You Vomited a Lot

Knowing Huo Qichen well was Xiao Mo's first step into politics. Xiao Mo's father told him that if he wanted to stand firm in politics, he could not offend the Mo Family. And Huo Qichen was Lord Mo's grandson.

"I will protect Ruochu from now on!" Xiao Mo added with a smile. "I will lock you in the castle and you can only be my princess!"

He couldn't wait to marry Xu Ruochu and make her his woman!

The place Xiao Mo had mentioned was his house! Xu Ruochu got off the car, stood in front of the villa in Heyuan Community and couldn't move.

The Xiao Family was not as rich as the Huo Family, but Xiao Mo's parents had a certain status in their respective fields. Both of them were out of reach for Xu Ruochu.

"Go in." Xiao Mo took her hand and pulled her into the house.

"Mo, I didn't prepare gifts for your family." Xu Ruochu made an excuse and turned to leave.

"You are the best gift." Xiao Mo smiled and pressed the doorbell.

Xiao Mo's parents often came to the the Huo family for dinners or parties, but Xu Ruochu was not very familiar with them.

It was Xiao Mo's mother who came to open the door. Unlike her mother, she did not put on heavy makeup to cover the wrinkles on her face.

"Ruochu, come in." Apparently Xiao Mo had told the family about Xu Ruochu's arrival.

"Ruochu, this is my mother." Xiao Mo introduced his families to her for her first visit of the Xiao Family. "Call her mommy!"

Following Xiao Mo's instructions, Xu Ruochu almost opened her mouth and called Xiao Mo's mother "mommy."

"Hello, auntie!"

Mother of Xiao smiled and had a gentle smile like Xiao Mo. She let Xiao Mo bring Xu Ruochu in and turned around to go into the kitchen.

The house of the Xiao Family was smaller than that of the Huo Family. Xu Ruochu also did not see the servant here, making her feel a kind of homely warmth.

"Dad, this is Xu Ruochu!" Xiao Mo held Xu Ruochu's hand and happily introduced her to the man reading the newspaper in the lobby.

Father of Xiao, who was wearing glasses, looked at Xu Ruochu and put down the newspaper in his hand. "Hello, we met!"

Xiao Mo's father was not as enthusiastic as his mothe. He was tepid to Xu Ruochu and Xu Ruochu could not tell whether he was happy or unhappy on his face.

Xu Ruochu did not have Huo Mingzhu's family background. How could father of Xiao, who had experienced a lot in the officialdom, be satisfied with her?

"Hello, uncle." Whether Xiao Mo's father liked her or not, as a junior, she should greet with him out of basic etiquette, and she had no ability to argue anything, so what she could do was being obedient.

Father of Xiao didn't ask her to sit down., so it was improper for her to sit opposite him.

"Mo said that he wants to marry you!" Father of Xiao looked at Xu Ruochu and suddenly said.

Xu Ruochu was stunned and turned to look at Xiao Mo who was smiling at her. She was surprised that Xiao Mo had mentioned the marriage to his father.

And she was pregnant with Huo Qichen's baby!

"I don't mind you just date. But it's too soon to get married." Father of Xiao's words were tactful. He didn't reject directly. "Ruochu, you haven't graduated from university yet, and Mo haven't got a job. How do you live on? I am not pedantic, but I think 'well-matched marriage' is quite necessary!"

Apparently, father of Xiao told Xu Ruochu that his daughter-in-law's family had to have the background like the Xiao Family. And the only one he was satisfied with was Huo Mingzhu.

Xu Ruochu forced a smile. She didn't know how to answer father of Xiao. His objection was in her expectation, but she really didn't expect that Xiao Mo intended to marry her now.

He said:"Ruochu, I'll put you in the castle and you can only be my princess!"

It turned out that he wanted to marry her just because he was afraid that she would not live well in the the Huo Family!

"Dad, didn't you say you wouldn't object?" Xiao Mo asked anxiously. His father had promised to approve of their marriage. How could his father go back on his word? Otherwise, he wouldn't have brought Xu Ruochu home!

