My Patience Is Gone

Li Xin'er looked at Xu Ruochu, who was wiping her wound. Her eyes were cold, and the smile on her lips was cold and sarcastic. She did not forget to tell Xu Ruochu and Chu Man before she left the dormitory, "My sister and my brother-in-law are getting married. You guys have to come in time!"

Chu Man stared at Li Xiner, who was shaking her waist as she left the dorm. It was strange that she did not mock her anymore. Instead, she went back to her bed.

For the next few days, Xu Ruochu was afraid of her phone ringing most, even a text message. She knew that Huo Qichen would not let her off easily. He refused his grandfather's help and became the general manager of the Huo Group on his own.

He must be extraordinary. In Xu Ruochu's impression, Huo Qichen was a cold, arbitrary, and stubborn man. Even Huo's father could not change his mind.

Huo Qichen didn't push her anymore. The calmer he was, the more uneasier she felt.

Over the past few days, Xu Ruochu had also planned what to do next. It was useless to cry and beg for mercy. In the Huo Family, they would not sympathize with her. She could only rely on herself.

In a month, her stomach would slowly swell up, and everyone would know about it, including Xiao Mo.

What made she afraid most was that Xiao Mo would know about this.

Xu Ruochu would treasure those who treated her well. Xiao Mo was the only man who has treated her sincerely all these years. She dreamed of being brave enough to be with Xiao Mo when she graduated from college. However, she did not expect that before she graduated from university, she would be pregnant with Huo Qichen's child!

She was the kind of person who lacked love, always quietly watching Mrs. Huo fawning on Huo Mingzhu and Huo Qichen in the corner, expecting her mother to turn around and smile at her.

After knowing that she was pregnant with a child, even if the father was a man she did not love, she wanted to give birth to the baby and give it warmth.

Love? Family? Xiao Mo? Baby?

Xu Ruochu looked at the white clouds in the blue sky and didn't know what to do! Maybe run away, never come back? Maybe she would tell Xiao Mo the truth!

After hanging up on Xiao Mo many times, Xu Ruochu made up her mind and picked up the call.

"Did you miss me?" Xiao Mo on the phone was as gentle as ever.

Before Xu Ruochu could answer, Xiao Mo said calmly, "You hung up ten times. Have you forgotten what I said that day?"

Xu Ruochu said softly, "I'm sorry!"

"You know I want to hear other words," Xiao Mo said with a chuckle.

Xiao Mo's words made Xu Ruochu blush, "En," she replied.

"Hehe." Xiao Mo laughed even happier when he played a trick on Xu Ruochu. His gentle smile reached Xu Ruochu's ears and slowly seeped into her heart.

A long time later, Xu Ruochu thought of the gentle laughter, and her heart ached uncontrollably.

"Ruochu, I'll take you to a place tomorrow," Xiao Mo said seriously.

Xu Ruochu was stunned for a moment, and then she heard Xiao Mo say, "Don't refuse!"

She couldn't refuse, so she agreed, "Alright!" She can't escape forever!

"I'll pick you up then," Xiao Mo laughed.

As for where they was going, he didn't want to tell her right away, afraid that he would scare her away.

In the blink of an eye, it was next day. Xu Ruochu woke up early in the morning. Her body was tired and weak, and she felt cold. The coldness seemed to seep out of her bones.

"Where are we going?" there were many people outside the university in the evening. After getting into Xiao Mo's car, Xu Ruochu asked.

"Are you still afraid that I will sell you?" Xiao Mo leaned in front of her and looked at her blushing face. He smiled and helped her fasten her seatbelt, "Your face is so red. You're afraid that I'll kiss you!"

"En?" Xu Ruochu met Xiao Mo's gentle eyes. Before she could react, her lips were covered.

With a kiss, Xu Ruochu's cheeks reddened even more in Xiao Mo's smile, until her ears turned red, too.

She always blushes and she is easily shy with Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo moved his lips away and was about to step on the accelerator when he suddenly looked not far away, "Your brother is in front. Do you want to say hello?"

Xu Ruochu looked at Xiao Mo in confusion. Her brother? Following Xiao Mo's gaze, Xu Ruochu saw Huo Qichen. He held a charming and mature woman, and the two of them lowered their heads and laughed.

The male lead in the nightmare appeared in front of Xu Ruochu without any warning. Her face turned pale and her hands cold. She knew that Huo Qichen would not come over at this moment. The woman beside him should be the "Xuan'er" that he was chanting that night. In front of the woman he loved, he would not say anything about her.

Xu Ruochu knew, but she was still afraid of Huo Qichen. He only turned his head to look at her, and she could feel her hands trembling.

"Let's go!" Xu Ruochu said quickly.

As soon as she finished speaking, Huo Qichen let go of Li Xuan'er's hand and walked over.

He smiled and got closer and closer. Xu Ruochu clenched her fists tighter and tighter. Xiao Mo noticed her unusual behavior.

Xiao Mo thought that Xu Ruochu was afraid that Huo Qichen would worry about her being with him.

"Don't be afraid," Xiao Mo covered the back of her hand and was surprised to find that it was so cold.

"When did you come back?" Huo Qichen went to the them and asked Xiao Mo outside the window.

His eyes were full of smiles as he looked at Xiao Mo, passing through Xu Ruochu.

"Last Friday," Xiao Mo replied politely. He was not very familiar with Huo Qichen. Although the two families had a history, their relationship was as calm as water.

It is not hatred. Xiao Mo admired Huo Qichen, but at the same time he felt Huo Qichen was an unfathomable man. He had to guard against him.

"When are you free? Make an appointment to come out for tea. I have something to tell you," Huo Qichen said as his smile faded.

Xu Ruochu knew that this sentence was said to her.

Her hand trembled in Xiao Mo's palm. Xiao Mo moved his fingers to signal her not to be afraid.

"Alright!" Xiao Mo agreed. If he wanted to be a politician, his relationship with Huo Qichen could not be too strained. Although he was not afraid of Huo Qichen himself, he had to consider about the Huo family behind Huo Qichen.

"Qichen!" Li Xuan'er shouted to Huo Qichen in the distance, and Huo Qichen waved at Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo started the car. Through the rearview mirror, Xu Ruochu saw Huo Qichen still standing there. His cold face and unfathomable eyes were staring at them. She could feel the hostility and coldness on his body.

It was still very hot in September, so stuffy that it was suffocating. Sand was blown into the window by the wind and misted Xu Ruochu's eyes.

In the car, Xu Ruochu received a text message.

"Xu Ruochu, my patience is over!"

An unfamiliar number. A simple and ruthless sentence. Who else could it be other than Huo Qichen?

Xiao Mo closed the window. He turned to look at Xu Ruochu, who was feeling uneasy, and asked softly, "What's wrong? You look so pale!" Xu Ruochu shook her head and looked out the window with red eyes.

"In the Huo family, did Huo Qichen bully you, too?"

Ever since she saw Huo Qichen, Xu Ruochu's hands had been held in Xiao Mo's hand.

"No!" Xu Ruochu replied, facing the wind and holding back the tears that was about to fall. When Xu Ruochu arrived at the Huo family, Huo Qichen was 12 years old. He didn't look for opportunity like Huo Mingzhu to ridicule or scold her because...

"He disdained to do such a thing." Yes, Huo Qichen was scornful of such things. His status was not comparable to that of many people in A City, and he was superior to ordinary people since he was young. After entering the business circles, he was able to climb up all the way. Such a man has a too easy life to notice anyone else.

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