The Billionaire's Affair


S City, 5:30 A.M.

The sun slowly rose behind the skyscrapers, spreading light as its rays passed through the gaps between the infrastructures. The rays of the sun crawled through the areas where it struck, going through the closed window of a small apartment, then passed by it.

Light seeped through the space between the window frame and the thick curtain and softly touched the fair and rosy cheek of a child sleeping, his back against the wall and his cute face facing a fair young man with a delicate face. The man’s brows are thin and his nose is tall. His thin lips curves as if he is always smiling. His eyelashes are long and curled, blanketing his slanted eyes. Someone who’ll see him can tell he has a gentle aura and a mild-temperament.

The child sleeping beside him has a fair face with rose complexion, combined with his plump cheeks one can tell he is a healthy child. The child’s thick eyelashes quivered and his pouty red lips pursed as a sign of waking up. His eyes slowly opened and was met with the man’s face. “Dada~” the child called, his voice sounded milky and his small hands raised to touch the man’s face. The child’s small hands softly landed on the man’s smooth skin. “Ooo~” the child exclaimed, his eyes and mouth became ‘o’ and he giggled.

The man, feeling the child’s touch, opened his eyes and was met with a cute face. The man’s heart melted like a block of chocolate exposed to a radiant sun. He smiled and softly pinched the child’s small hands and rubbed the child’s palm with his thumb. “Good morning, Wenwen.” Ye Yixu greeted and planted a kiss on the child’s forehead. Then, he sat up the bed and picked up the child, then walked towards the door and opened it. He went outside with Ye Wenwen in his arms.

Ye Yixu heard the clattering of the kitchen utensils. He and Ye Wenwen walked towards the kitchen and saw Sun Xinran cooking. She wore an apron with the dogs’ head imprinted, the smoke is billowing out of the pan where she’s cooking their breakfast. “Good morning, Wenwen.” Sun Xinran turned and saw Ye Wenwen carried by Ye Yixu. She turned off the stove and walked towards them. She gave a loud smack on Ye Wenwen’s cheek, then turned to Ye Yixu. “Good morning, senior.” She called, a shy expression on her blushing face.

Ye Yixu smiled and patted her head with his other hand. “Good morning, Ranran.” He said. “What do we have for breakfast?” he asked.

“Sunny side up, bacon…” Sun Xinran answered, her voice trailed off when she looked at Ye Yixu’s face. A gentle expression was on his face, highlighting his temperament.

“En. Wenwen and I will wash up first.” Ye Yixu told Sun Xinran and he carried Ye Wenwen to the bathroom.

“Yes…” Sun Xinran answered as he watched Ye Yixu and Ye Wenwen left in a daze. When she smelled the scent of something burning, she snapped out of her daze and immediately ran to save the food. “Ai…” she sighed and scratched her cheek when she saw the bread was over toasted. She grimaced. “Senior is just too dazzling…” she said and covered her blushing face with her hands.

After a while when she calmed down did she continue cooking.

B City.

The man sitting in the backseat read the message on his phone with his thick brows knitted. His sun-kissed skin exudes his sexiness and his red lips added to his charm. His deep and dark eyes are like magnets pulling your soul towards their owner, making you look like being bewitched by the man.

“I will announce my retirement next year. The one who can give me a grandson will inherit the company.

Jiang Jingrui gritted his teeth, his hand gripping his phone almost crushed the phone from holding it tight. He almost thrown his phone to the car’s window had he not seen an incoming call. “Mother.” He answered.

A melodious voice of an elegant woman can be heard, filling the car’s space. “Ah Rui.” Li Rourou called, her voice filled with affection. “Have you received your father’s message?” she asked, her voice sweet.

“Yes.” Jiang Jingrui answered, his tensed muscles relaxing and he sat in the backseat, looking carefree.

“Ai. Your father is going senile that’s why the bastard needs another bastard to accompany him in his last days.” Li Rourou comforted her son, her voice sounded kind even though she’s speaking ill of Jiang Bohan.

Jiang Jingrui fell silent. “Mother.” He called after a while. His hand inside his pocket felt something cold. He took out the thing and saw a silver ring. The ring glistened when the light of the morning sun struck it.

“If you wanted the company, then find a bastard.” Li Rourou told her son as she gently cupped the flower bud in her hands. Even though she wore a soft expression, yet her words are harsh. “You know mom will always support you.” She told Jiang Jingrui. “Don’t be intimidated by a mistress’ son. You’re the legal heir.” She added.

Jiang Jingrui’s gaze lowered as he stared at the silver ring in his hand. “I understand, mother.” He answered and ended the call. He blew an irritated sigh as the car stopped in front of a building. It was a hotel. He went out of the car and closed the door behind him. Then, with determined steps, he went inside the hotel.

He’s going to inquire what happened that night 3 years ago.

S City, 7 A.M.

“Well, then. I’ll be going to my work now.” Ye Yixu said as he wore his shoes.

“Take care, senior.” Sun Xinran said as she held Ye Wenwen in her arms.

“Dada! Baba!” Ye Wenwen said and waved his hand at Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu chuckled and leaned down to kiss Ye Wenwen. Then, he paused when he saw Sun Xinran’s beautiful face. Her skin is fair and smooth and her cheeks are rosy. “I’ll be leaving now.” He told her and raised his hand to pat her head. “Bye, Wenwen. I’ll pick you up later.” He said, then opened the door and left.

