Should I Take You?

Then, she asked him what should she do?

Xiao Mo spoke first and placed a cell phone in Xu Ruochu's hand."This is for you. From now on, you can use this to send me messages, but it allows you to save my number only. You can play with it when you're bored, and I'll pay the phone bill for you every month."

He knew that Xu Ruochu didn't have a well-conditioned cell phone when she went to college, let alone a computer, so he spent his internship salary on buying her a cell phone.

Xu Ruochu looked at the phone in her hand. She knew the price of this phone, since Huo Mingzhu had one. It was pricy, which made her want to reject.

"Take it. Good girl!"Xiao Mo would not allow her to refuse. He just wanted to spoil her.

After Xiao Mo climbed the window and went away, Xu Ruochu carefully placed the cell phone under her blanket, then changed into her pajamas and lay down on the bed.

Bang! The door was slammed and the chandelier lit up the entire room. The dazzling light forced Xu Ruochu to open her eyes. She calmly watched Huo Mingzhu walk towards her and lift the silk quilt off her body violently.

Huo Mingzhu's hair was a little messy, but her eyes were red as she stared at Xu Ruochu.

"Has Xiao Mo been here just now?"

Xu Ruochu shook her head guiltily and replied softly."No!"

Huo Mingzhu frowned. She looked around the room and then went madly towards the wardrobe. She opened the cabinet and threw all the clothes on the floor with all the strength.

"It's impossible! She said hatefully. Xiao Mo had left her all alone in the book store, so she thought that he must have returned to this woman.

"Xu Ruochu, where did you hide him?" Huo Mingzhu could not find Xiao Mo, so she walked straight with anger to Xu Ruochu who was standing up by the bed.

Xu Ruochu shaking her head, said."Mingzhu, he's not here. You can stop."

Huo Mingzhu glared at Xu Ruochu. She believed that there must have something between them. Did they think that she wouldn't know if they were hiding it from her? She was the one who met Xiao Mo first, and fell in love with him first!

She was totally pissed off. She suddenly noticed Xu Ruochu's phone on the desk. She snatched it away before Xu Ruochu could realize and quickly went through the messages inside.

"Mingzhu, there's nothing inside." Xu Ruochu looked at Huo Mingzhu, who had always looked through her room and her phone whenever she wanted without any apology, which made her feel distressed.

Since Huo Mingzhu couldn't find what she wanted, she smashed everything around her, including this phone. She screamed and used all her strength to smash it to the ground.

Huo Mingzhu wouldn't think that if she smashed this phone, how would Xu Ruochu buy a new one?

The phone was scattered here and there and the shell rolled to Xu Ruochu's feet.

"What happened?" The noise in the room attracted Huo Mingzhu's parents who had just returned home. They came and saw all the mess on the ground, and their daughter, who was standing there, all frosty and mad.

"Mingzhu, what's going on?" Mr. Huo, who looked tired, asked in a low voice. He glanced at Xu Ruochu, who was squatting down to pick up the phone shell.

Huo Mingzhu didn't answer him. Instead, She glared at Xu Ruochu and screamed with her fists clenched."Xiao Mo is mine! Don't you try to take him away from me!"

Then she walked out of the room, shoving away Mrs. Huo who was standing at the door.

Mr. Huo looked at Huo Mingzhu, and then turned to Xu Ruochu, who was picking up the components of her phone. He said indifferently."Just ask your mother to buy you a new one."

Xu Ruochu stood up and produced a forced smile."Thank you. Maybe this phone might still be working after being repaired."

"Fine." Mr. Huo said no more and left.

After he left, Mrs. Huo watched Xu Ruochu sit in front of the table, piecing together her broken phone.

"Mom, you don't have to buy me a new one. It can still be using." Xu Ruochu looked up at her mother and said.

Mrs. Huo frowned and said with anger."You! stop causing me trouble and stay away from Xiao Mo! Tomorrow you go back to school!"

Although The Xiao family is not as rich as The Huo family, it is still a literary family. Mr. Xiao is the chief member in the Provincial High Court, and Mrs. Xiao is a very famous doctor of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Hence, they are a heaven-made match, and Mr. Huo is very happy to see him as his son-in-law. However, something went wrong. Everyone in The Huo family could tell that Xiao Mo liked Xu Ruochu. Every time he came to Huo's house, his eyes would always stop on Xu Ruochu. Besides, he usually took Xu Ruochu out with him. Obviously, he was totally obsessed with her- the daughter Mrs. Huo brought when she married to Mr. Huo.

Xu Ruochu was stunned, tears welling up in her eyes. She tried her best to smile and nodded."Okay."

Every time she was bullied by Huo Mingzhu, her mother would say." Xu Ruochu, you are not some noble lady, just a girl who had to depend on others for living!"

"Xu Ruochu, listen to me. Don't argue with Mingzhu!"

"If you want to live, don't give me any trouble!"

"Remember my words!" Mrs. Huo said coldly and then left the room.

Xu Ruochu looked at her mother's leaving and said with tears in her eyes."Mom, good night!"

In the Huo family, she is lonely. They never care about her, including her mother. Sometimes, Xu Ruochu would wonder maybe she would be happier if she stayed with her grandmother, even though the condition was very poor.

She really wanted to cry for a lot of things. They came one after another. Now, she was so helpless and lost!

She didn't want to abort, but she was also afraid that her mother would be mad at her when she found out.

Hiding under the covers, she took out the phone. She dialed Xiao Mo's number, but then deleted it. She still didn't have the courage to call.

She clutched her phone, crying softly. She placed her hand on her lower abdomen and gently touched it.

"Baby, should I leave you?"

The next day, it was raining outside. Xu Ruochu pursed her lips in the mirror and tried her best to smile. She couldn't hide in Huo's family for the rest of her life. Perhaps she could think of other ways to go back to school, or just escape!

Xu Ruochu took her backpack and left the house without having breakfast. Although she had been here with her mother, she still could not feel the warmth of home. On the contrary, she liked to stay in the corner when she was in college, for the quiet atmosphere made her feel comfortable.

The rain kept falling, she was planning to go to the bus station. However, this was a upper-class residence, so there was no bus stop outside the neighborhood. It was a long way to get on a bus.

Xu Ruochu didn't feel tired , instead, she liked walking in the rain.

There came a car, honking. The car stopped in front of her. It was Xiao Mo!

"Ruochu, get in the car." Xiao Mo said with a smile.

Xu Ruochu was stunned. She glanced at Huo Mingzhu who was in the backseat of the car. She took a step back and shook her head."I would rather take the bus from the bus station."

Xiao Mo knew what Xu Ruochu was worried about. He smiled."Alright, I'll pick you up later."

This was said on purpose. After he said that, Huo Mingzhu got pissed off. Although she was unhappy that Xu Ruochu sat in a car with her, she couldn't let Xiao Mo drive Xu Ruochu alone.

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