Father of Xiao frowned and replied in a low voice:"I don't object, but I don't agree!"

Father of Xiao was not against their love, not their marriage!

Xu Ruochu didn't want Xiao Mo to argue with his father for her. She said with a smile:"Uncle, I understand."

Father of Xiao was playing a word game. In his eyes, how could she compare to Huo Mingzhu? If she was angry now, it would only make things difficult for Xiao Mo!

"Alright, let's talk about this later." Mother of Xiao, who was cooking in the kitchen, stuck her head out. She held the spoon and smiled as she pointed at Xiao Mo. "Son, go and cook your specialty for Ruochu."

Mother of Xiao forced the spoon into Xiao Mo's hand with a smile, then took off her apron and handed it to Xu Ruochu.

"Wrap it around your brother Mo and try the dishes he cooks!"

"Okay." Xu Ruochu said and dragged Xiao Mo into the kitchen.

Xiao Mo understood what Xu Ruochu was worried about. He glanced at his father who turned on the TV and went into the kitchen.

"You know how to cook?" Xu Ruochu smiled and helped Xiao Mo tie his apron.

"I'm sorry!" Xiao Mo embraced Xu Ruochu and said apologetically.

"Cook your specialty. I want to taste it!" Xu Ruochu pushed him away with a smile and said.

"Ruochu, I will ask dad to agree." Xiao Mo said seriously. He let go of Xu Ruochu, rolled up his sleeves, skillfully cut the fish and sprinkled salt on its back, then put it into the pot.

The man who was cooking was very good-looking. The bright light from the kitchen shone on Xiao Mo, and she could saw beads of sweat falling from his forehead to his cheeks. The smile on his face was always very gentle.

Xu Ruochu looked at him and was obsessed. This was the man she loved and he also loved her. Her hand accidentally touched her lower abdomen and she suddenly remembered the baby in her stomach. Her eyes were sore and tears could not help but roll in her eyes.

She was so close to him and could touch him, but why did she feel there was a long distance between them?

The strong wind was blowing outside and the thunder grumbled. The storm was coming.

When the wind blew into the kitchen, the fishy smell in the sink was blown into Xu Ruochu's nose. She looked at the oily glow on the red braised fish in the pot and felt uncomfortable in her stomach. She had forgotten that the pregnant woman could not smell the fragrance and fishy smell.

She endured it, but the strong smell of oil made her unable to restrain herself. In the end, she rushed to the pool covering her mouth and vomited.

"Ruochu." Xiao Mo turned off the fire when he heard her vomiting. He nervously walked over to Xu Ruochu and patted her on the back. "What's wrong?"

"I'm fine." Xu Ruochu raised her red face. Just as she finished speaking, the smell of oil fumes wafted into her nose, making her so disgusted that she threw up again. "Maybe I ate something wrong before!"

Her pale, bloodless face frightened Xiao Mo, and he said in a hurry. "I need take you to the hospital!"

"Mo!" Xu Ruochu was nervous. Her hand that was held by Xiao Mo gradually became cold because of fear, but Xiao Mo did not know what she was thinking. "I don't need to go to the hospital. I'll be fine if I lie down for a while!"

As she said this, Xu Ruochu asked Xiao Mo to take her back to his room. Xiao Mo's consideration made her heart ache.

Fool, I was fine. I just had someone else's baby!

"You throw up so hard, and your hands are so cold? How can you be okay?" He reached out to touch Xu Ruochu's cheek and touched the tears that were falling from the corner of her eyes.

"Mo." Xu Ruochu looked at Xiao Mo and couldn't say anything.

"Mo, what happened to Ruochu?" Mother of Xiao went into the room and asked, seeing Xu Ruochu, who was lying in the bed with a pale face.

"Mom, I'll take Ruochu to the hospital." Xiao Mo replied. He was still worried about Xu Ruochu.

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