Mom Was Doing It for Your Own Good

Xu Ruochu's words surprised not only Huo Qichen's father, but also Mrs. Huo and Huo Mingzhu.

They thought that Xu Ruochu would take advantage of the fact that they had a one-night stand to ask Huo Qichen to marry her.

"You don't need me to decide for you to let Qichen marry you?" Huo Qichen's father asked.

"No!" Xu Ruochu replied directly, decide for her? Let Huo Qichen marry her? Huo Qichen's father never thought about these.

Huo Qichen's father wanted a woman with a similar background to marry into the Huo family, so Xu Ruochu could not be chosen by him.

"Alright!" Huo Qichen's father replied immediately. He was still thinking about how to persuade Xu Ruochu to leave the Huo family!

"Xu Ruochu, what do you want?" However, Huo Mingzhu was anxious. She hoped that Xu Ruochu would marry her brother, because at this point, Xu Ruochu and Xiao Mo would have no possibility to be together!

Xu Ruochu smiled bitterly. What else could she want? Xiao Mo wouldn't be with her! Just as she was about to reply Huo Mingzhu, she heard Mrs. Huo's surprised voice."Qichen?"

Huo Qichen stood at the door, his shirt drenching and beads of water dripping from his hair onto the floor. The rain was too heavy to cover the sound of his opening door. They wondered if he had heard what Xu Ruochu had said when he entered.

Huo Qichen's father, who was good at betraying his emotions, was livid when he saw his own son, because there was a woman hiding behind Huo Qichen.

The woman was wrapped in Huo Qichen's suit and also drenched. Her thin body was leaning against Huo Qichen.

Huo Qichen's father held back his anger and smirked mockingly."You are a rare guest, it's a great honor for President Huo to come to our humble abode!"

"Dad." Huo Qichen frowned at his father's sarcasm and said with displeasure.

He held Li Xuan'er in his arms and walked into the hall. As he looked at his father, he still caught sight of Xu Ruochu with her head lowered from the corner of his eyes.

Seeing Xu Ruochu standing obediently, he could not help but snort coldly.

She said that he was not responsible for that! Such words that he should have said had been snatched away by her, he felt really uncomfortable.

Did she really not need him to shoulder responsibility, or did she want to retreat to advance? She had better not use her child as a bargaining chip!

His father said angrily to Huo Qichen."I am not your father! Why do you come back? The Huo family can't hold you, President Huo!"

"Didn't you ask me to come back?" Huo Qichen asked with a sneer.

He waited for his father to talk about Xu Ruochu.

However, it was strange that his father did not mention the news, nor did he mention Xu Ruochu, nor did he say anything like wanting him to marry Xu Ruochu.

His father sneered and stared at Li Xuan'er beside Huo Qichen.

A woman who he disagreed would not marry into the Huo family.

"Hehe, Bowen, it's Qichen missed you that he came back." Mrs. Huo tried to persuade him with a smile, then turned to nanny Zhang, who was waiting at the side."Go to get a cloth for the young master. His clothes are all wet."

"No need." Huo Qichen glanced at Mrs. Huo, without showing pleased expression."I'll leave after I finish speaking."

As he spoke, he squeezed the delicate hand in his palm."Ten days later, Xuan'er and I will get married!"

He said to his father with great determination. He could not help but recall that after leaving Xu Ruochu behind, he drove back to the Heyuan Community. At that rainy night, Xuan'er suddenly rushed out and stopped his car.

Thinking back of it, he still felt a little scared!

"Qichen, marry me, marry me now!" This was the first sentence that Xuan'er said as she hugged Huo Qichen tightly after he getting out of the car.

She cried sadly and said, marry her!

Did Xuan'er freak out about all the hot pictures? The moment Huo Qichen held Li Xuan'er in his arms, he decided to marry her!

"I don't allow it!" his father protested agitatedly, looking at Li Xuan'er and growling angrily."It's impossible for a woman with such a background to marry into our family!"

"I'm here to inform you, not to ask for your permission!" Huo Qichen replied calmly. His father's anger was predictable.

"Brother, sister Xuan'er's mother was once a hostess, who can't even compare with Xu Ruochu." Huo Mingzhu said with a double meaning and smiled. She glanced at Xu Ruochu, who was quietly lowering her head, then her lips curled disdainfully.

"Mingzhu." Huo Qichen shouted in a low voice. Huo Qichen was very annoyed about comparing the woman he liked with Xu Ruochu! He stared at Xu Ruochu and said coldly."Xuan'er is the woman I'm going to marry."

He raised his head and turned to his father with a cold face."Please, dad!"

His father suppressed his anger and smiled as he looked at the enchanting and beautiful woman beside Huo Qichen.

"You want to marry into the Huo family? What do you like about Qichen? Money or status?" A daughter of a hostess was worse than Xu Ruochu in his eyes.

If he really had to make a choice between Xu Ruochu and Li Xuan'er, he would choose Xu Ruochu!

The reason was that Xu Ruochu was obedient!

Li Xuan'er was also very beautiful. Her eyes were phoenix-like, and her eyebrows were raised. Her eyes were red and aggradevole as she cried.

She stood quietly beside Huo Qichen, and when she heard Huo's father's words, her tears rolled down her cheeks, and she wept softly."Please don't speak rudely to my mother and me!"

It was a girl who was so much like Xu Ruochu that they both had humble backgrounds and were equally pitiful, but Li Xuan'er was happier than Xu Ruochu.

"Hmph." Huo Qichen's father snorted in anger. He looked at Li Xuan'er who was crying in disgust. In front of Huo Qichen, he took out a check and wrote numbers on it, then he handed it to Li Xuan'er."Well, is ten million yuan enough? As soon as I give orders, Huo Qichen will still have to fall from President Huo's position. You would better leave here after you receive the money!"

As Huo Qichen's father offered a price and asked Li Xuan'er to leave Huo Qichen, Li Xuan'er's body trembled. Not knowing if it was because of anger or humiliation, her face turned red.

"Qichen, I'm sorry." After saying that, her tears slowly rolled down her face and she ran out of the the Huo family.

She didn't like the feeling of being bribed. She really didn't like it.

"Xuan'er!" Huo Qichen watched Li Xuan'er leave in tears and cried out in pain. He turned around and wanted to catch up with her.

"Huo Qichen, stop!" his father roared.

"Dad, we would have gotten married without your attendance!" Huo Qichen said this and rushed out of the door to chase Li Xuan'er.

After Huo Qichen left, his father did not fly into a rage. He calmed down slowly.

This scene reminded Xu Ruochu of how similar she was in the Xiao family. The only difference was that Huo Qichen took Li Xuan'er away.

"Ruochu, go to school tomorrow and unpack your things. The day after tomorrow, you have to go through the transfer procedures." Huo Qishen's father ordered. He stood up and said to Mrs. Huo."Save 500,000 yuan to Ruochu's card."

500,000 yuan was Huo Qichen's father's compensation to Xu Ruochu!

When Xu Ruochu returned to her room, she was still unable to react to the sudden changes that happened. She still felt that she was in a dream.

Mrs. Huo came by, and she handed a brand new bank card to Xu Ruochu.

"Your uncle Huo gave you the money!"

"It's good for you to leave. I have told you that the the Huo family is not suitable for you. Don't come back after you leave." Mrs. Huo persuaded her gently.

Xu Ruochu looked up at Mrs. Huo."Mom, do you really want me to leave and not come back?"

Mrs. Huo thought that Xu Ruochu didn't agree to leave A city, so she said hurriedly."Ruochu, what I have said is good for you!"

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