Take Good Care of Yourself

Xu Ruochu scraped out a smile. She understood.

Leave! She would leave.

"Mom, take good care of yourself." She whispered to Mrs. Huo, who opened the door.

Mrs. Huo was stiffened and she nodded, "Emm."

In just a few hours, many things happened one after another. When Xu Ruochu was lying on the bed, she wondered if she was in a dream. All these were too overwhelming.

She took out the phone that Xiao Mo gave her as a gift and struggled for a long time before dialing his number.

The phone rang for a few seconds before it was hung up. Xu Ruochu's heart ached. She clutched her phone tightly and listened to the voice, "Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable..."

She was dirty, and Xiao Mo no longer loved her. They were over!

Realizing this, Xu Ruochu's heart ached even more. She curled up and wanted to cry again, but she just stared blankly at the ceiling with teary eyes.

She was hurt so much that she didn't even want to cry anymore!

Brother Mo, I gotta go. Later, she still sent the message to Xiao Mo, then turned off her phone and went to bed.

This night, Xu Ruochu slept very soundly and dreamed about the past.

She dreamt that her grandmother was dead and the time she had just arrived at the Huo Family.

In a very small place, she hid in the darkness.

As the footsteps approached, she saw a man wearing a pair of white sneakers walking towards her and heard a cold voice.

"Come out!"

Afraid, she climbed out of the table and clenched the candy in her hand and looked up at him.

"Brother, give you the candy." She ingratiated him with the candy, hoping him not to scold her.

His cold eyes were filled with surprise, and he was stunned, "I'm not your brother. Get out!"

She still stuffed the candy into his hand, then timidly lowered her head and left.

Those deep memories suddenly came to her mind. That year, she was four years old, and he was eleven years old.

When she woke up, she had forgotten most of her dreams. She only remembered his hazy face and the candy in her palm.

Xu Ruchu was surprised. She wondered why she had dreamt of the teenage Huo Qichen. She shook her head and took back her thoughts. She looked at the time on her phone again. It was nearly ten o'clock.

She slept so soundly that it was already ten o'clock.

Xu Ruochu walked downstairs and the angry voice of Huo Qichen's father suddenly sounded in the quiet living room.

"How dare he? How dare he not obey me!"

Xu Ruochu guessed that the "he" that Huo Qichen's father referred to was his son. When she reached the living room, she saw Huo Qichen on tv and knew why his father was so angry.

Huo Qichen announced his marriage in front of the media.

"Is the bride the woman of yesterday's photo scandal?" A reporter asked Huo Qichen.

Huo Qichen was calm. He looked at the reporter who asked the question, "No!" Then he got up and left. The press conference ended.

Huo Qichen had just told his father yesterday that he would marry Li Xuan'er, and today it was widely publicized that he was getting married, and the bride was not the woman of the photo scandal.

Xu Ruochu suddenly felt envious of Li Xuan'er, who got Huo Qichen's love.

Because of Huo Qichen's news, his father angrily smoked cigarettes one after another.

"Ruochu, We've contacted a university in C City for you. Have you packed your things?" Mrs. Huo asked when she saw Xu Ruochu coming downstairs.

"Yes." Hearing Mrs. Huo turning her out of doors, Xu Ruochu felt a little sad.

"It's a private school. It would be fine. Your uncle's friend is the principal there. If you have any problem, just come to him." At the same time, Mrs. Huo asked Nanny Zhang to take Ruochu's luggage downstairs.

The Huo Family was rich and powerful, so it wasn't a problem to find a school in another city. Although Xu Ruochu wanted to leave the A City, she heard Mrs. Huo's "concern" with a heavy heart.

She really wanted her mother to treat her better!

Her mother had never liked her. Back then, her grandmother hid her in the suitcase, and then she can be a member of the Huo Family with her mother. Maybe because of that, her mother treated her coldly, even Huo Mingzhu could get more care from her mother.

"Ruochu, be obedient when you get to the A City." Mrs. Huo added, afraid that Xu Ruochu would cause her any trouble.

"I will." Xu Ruochu replied. If she could leave the Huo Family this time, she might never see her mother again.

After speaking to Xu Ruochu, Mrs. Huo turned around and walked to her husband and said gently, "Bowen, are you leaving now?"

"Well." He put out the cigarette and stood up.

He looked at Xu Ruochu thoughtfully and said in a low voice, "Ruochu, let me give you a ride."

Xu Ruochu took her suitcase and followed behind him. She didn't ask much about the school. Since he had found a school for her in the C City, then he must have already completed the transfer procedures. There was no need to ask him more questions.

The luggage was placed in the trunk of the car, and Huo Qichen's father was going to send Xu Ruochu there. When she got into the car, there was a car coming on the opposite side.

A woman came out of the car with medicine in her hand. When she saw Xu Ruochu, she hurriedly ran up.

She looked at Xu Ruochu and asked, "Are you Miss Xu?"


"I am from the Hospital of TCM. Director Fang asked me to send you the medicine."

"Director Fang gave this to you." The woman said as she stuffed the medicine into Xu Ruochu's hand.

The woman, Xu Ruochu did not know, but the "Director Fang" she spoke of was very familiar. The medicine that the woman had given her made her shiver.

She had a bad feeling.

"This medicine is to protect your baby. Decoct a pack of it gently and take it twice a day." The woman explained.

"To protect my baby?" Is that the point of all this conversation? Xu Ruochu was stiffened, and she couldn't listen to a single word of the woman's explanation.

Huo Qichen's father and her mother were just beside her, and they had no idea Xu Ruochu has Huo Qichen's child.

Xu Ruchu was afraid that Huo Qichen's father would be like him to force her to abort her baby when knowing she was pregnant. And would her mother force her to abort the child in order to please Uncle Huo?

The woman left in a hurry after giving her instructions.

Xu Ruochu recalled that Xiao Mo's mother's surname was Fang. Xiao Mo has said that his mother was the director of the Hospital of TCM.

Dean Fang, Xiao Mo's mother, was of good intention to send over the medicine, but inadvertently pushed Xu Ruochu into the abyss.

"Are you pregnant with Qichen's child?" Huo Qichen's father, who was already in the car, heard the last conversation and walked out. He asked in a low voice.

There was a hint of surprise in his eyes as well as something that Xu Ruochu didn't understand.

Mrs. Huo was also shocked. She looked at her usually obedient daughter in disbelief, and the surprise in her eyes gradually turned to anger.

She's caused her a big trouble. Xu Ruochu, were you trying to kill me?

"Boen, I'm sorry. I haven't taught Ruochu well. Don't worry, I'll arrange the abortion right away." Mrs. Huo walked to her husband and said anxiously.

It wasn't easy for her to secure her Mrs. Huo's position, she couldn't let Xu Ruochu ruin it.

How could this child keep troubling her? She really shouldn't have been soft-hearted in the past, and shouldn't allow her to stay in the Huo Family!

Mrs. Huo's words were very hurtful. Xu Ruochu knew that her mother had given up. She turned to Huo Qichen's father and looked at his cold eyes. She took a step back and answered timidly, "Uncle, let me keep the child! I'll go to the C City and never come back."

He did not respond immediately but stared at Xu Ruochu. The lights in his eyes slowly gathered. Suddenly, the corner of his lips curled up slightly. He said to Xu Ruochu gently with a smile on his face, "Since you're pregnant with Qichen's child, he has to take responsibility for you!"

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