“Senior…” Sun Xinran muttered under her breath, feeling her heart thumping loudly.

“Mama?” Ye Wenwen called when he saw his mother didn’t move.

Sun Xinran snapped out her daze and she smiled. “Let’s go, Wenwen.” She said and brought her son to bathe him.

She’s going to leave Ye Wenwen in the childcare center and then go to work.

S City Childcare Center.

“Xiaojie. Ge.” Sun Xinran called, with Ye Wenwen in the baby sling, she entered the childcare center after getting her id and Ye Wenwen’s ID which she hung on Ye Wenwen’s neck.

Chu Qingqing turned when she heard her cousin called her. Chu Renqing, her husband, was entertaining the children along with their coworkers. “Ranran.” She called as she lowered the log book and pen she’s holding then put them on the table. She walked towards Sun Xinran and pinched Ye Wenwen’s plump cheeks, as if they juicy fruits. She’s a year older than Sun Xinran that’s why she’s calling her ‘xiaojie’ (little elder sister). “Going to work now?” she asked as she took Ye Wenwen from Sun Xinran and carried the slightly heavy two-year old Ye Wenwen.

“Yes.” Sun Xinran nodded and handed the bag holding Ye Wenwen’s feeding bottles, diapers, and change clothes.

“Ji! Ji!” Ye Wenwen adorable called as he looked at Chu Qingqing.

Chu Qingqing laughed. “Not ‘ji’ (chicken), but jie (elder sister).” She corrected Ye Wenwen as she wore the baby sling and took the bag from Sun Xinran.

“Ji! Ji!” Ye Wenwen called again, clutching Chu Qingqing’s hand.

Chu Qingqing looked at Ye Wenwen, feeling speechless. She turned to Sun Xinran who laughed. “I bought chicken on our way here and fed him some.” Sun Xinran explained and gave a loud smack on Ye Wenwen’s cheek. “Baby, mama’s leaving now~” she told Ye Wenwen.

“Mama!” Ye Wenwen called and turned to Sun Xinran. He raised his hands and held Sun Xinran’s hands tight. “Ma!” he called, his eyes teared up as he looked at Sun Xinran, his doe-like eyes filled with grievance.

Sun Xinran’s heart melted and she pressed her lips tight. “Wenwen, don’t be like that. Or I can’t leave you!” she said and hugged Ye Wenwen as she closed her eyes tight. Ye Wenwen sobbed, then wailed.

“Ranran…” Chu Qingqing helplessly called as she looked at the mother and child pair. She turned and looked at her husband who now looked helpless and powerless when the other children also cried after hearing Ye Wenwen cried. Once they heard someone cries, they cry. When they heard someone laughed, they also laugh. However, once they’d start crying, it’ll be an endless crying session. They can’t blame Ye Wenwen, though, since the child is… “Why don’t you get married with Ye Yixu?” she asked as she tried taking Ye Wenwen from Sun Xinran to comfort the child.

Hearing this, Sun Xinran blushed. “I – “ she said, her cheeks becoming redder. “I can’t just take advantage of senior…” she said as she wiped Ye Wenwen’s tears.

Chu Qingqing puffed her cheeks and blankly looked at Sun Xinran. “… aren’t you taking advantage of him for almost 3 years now?” she asked. However, her tone isn’t condescending but just stating a fact.

Sun Xinran wasn’t offended, either. “Yes…” she said, then sighed. Her smile disappeared and was replaced by a worry expression.

Chu Qingqing didn’t speak more. “You go, now.” She told her. “Who will be picking up Wenwen later?” she asked when Ye Wenwen finally calmed down.

“Senior.” Sun Xinran answered and proudly smiled.

“You should get your man fast.” Chu Qingqing told Sun Xinran, then covered Ye Wenwen’s eyes as they left.

Sun Xinran helplessly watched Chu Qingqing left with Ye Wenwen. She wanted to get married with Ye Yixu. Ye Yixu is handsome, dependable, and kind. For almost 3 years they were living together, who wouldn’t fall in love with the guy? And, Ye Yixu came into her life when she was the most helpless.

3 years ago, she was working in a hotel. She was fixing the bed when someone rushed in and forcibly grabbed her and pushed her to the bed. She didn’t see who it was since when she turned, she felt her head hit the wall hard and she lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was lying on the bed, her body was covered in quilt. Her world collapsed. She was still 21 years old, and never had a boyfriend. Yet, she was defiled just like that. She felt she was very filthy. She walked out of the room and was planning to report what had happened, when she thought of the hotel she’s working in is full of wealthy people. She didn’t think of using the person who raped her, but actually she felt fear and ashamed. She left the hotel and went home to her parents, never telling them of what had happened. However, days later and she showed signs of being pregnant. Her parents knew that she had never had any relationships, and basing from her behavior, they found out she was most likely raped.

But, instead of supporting her, they kicked her away out of shame. She ran to her elder sister and sought her help. Fortunately, her elder sister understood her situation and helped her. Later and she met Ye Yixu – her senior whom she had a crush on when she was in high school. When he found out what happened to her, he lent her his hand. He helped her through those months she was carrying Ye Wenwen, and when Ye Wenwen was born, he acted as Ye Wenwen’s father.

Ye Yixu is a kind man, and she fell for him more.

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