Did He Bully You?

"Oh, Mingzhu, the law degree may not be right for you." Xiao Mo turned to look at Xu Ruochu who had already reached the second floor and agreed.

Huo Mingzhu said joyfully."I knew you were the best to me, elder brother Mo!"

Of course, she knew that she was not suitable to be a lawyer, but Xiao Mo was a law major and he would become a lawyer or take his father's turn on duty to enter the Supreme People's Court!

"Well!" Xiao Mo smiled and walked out of the he Huo family with a sullen face.

It was already dark, and when Xu Ruochu returned to her room, she did not turn on the light. She reached out and groped in the dark world because she liked such feeling.

In the the Huo family, Xu Ruochu was not happy, but without the Huo family, she would not be alive now. She might have died in a shabby and cold mud house like her grandmother.

She groped around. In the dark of the night, she could hear her heart beating. The sonorous and powerful heartbeat could tell her that she was alive and could see the day when the sun was shining.

In half a year, she would graduate from university and be able to leave the the Huo family to support herself on her own!

She had chosen a third-rate university to shorten her time in the the Huo family. She only needed three years to graduate, and she could escape Huo Mingzhu's ridicule and mockery. She could do many things in the university that she could not do in the past.

This was supposed to be the case, but now, she was pregnant with Huo Qichen's child. What's she gonna do?

Thinking of the night a month ago, thinking of the child in her stomach, she found tears began to fall uncontrollably in her eyes.

Her heart ached. In the dark night, she thought of the messy erotic scene, of the man's body and hers, of Huo Qichen wanting her to abort the child.

Losing the virginity to a man who hated her was so painful! How would she choose as she was pregnant with a child of a man who did not love her?

She, Xu Ruochu, was not a girl with virginity!

However, other than the child in her belly, what else did she have?!

"Ruochu, Ruochu!" Tears rolled down her cheeks and Xu Ruochu heard someone calling her in the quiet night.

In her dream, she recalled such voice of hundreds of times. She looked around in disbelief. Where was he in the dark room? It's less likely to be him!

He's already gone out with Huo Mingzhu.

"Xu Ruochu!" The voice became louder, followed by the sound of the window being knocked.

Xu Ruochu followed the voice and looked through the glass. In the moonlight, she saw a blurry face. She hurriedly walked forward and opened the window.

"Why do you climb up the window? What about Mingzhu?" Xu Ruochu looked at Xiao Mo in disbelief. Although the second floor wasn't very high, what if he fell and broke his leg? Besides, wasn't he accompanying Mingzhu to buy a book?

Xiao Mo did not answer her question immediately. He supported himself with both hands and jumped into the room.

"Be careful!" Xu Ruochu watched as he nimbly jumped off the ground, her heart that hung in the air only fell.

Xiao Mo smiled. The moonlight shone through the window and filled the room. It fell on Xu Ruochu's delicate face. He pulled Xu Ruochu into his arms with joy.

"Will you still care about my life or death? Ruochu!"

Xiao Mo complained with a smile."Why aren't you answering my calls these days? Why aren't you replying to my texts?"

Xu Ruochu's heart ached when he asked her about it. The reason why she didn't answer his calls and didn't reply to his texts was that she didn't know how to face him. She moved her body, wanting to escape from his embrace.

Xiao Mo sensed that Xu Ruochu was struggling and said unhappily."Don't move, let me hug you! It's hard to climb the second floor!"

Hearing this, Xu Ruochu's eyes turned red. She no longer resisted and let Xiao Mo hug her.

She liked Xiao Mo, and Xiao Mo to her was like a ray of sunlight illuminating her dark life.

She shouldn't get involved with Huo Mingzhu's man.

But fate loved to play a trick. Xiao Mo said to her, Xu Ruochu, I like you!

Xu Ruochu liked him, but she went no further. Xiao Mo looked like a gentle man, but the tyranny and stubbornness in his heart did not allow Xu Ruochu to escape. He used his gentleness to "force" Xu Ruochu to secretly be with him.

But since a month ago, Xu Ruochu had been avoiding him and had hung up on him many times, let alone replied messages.

"Ruochu, I won't make things difficult for you." Xiao Mo knew about her situation, so he hid his love to the the Huo family. He didn't tell the Huo family that he liked Xu Ruochu, or else he would have left Huo Mingzhu in the city and climbed up the second floor alone to sneak into Xu Ruochu's room.

"Xiao Mo, let's break up!" In a short sentence, Xu Ruochu cried in frustration. She was afraid that Xiao Mo would find out about her relationship with Huo Qichen and then leave her in a cold and hateful manner.

Instead of waiting for Xiao Mo to hurt her, it was better to break their relationship first!

No man wouldn't mind that the girl he first loved had become someone else's woman and was pregnant with someone else's child!

"I won't allow it!" Xiao Mo's voice was cold. He pulled Xu Ruochu over and stared at her cheek. He touched Xu Ruochu's crystal-clear tears and wiped the tears from her eyes with pity.

"Is your mother putting pressure on you? Did Mingzhu bully you?" Xiao Mo asked anxiously. He knew that Xu Ruochu did not have a good life in the the Huo family, because Mrs. Huo did not care about Xu Ruochu in order to please Huo's father.

Xu Ruochu shook her head in tears. She looked at Xiao Mo and said seriously."Elder brother Mo, let's break up. Can we break up?"

"Xu Ruochu, don't break up with me!" Xiao Mo said nervously. He loved Xu Ruochu, and this love had bit by bit bite his bone, his heart. When he noticed this, it was too late!

"Don't worry, even if the sky collapses, I will hold it for you."

"Don't cry! Ruochu, I can't live without you!"

Xu ruochu closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. How could she be willing to break up with such a good man? She asked in a trembling voice as she hugged Xiao Mo tightly."Elder brother Mo, what if I did something wrong to you? Will you hate me?"

Xiao Mo used his head to hold her forehead, his lips down, and he kissed her lips. Then, he gasped for a warm breath and pressed the tip of his nose against the tip of her nose and answered firmly."Forgive you. I will forgive you no matter what you do. Just don't leave me. If you don't want me, I won't hate you! But I will make you hate me!"

Xu Ruochu opened her eyes to look at Xiao Mo, who was in a sad mood. She wanted to ask again, but her lips were kissed by Xiao Mo. His tongue moved nimbly in her mouth, occasionally licking her tongue and occasionally touching her teeth. When Xu Ruochu put her tongue out, he bit her, paused, and then tightened his arms around her body, making her seem as if she was embedded in his body. He continued to kiss her lips in a serious and infatuated manner, not enough, not enough.

Xu Ruochu reacted. In fact, she still wanted to ask Xiao Mo."Would you forgive me if I was pregnant with someone else's child?"

After kissing for a long time, Xiao Mo stopped. He let go of Xu Ruochu and breathed deeply.

He reached out and touched Xu Ruochu's burning face and laughed.

Xu Ruochu looked at his gentle smile and could not utter the words that followed.

Under the night sky, his eyes became very gentle."Ruochu, I beg you not to break up with me again. No matter how difficult challenge you have faced, I will accompany you to get through it!"

That serious gaze touched Xu Ruochu. At that moment, Xu Ruochu felt very happy. She wanted to try to tell him her relationship with Huo Qichen.

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