I Will Leave the Huo Family

He said angrily as he stared at the glass that was constantly being washed by the rain, "get out of the car! Get out!"

Xu Ruochu did not hesitate. She picked up the umbrella and opened the door.

The wind outside was very strong. In addition to the rain, she shivered all over her body. She got out of the car and the door was heavily slammed. Then there was the sound of the car moving away.

The rain had eased off, but the wind was very strong. Xu Ruochu looked at the car that was far away and then looked around at the gloomy surroundings.

She didn't know where Huo Qichen left her? He deliberately let her got in the car and cast her away halfway.

On a rainy day, it was cold and gloomy. Dim lights fell from the street lamps. Curtains of rain fell from the umbrella one after another. Besides the sound of rain, Xu Ruochu heard the sound of wind and the whistle.

Xu Ruochu wouldn't think that Huo Qichen would turn around to pick her up. A man like Huo Qichen was cold and heartless. How could he be soft-hearted to someone he hated?

She, Xu Ruochu, he hated her even more.

As expected, the car stopped beside her, but the door opened and the person who came out was uncle Mei, the driver of the the Huo family.

"Third miss, quickly get in the car." Uncle Mei walked over and said respectfully.

Xu Ruochu looked up at him. She saw the worried look on uncle Mei's face. She saw the glass in the backseat of the car rolled down and she saw Huo's father.

"Come on up." Huo's father said with a faint face. Like Huo Qichen, he had eyes that did not allow people to peep into his heart.

Why was Huo's father here? What did he want to do? Xu Ruochu didn't want to know or ask.

She got in the car and sat with Huo's father.

The car was warmer inside than outside, but Huo's father said, "Old Mei, turn up the heater!"

The heater was turned up, and the warm wind blew on Xu Ruochu's body. The cold air was instantly dissipated. Xu Ruochu turned around and whispered, "thank you, uncle!"

"Um!" Huo's father answered, then he closed his eyes and put his hands on his knees without saying anything else.

On his way back to the the Huo family, he didn't say a word about pornographic photos that had been hyped by the media hype.

Xu Ruochu sat stiffly on Huo's father. This time, uncle Huo must have been furious about her and Huo Qichen's affair, although he didn't blame her. But the more silent he was, the more Xu Ruochu

Xu Ruochu was living under somebody else's fence. After entering the Huo family, Mrs. Huo told her that she had to be obedient. Huo's father treated her rather well, and Xu Ruochu tried not to cause him any trouble. At home, she did not dare to make a sound about Huo Mingzhu's bullying or complained to Huo's father. At school, she did not dare to tell Huo's father about the oppression of her companions either.

She was just a burden that her mother brought into the The Huo family. No matter how she was bullied, she had to learn to be silent and patient and not to cause any trouble for her mother.

She knew that she was sometimes timid and sometimes cowardly, but if she resisted or talked back to Huo Mingzhu, her mother would be very angry!

This time, she inexplicably slept with Huo Qichen. She thought she had hidden it, but the pornographic photos not only made her lose Xiao Mo, but also broke her quiet life!

Mom, she must be very angry, wasn't she?

Soon arrived at the Huo family, Huo's father got off the car first, Xu Ruochu followed him and she stepped into the door of the Huo family with her head down.

Her hands were shaking violently, not knowing whether it was because of the coldness or fear.

Walking to the living room, the bright crystal lamp was very eye-catching. Before Xu Ruochu dared to look up at the people in the living room, she heard Huo Mingzhu's mocking voice.

"Congratulations, Xu Ruochu, for having the opportunity to be my sister-in-law!"

Xu Ruochu would not show her claws like she did in Huo Qichen's car. She lowered her head and caught a glimpse of Huo Mingzhu, whose face was full of ridicule and hatred on the sofa.

In the living room of the Huo family, people who were supposed to be here were all present.

Xu Ruochu slowly raised her head and looked at the anger on Mrs. Huo's face. Her hands tightly gripped her clothes and she bit her lip as she walked over step by step.

Mom was very angry! Because she climbed into Huo Qichen's bed, she was scared and heartbroken.

Mom, would never ask the reasons or care for her when she did something wrong.

"We'll talk about it later. Go upstairs and change your clothes first!" Father of Huo said. He walked to the sofa, picked up the newspaper on the coffee table and crosses his legs to read the newspaper.

After Father of Huo spoke, Mrs. Huo did not say anything else again. She coldly watched Xu Ruochu walk up to the second floor.

The second floor was very quiet, especially when she returned to her own room. Xu Ruochu could clearly hear the sound of rain and the wind.

She would be able to predict what would happen to her when she returned to the Huo family in the car.

She has imagined about Huo Mingzhu's ridicule and mother's anger, but when her mother was really angry at her, she was scared.

Why, when other people's children did something wrong, the mother will protect them. As for her, her mother would scold her as well even if it wasn't her fault. This was always the case!

No matter how slow she was trying to be, Xu Ruochu still changed her clothes.

She lowered her head and walked to Mrs. Huo, "Mom!"

However, Mrs. Huo waved her hand and hit her cheek, as she had expected.

"Ruochu, you are too ignorant!"

Xu Ruochu looked at her mother took her hand back with tears in her eyes. She pursed her lips and smiled. It was painful and hateful.

"How many times have I told you? Do you want to ignore my words?" Mrs. Huo's face was flushed with anger.

When she saw the news on TV just now, she couldn't believe it. Xu Ruochu had actually slept with Huo Qichen behind her back. How many times had she said that she would not provoke the Huo family siblings? Why did this child not obey her and wanted to mess up her life? At that time, she should have been ruthless enough to throw Xu Ruochu into the orphanage!

"Auntie, stop being such a bad cop. Isn't it nice that Ruochu and my brother become a couple? In this way, all our Huo family's assets will be in your pocket." Huo Mingzhu interjected.

No matter how Huo Mingzhu ridiculed, Mrs. Huo would not be angry with her.

It was said that a stepmother would treat her own child well, and would abuse and scold other people's children. When it came to Mrs. Huo, it was the opposite. She fawned on Huo Qichen and Huo Mingzhu in all sorts of ways, but only spoke coldly to her daughter, Xu Ruochu.

"Bowen, I married you not for the possession of the Huo family, but because I love you. You have to believe me!" Mrs. Huo was anxious. She cared about father of Huo's opinion the most, "Although Ruochu is my daughter, since she did something so shameful, you can decide what you want to do with her."

"Mingzhu, be polite to your auntie." Father of Huo put down the newspaper and said in a low voice. He looked up and saw Xu Ruochu, whose cheeks were flushed, and said, "Ruochu, what happened between you and Qichen?"

Xu Ruochu shook her head. She still did not know why she was in Huo Qichen's room that day and why she had a one-night stand with Huo Qichen.

"Uncle, I don't know."

"How could you not know that? She was already in bed, why was she still pretending to be innocent? Xu Ruochu, just tell my dad that you like my brother and want to marry into the Huo family." Huo Mingzhu interjected gloatingly. She specially went home to watch the show today.

"Is what Mingzhu said true?" Father of Huo asked in a low voice. It could not be told from his face about whether he was happy or angry.

Xu Ruochu looked at father of Huo's calm eyes and shook her head, "believe it or not, uncle, I did not seduce him. I don't want uncle to forgive me. It's just that there are rumors outside that are unfavorable to the Huo family. If you can, please send me away from city A. I won't cause you any trouble."

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