Would He Forgive Her?

He was about to help Xu Ruochu up when mother of Xiao turned to look at the changing sky outside the window and scolded him."Look at how anxious you are. You even forgot your mother's job!" Then she sat on the bed and took Xu Ruochu's right hand.

Yes, Xiao Mo had forgotten. Xu Ruochu had also forgotten that mother of Xiao was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. She was very good at feel the pulse.

When Xu Ruochu's wrist was held by mother of Xiao, Xu Ruochu froze and her mind went blank. It was too late for her to pull out her hand.

Some things, the more you try to hide them, the faster they're discovered.

It was fate. If she hadn't gone to the kitchen to find Xiao Mo, she wouldn't have retched because of the smell of lampblack. What if mother of Xiao wasn't a traditional Chinese medicine doctor...

Xu Ruochu actually wanted to tell Xiao Mo about the baby and Huo Qichen when she went back. However, she did not expect that she would not even have a chance to explain.

Xu Ruochu tried her best to calm herself down. She bit her lip and looked at mother of Xiao, who was smiling.

"Ruo Chu, is there anything unusual about your body these days?" After mother of Xiao took Xu Ruochu's pulse, she smiled strangely.

"Did you get your period this month?" Mother of Xiao questioned, looking at Xu Ruochu lying weakly with tears in her eyes. She seemed to be enduring and afraid of something.

This was not the point for mother of Xiao. All She knew was that Xu Ruochu's pulse confirmed that she was pregnant.

"Mom, what happened to Ruo Chu?" Xiao Mo asked nervously. Why was his mother still smiling when Xu Ruochu vomited seriously?

"Go to the The Huo family tomorrow and scheduled the big day." Mother of Xiao stood up and ordered.

"What big day?" Before Xiao Mo could react, he was confused by mother of Xiao's smile.

"Wedding day."

"Mom, you agreed." Xiao Mo said happily. He didn't know why his suddenly agreed to the marriage, but that wasn't the point. The point was that he could marry Xu Ruochu.

"But what about dad, he ..." Xiao Mo asked worriedly.

"I'll talk to your father and ask him to take good care of Ruochu." Mother of Xiao said with a smile. No wonder Xiao Mo was so anxious to marry Ruochu. It turned out to be the case.

"Auntie." Xu Ruochu spoke because she was afraid. Her teeth were chattering. She looked at the happy mother of Xiao and wanted to explain that the child was not Xiao Mo's.

"Don't worry. Your uncle will agree to your marriage. You must take good care of yourself." Mother of Xiao said to Xu Ruochu with a smile, then turned and left the room.

Mother of Xiao's words delighted Xiao Mo. He sat by the bed and held Xu Ruochu's hands as he said happily."Ruochu, do you hear that? My mom agreed!"

Xu Ruochu's heart ached when she saw his brilliant smile. You're a idiot, your mother agreed to our marriage because she thought I had your child!

"Mo." Xu Ruochu looked at Xiao Mo seriously. She smiled and looked at the man who loved her tenderly.

Her serious expression and sorrowful eyes made Xiao Mo's heart tighten, and his heart began to panic.

"Mo, I'm sorry, I ..." The latter words were always hard to say. As she spoke, the tears in her eyes were rolling, and she tried her best to open her mouth."We can't get married because I'm preg ..."

The word" baby" was not spoken, but was covered by father of Xiao's voice downstairs!

"What? Ruochu was pregnant!"

The angry voice reached the room clearly through the wall, even reverberating in the small space. It took a long time for it to fade away.

"Pregnant?" The words pierced through Xiao Mo's heart like thousands of arrows. His enthusiasm and joy were lost in an instant. He felt like the cold water falling from the sky, chilling his body, his heart!

Pregnant? Kids? The two words were lingering in his mind. He stared at her with tears in disbelief.

Xiao Mo's heart ached, and so did Xu Ruochu. She cried softly in tears."Mo!"

His hands were so cold, and his grip on her was very tight!

Xu Ruochu had predicted the end of the story. However, the story was too beautiful at first. She was always greedy for warmth, thinking that the end would be different from her prediction.

However, she was pregnant with someone else's child. So how could she ask for Xiao Mo's forgiveness?

"Whose?" Xiao Mo felt himself immersed in the cold pool, and the water gradually submerged from his eyes. The cold came over him, and he was about to suffocate to death.

"Mo!" This kind of Xiao Mo scared Xu Ruochu, she would rather he scolded her.

"Whose? Whose child?" Xiao Mo lowered his voice and asked her coldly.

He wanted to know who made Xu Ruochu so tempted to hand herself. Who got Xu Ruochu one step ahead of him. Or, it was him that Xu Ruochu had always loved ? He was just a stepping stone for her to leave the The Huo family.

"Mo, this was an accident. It's not what your think." Xu Ruochu didn't know how to explain it to him. She still couldn't figure out why she had sex with Huo Qichen a month ago.

Xiao Mo did not probe further. He let go of Xu Ruochu's hand and stood up."Have a good rest. I'll go down." He needed to be quiet. Who is he? Xu Ruochu, who are you in love with? Why did you betray me?!

His heart was in a mess, like countless strings rolled together. He couldn't figure out what to do. Should he tell his parents the truth? If they know the truth, would they still agree the marriage?

He shook his head and went downstairs. Father of Xiao and mother of Xiao watched TV while discussing Xiao Mo and Xu Ruochu's marriage.

"Mo, your father agreed." Mother of Xiao said with a smile when she saw Xiao Mo walking downstairs.

"Mom, dad, I haven't considered getting married yet?" Father of Xiao and mother of Xiao looked at Xiao Mo in surprise and looked at each other in confusion.

"Mo, didn't you say a few days ago that you like Ruochu, not Ming Zhu? You even asked us to help you." Mother of Xiao asked.

"Dad, I haven't found a job yet, and Ruochu is still studying. I don't want to get married now." Xiao Mo lied."Ruochu already has your child. Do you want her to be laughed at for being pregnant?" Father of Xiao scolded angrily. He didn't like Xu Ruochu very much in the first place. In the heart of parents, they always want their children to have a better spouse.

Mother of Xiao patted the hand of father of Xiao and said to Xiao Mo with a smile."You don't have to worry about that. You'll stay at home for the time being after you get married. Ruochu takes a year off from school, and you're looking for a job. If you don't like it, your father and I will pay for the house for you. You can pay it back when you earn it in the future."

"Ruochu has a child, so we can't let her study with her big belly. You are a man, now that you have done it and you have to take responsibility!" Mother of Xiao continued to teach her a lesson.

"Responsibility?" Xiao Mo sneered in a low voice, but the child was not his, not Xiao Mo's!

"Ruochu is a sensible and well-behaved child, and I like her very much. Although you can't marry the The Huo family, as long as you are happy. Your dad and I are not retired, and we can afford to pay for the baby's milk powder. Don't overthink it, just be prepared to be a father!"

Xiao Mo's heart ached even more when he heard these words. The love of his parents and the betrayal of Xu Ruochu made him painfully close his eyes.

"Uncle, auntie." Xu Ruochu, who was upstairs, heard father of Xiao and mother of Xiao's words and Xiao Mo's rejection. She walked down and called out with a smile.

"Ruochu, you must rest well. Tomorrow, when you come to the hospital, auntie will prescribe some Chinese medicine for you to replenish your body." Mother of Xiao asked with concern.

"Thank you, auntie." Xu Ruochu smiled and looked at Xiao Mo with her head lowered. She didn't want the man she loved to feel sad.

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