just here before me. He seemed to suck the hell out of your sexy lips. So now, you're lusting for me too?" He smirked smugly at me, knowing that he had that effect on women, and in particular me.


"Right so, let's get on to business. Sorry again Mr. Davis. That's not very professional of me." We go over everything, just like I would normally do with other clients. Until we finally finished an hour later.

"You. I want you. On that premier with me." He smirked at me.

"Mr. Davis, forgive me but our contract is specifically between you and our listing of sugar babies. And I'm not included. How about if you meet with two of them and let you converse, let say over lunch? I assured you they're more professional than me." I gave him my sweetest smile. 

"Okay if you insisted." He got up and was about to shake my hand. But pulled me in closer to him, making me flat to his broad chest. And then out of nowhere, he kissed me.

His kiss was different, it was strong and very persistent. His hand stayed on my back possessively. While his other one was one my neck with his thumb caressing my cheek.

His very different from Francois' sensual kisses. He was hard, but soft at the same time. He was pushing his tongue in me, as he grunted tasting me. I was moaning under his kisses. I felt like we were lip-locking for the longest time until he finally let go of my lips. And touched his forehead with mine.

"Sorry Adriana, I just can't help myself. Such sexy lips." His thumb stroked my lips. I could only stay silent. I was done, I was under his spell. I needed to get away from him.

"Ehm yeah, okay. It's okay. Just called it an off moment. So I will send out their details, you can meet them directly to your premier event, up to you. Just let me know so I can arrange a meeting for you." I hastily said, while distancing myself from him.

"I still want you though. And I always get what I want. So, I'll be seeing you, Adriana."

He didn't wait for my reply. He just stormed out of my office.

God damn!

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