After married someone in the Huo Family, she thought there would be a great future waiting for her, but who knew ...

"Your uncle married me because I was pregnant. But then the child was gone, the doctor said that I would never be pregnant again. Ruochu, you are my only child. Besides you, I have no one to rely on!"

Speaking of the past, Xu Ruochu remembered that the reason why her mother could marry someone in the Huo Family was because she had a child in her belly.

However, not long after the marriage, her mother fell and lost her child. After that, her mother could no longer bear a child!

"As your mom, I don't want you to be unhappy, and I even want you to leave. But Ruochu, have you ever considered that if the child was born without his/her father's company, just like you, then what would you do?" Mrs. Huo said sadly.

"Mom, are you happy in your marriage with uncle?" Xu Ruochu asked with a smile.

All these years, she could understand a lot of things.

Mrs. Huo was stunned. She shook her head and smiled bitterly, "Your uncle has someone in his heart, and it's not me. However, if he kicked me out of the Huo Family, I would live a life worse than death, then I would have nothing."

"Ruochu, I beg you. Can you marry Qichen for mommy?" Holding Xu Ruochu's hand, Mrs. Huo pleaded, "If you won't do it, your uncle Huo won't spare your mother. You heard him. He would not only kick me out of the Huo Family, but also torture me. We couldn't afford to offend the Huo Family!"

"Mom, do you love me?" Xu Ruochu's wrist was hurt by Mrs. Huo's tight grip. She looked at Mrs. Huo and asked faintly.

Mrs. Huo reached out to wipe Xu Ruochu's tears away and smiled, "Silly child, of course I love you."

Should Xu Ruochu believe that? Did her mother love her? She believed it!

"But?" Mrs. Huo looked at Xu Ruochu and was stunned,"You love mommy too! Just marry Huo Qichen, please, marry him. I'm begging you.

If you regret it in the future and divorce him, I won't ask anymore."

Her marriage, in her mother's mind, was not as important as a luxurious life. However, Xu Ruochu could not hate Mrs. Huo even so.

The person kneeling before her was her only relative.

"If you don't agree, it would be a better choice for me to jump off from here!" Seeing that Xu Ruochu was hesitating, Mrs. Huo stood up and shook off Xu Ruochu's hand. She opened the window and stepped on it.

"I'll marry him!" Mrs. Huo seemed to have anticipated Xu Ruochu's compromise. She happily took her foot back and walked to Xu Ruochu's side with a smile.

"Ruochu, you are so kind to your mom!"

"Yes." Xu Ruochu nodded.

"Ruochu, have a good sleep. Mommy is going to arrange the wedding." The tears in Mrs. Huo's eyes disappeared instantly. She said with a smile, there was no way of telling that she had cried desperately before.

After leaving Xu Ruochu's room, Mrs. Huo went downstairs and Huo's father was sitting in the living room.

"How is it?" Huo's father looked at Mrs. Huo and asked faintly.

Mrs. Huo smiled, "Well, she agreed."

"Alright, I'll go talk to the old master and ask him to come forward." Huo's father stood up and said.

As they spoke, they did not notice that Xu Ruochu was standing at the stairs.

She heard every single word and bore them in mind. In order to get her to agree to the marriage, her mother had used tears and scolding to persuade her.

She knew Huo's father's decision was hard to be changed. Even if her mother could not persuade her, he would still use other methods to force her to agree.

Men of the Huo family did not like others to be disobedient, they liked to control the fate of others!

"Uncle." She walked up to Huo's father and Mrs. Huo. Mrs. Huo was surprised and asked awkwardly, "You heard everything?"

Xu Ruochu nodded and her gaze fell on Huo's father, who had a cold expression on his face.

Huo's father was very calm about Xu Ruochu's sudden appearance, he was only surprised for a moment.

"Uncle, can you accept two conditions of mine?"

"Ruochu, you have no right to negotiate with me. Even if you didn't agree to marry today, then the day after tomorrow or three days from now, you still will agree." Huo's father said in a low voice.

He never did anything that was uncertain, and there was nothing he couldn't achieve if he wanted to do it.

"Yes." Xu Ruochu smiled bitterly. As long as she was in the Huo Family, the ending would be the same. "Uncle doesn't like Li Xuan' er and wants to stop their marriage. Even without me, my uncle will find another woman. It is just a coincidence that I am pregnant. I am uncle's best choice. In that case, why can't uncle listen to my conditions?"

She had always been quiet in Huo's father's eyes, and hearing her say such words, Huo's father was stunned.

"Ruochu." Mrs. Huo panicked. She didn't expect that her daughter could say such disrespectful words to Huo's father.

Huo's father was not angry, instead he smiled, "Speak!"

"First, I will marry Huo Qichen for a year. During this period of time, uncle should have ample time to find a suitable woman. If you find her, I will get a divorce immediately. Uncle can't stop me."

"Secondly, after the divorce, I don't want any of the Huo Family's assets. I only want my child." Xu Ruochu touched her lower abdomen and said firmly.

After hearing this, Huo's father could not help but sneer, "What makes you think I will accept these? Just because you are the best choice?"

"Yes!" Xu Ruochu answered, "These two conditions are not a loss to uncle. You don't like Li Xuan' er, nor will you like me with such a background."

Yes, Li Xuan' er anyhow had a father, and she didn't even know who her father was.

Mother married someone else to be a stepwife and became a vixen, mistress in everyone's eyes!

"Ruochu, what nonsense are you talking about?" Mrs. Huo stopped her. She had never expected Xu Ruochu to be so bold. No property from the Huo Family? One tenth of the Huo family would be enough for her and her daughter to live the rest of their life. Was this girl stupid?

Huo's father appreciated Xu Ruochu instead. Xu ruochu was too weak before. Although she was obedient, it was hard to like her.

Xu Ruochu was so quiet and prickly that no wonder people didn't like her.

"Alright!" Huo's father agreed immediately. Xu Ruochu was telling the truth. He was not satisfied with Li Xuan' er, Xu Ruochu neither.

"Then prove it with written words." Xu Ruochu took the opportunity and spoke.

Huo's father watched Xu Ruochu take out a pen and paper from behind. He followed her previous words and wrote them down clearly on the paper.

As for Huo's father's agreement, he showed a mysterious smile on his lips. Xu Ruochu had a loophole here. The person she married was not Huo's father, but Huo Qichen!

The female character of Huo Qichen's marriage once again was announced in the media. The person who announced the news was not Huo Qichen, but the son of the Mo Family - Mo Feng, the secretary of the city, and Huo's father.

The involvement of the Mo family had finalized the marriage between Huo Qichen and Xu Ruochu, and Huo Qichen's resistance had no effect under such circumstances.

As both the eldest son of the Huo family, and the grandson of the Mo family, news about Huo Qichen's marriage was spreading like wildfire in city A. Even some senior officials in the provincial capital sent their blessings and planned to attend the wedding on that day.

Huo Qichen was like a trapped beast, watching the news about him everywhere and the bride's column - Xu Ruochu's name was on it and that made him laugh so hard. He couldn't decide his own marriage, he was controlled by someone else.

Previously, Huo's father had arranged for Xu Ruochu to leave city A. He had already arranged for her to transfer to another school. Now, she was going to get married and have a child, so the transfer would become a suspension. She went to school to get her things and took them to the Huo Family in spare time.

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