I Only Want Children

He turned and sneered at Xu Ruochu, who was covered in rain, "Xu Ruochu, if you did it, then just admit it! You are so dirty, you make me sick!"

Xu Ruochu remembered that he was a clean freak and would throw dirty things into the trash can.

This time, Xu Ruochu didn't rush up and wrap her arms around his waist again.

She endured her heartache and smiled at Xiao Mo, who had opened the car door.

"Let's break up." It wasn't a threat to Xiao Mo, Xu Ruochu knew that Xiao Mo wouldn't accept since she had had sex with Huo Qichen already, nor having other man's child.

She was no longer the pure and innocent Xu Ruochu. She was dirty. Xiao Mo would never miss anything that was dirty.

Xiao Mo didn't answer her. He got into the car, started it, and the wheels rolled through the puddles, splashing water over and over again. She stood there and watched the car until she could not see the car.

The rain poured down from the sky, and the water splashed on the ground one droplet after another droplet. It was a beautiful rainy day. Under the halo of the street lamps, the rain should be so colorful, but Xu Ruochu only saw it being pale.

The happiness in the clouds was really short-lived. She fell to the bottom when she just thought of what just happened.

Brother Mo, are we really done here?

The phone rang in the cold rain. Xu Ruochu stopped and reached for the phone that was vibrating and ringing in her pocket.

She took it out and saw that it came from her mother.

She walked under the eaves and answered Mrs. Huo's call.

"Where are you?" Mrs. Huo asked coldly.

Mom should know about the photos. Otherwise, she wouldn't have called her actively! Xu Ruochu thought to herself.

"I'm at school." Xu Ruochu held her tears. She tried to hold back her tears and not cry.

However, on the other end of the phone was her only relative in the world, it was her biological mother.

"Xu Ruochu, are you trying to kill me with all these things that you have done?"

Her words made Xu Ruochu cry out loud. The cold wind and rain blew through her body and made her shiver.

"Mom." She cried.

She wanted her mother to say, "don't be afraid, Ruo Chu. Mommy will help you!"

"Xu Ruochu, go home immediately!" Over there, it was her mother's angry voice!

Home? She didn't have a home already!

"Mom, why don't you care about me? Why don't you love me?" Xu Ruochu asked in tears. In the the Huo Family, her mother treated Huo Mingzhu better than her. She knew that her mother lived in an uneasy way, so she obediently kept the low profile and did not cause any trouble.

However, in the end, her mother was still scolding her!

Mrs. Huo was stunned for a moment, then she said angrily, "Come home! Come home now!"

Before Xu Ruochu could say anything else, her mother had already hung up. There was only a “toot toot" noise left!

Is there only blame for such a big thing?

She knew that her mother was afraid uncle Huo would kick her out from the Huo Family!

The photos of her and Huo Qichen had already spread throughout City A. No one would think that she was innocent. They would only think that Xu Ruochu was shameless enough to seduce Huo Qichen.

Huo Qichen was the ideal husband that many women wanted to marry. But in her heart, he was not even comparable to Xiao Mo's fingers!

The horn sounded and Xu Ruochu heard it. She was delighted and turned to look at the car behind her.

It wasn't Xiao Mo's car. The white Porsche stopped beside her. The window rolled down, and the person in the car said coldly with a cold expression. "Get in!"

His tone of command was not to be rejected. This was Huo Qichen.

He was used to control people around.

Seeing the anger on his face, Xu Ruochu could not help but smile. Why was he angry? He ruined her world!

Standing up, Xu Ruochu opened the car door and sat in. If she didn't get in, Huo Qichen would definitely pull her into the car.

Huo Qichen, how could he allow others to be disobedient to him?!

"As you wish, it's all about me in the press now. Your uncle Huo just called me." Huo Qichen started the car and sneered. An hour ago, the photos of him and Xu Ruochu having sex were already everywhere.

Such private photos could be sent to the media. Huo Qichen definitely suspected that Xu Ruochu did it.

A month ago that night, Xu Ruochu had been planning it, or how else would she have happened to appear in his bed and do something that shouldn't have happened; otherwise, why would she run away from the hospital and not have an abortion; otherwise, who would have leaked these photos and videos?

He couldn't think of anyone but Xu Ruochu and Mrs. Huo!

"Don't be naive! I'm not responsible for what happened that night! Xu Ruochu, you've reached my limit."

"It's not me." Xu Ruochu looked up and said faintly. She leaned her head against the cushion and smiled, "You are not good to me!"

No matter how outstanding Huo Qichen was, it all had nothing to do with her because the person she liked was Xiao Mo.

Leaning against her seat, Xiao Mo's cold face flashed across her mind. His break-up speech echoed in her mind, and Xu Ruochu's heart ached a little. However, she could not help missing him.

Now, she really had lost the man who loved her the most.

Xu Ruochu's words made Huo Qichen's mouth twitch. His face was tense and his fingers were pale. Both women and men were vain. When he heard a disdainful woman say this to him, that she didn't like him at all!

That kind of mood was still very bad!

"Who would it be? Am I the one who drugged myself and slept with you? Then send the photos to the media!" Huo Qichen asked sarcastically.

When he saw the news, he immediately called Xuan'er to explain to her, but her phone was switched off.

Now he's also in a mess!

His father called him and scolded him. If the news of Xu Ruochu spread to his grandpa, he would not be able to resist it!

"Xu Ruochu, I'll give you one last chance. Abort the child the day after tomorrow!"

He wouldn't leave the child in Xu Ruochu's womb. If Xuan'er knew, she would probably give up on him!

"I won't abort the child!" In the quiet car, Xu Ruochu's gentle voice came through. She had lost Xiao Mo, so she would not abort the baby no matter what!

She turned around and looked at Huo Qichen's cold face. She smiled and said firmly, "I want the child."

Xiao Mo already knew that she was pregnant with Huo Qichen's child. Did she need to be afraid? She wouldn't be afraid of Huo Qichen's threat anymore!

When it comes to despair, courage rushes back to the heart.

"Xu Ruochu." Huo Qichen shouted angrily. He stepped on the brake hurriedly and turned to look at Xu Ruochu, who was smiling.

This woman was not as weak as she looked. She finally revealed her true self.

"If you give birth to the child, I will strangle him!" He threatened her viciously as he stared at her coldly.

Tears began to fall from Xu Ruochu's eyes. She bit her lip and sneered."Huo Qichen, you have destroyed me. What else do you want from me? I have nothing but the baby!"

Xiao Mo doesn't want her anymore. She's been given up since her mom married into the the Huo Family.

Other than the baby in her belly, what else did she have?!

"I only want the baby. I have no delusions about anything else! Huo Qichen, even a rabbit would bite if it was triggered!"

"Good, very good!" Huo Qichen said through his gritted teeth. The anger in his heart grew bigger and bigger, but he couldn't find any words to scold her back. Today, he finally saw the rabbit that bites.

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