Sun Xinran was staring at the tall, sexy and handsome man who is a billionaire. His name is Jiang Jingrui. He was claiming to be the man who raped her that night, 3 years ago, at the Shen Hua Hotel where she was working that time.

Early this morning and she just left Ye Wenwen. Now, she was on her way home to see her son and senior when her way was blocked by a shining, millions-worth black car you’d only see in the movies. She was about to yell at the driver that they almost killed her when the car stopped a hair’s breath away from her knees. Then, a prince-like man come out of the car, acting like the shining, millions-worth black car is his white horse. However, a horse cannot compare with the very expensive car and the prince in the children’s fairytales is nothing compared to Jiang Jingrui.

According to what she had heard, Jiang Jingrui is indeed a prince – one of the two princes of the Jiang Conglomerate. The other prince is his brother who is younger than him by a few minutes – Jiang Jikang. Obviously, Jiang Jikang was born from a mistress. Wealthy families like the Jiang Family can be seen in the dramas aired in the television.

So, even if Sun Xinran has the thoughts of forcing Jiang Jingrui – this man who is claiming to be her rapist, she can’t do that. And she has no plan to do that. Wealthy families are all snobbish people. Their secrets run deep, deeper than the Marianas Trench. Schemes and backstabbing are common occurrences and are part of their daily life as a wealthy family. So, even if she felt she was humiliated by this person, more trouble will be brought upon her than more blessings if she’d wanted to be a part of the Jiang Family. She already had buried this dark chapter of her life in the deepest part of her mind and heart. She is satisfied of the life she has now. She has her kind senior Ye Yixu, and her cute son Ye Wenwen. She doesn’t want her life and peace to be disrupted, and she had been wishing for the person whom she had never met to not appear in front of her.

Yet, here he is now – Jiang Jingrui. “I don’t know you.” She told him and was about to turn her back when people who wears black suits appeared all around her and prevented her from leaving.

“Hear me out first, Sun Xinran.” Jiang Jingrui’s cold voice rang in her ears. “If you won’t listen me, I’ll just march now to your small apartment and take your son with me.” He told her, his voice threatening.

Sun Xinran’s eyes widened and she sharply turned. “No!” she said, her hands itching to scratch that handsome but irritating face of Jiang Jingrui. “You have no right to take Wenwen from me – “ she said.

“I have.” Jiang Jingrui. “I have a proof.” He said and motioned to his assistant. The assistant nodded and took out a phone, then pressed something. Then, the assistant walked towards her and showed her a video.

Sun Xinran felt blood had drained from her face and her body became cold and powerless. The video shows a hallway where she entered a room. Then, after a while and Jiang Jingrui entered the room in a rush. If an outsider would see the video, they’ll think Sun Xinran was hooking up with Jiang Jingrui and they planned to meet up in that room to have sex. However, they didn’t plan to meet up, but sex happened.

Sun Xinran felt her knees became weak and she collapsed on the ground. Fortunately, the street is empty so no one would see a group of people ganging up on a powerless woman. Her nightmare had arrived in the form of Jiang Jingrui. Jiang Jingrui will take Ye Wenwen away from her. “No…” she feebly muttered, her tears streaming down her pale face. Beads of sweat formed in her forehead as she felt the oppression coming from the people around her, most especially from Jiang Jingrui.

She heard footsteps coming towards her and a pair of shining expensive leather shoes appeared in her sight. She slowly raised her head and she looked at Jiang Jingrui from feet to his face. She saw Jiang Jingrui’s indifferent expression as he looked down on her while she looked up at him from the ground. Nobody helped her up, just like before when her parents pushed her away.

Jiang Jingrui was looking at her as if she is an ant. “The child can live better life with me than with you.” He said as one of his guards came up to him and lit a cigar for him. The sight of Jiang Jingrui biting the cigar, his face tilted while his neck was exposed, and only his side profile can be seen, should have been really sexy had not a woman was crying on his feet, glaring at him hatefully. “As a compensation, I’ll give you a villa, a car, and you can name a price you want. Just give me the child.” He told her as if he was making a deal with her about a toy.

“I won’t give you Wenwen.” Sun Xinran said as she slowly rose from the ground. Her palms were scratched by the tiny pebbles on the ground when she collapsed earlier. “Wenwen is my son. He isn’t your son!” she told Jiang Jingrui. “I was the one who raised him. Wenwen came from me. You will never be a part of his life. His father is dead!” she told him and turned to leave. One of the guards grabbed her but she whisked his hand away.

“Let her leave,” Jiang Jingrui told his guards. “Missy, I already told you what I wanted to tell you. I will give you a week to think about my proposal. After one week, I will come knocking on your door and take the child.” He told her. “Let’s go.” He told his guards. His assistant opened the door for him and he entered his car. Then, they left.

Sun Xinran was rooted on the spot, her tears streaming down her face non-stop. This is what happens when a poor person meets a rich one. They could only be helpless, powerless. Who is poor is weak. Those who are rich are the strong ones.

Sun Xinran fell on her knees and cried on her hands, ignoring the pain on her knees. Her heart hurts more than her knees.

Jiang Residence.

“Father.” Jiang Jingrui called as he entered Jiang Bohan’s room. He saw his father weakly lying on his bed, certain machines attached to his body.

“Jing…rui…” Jiang Bohan called, his voice feeble. Earlier, it was Jiang Bohan’s secretary who messaged him and Jiang Jikang - his younger brother.

“I have already found a grandson for you.” Jiang Jingrui informed his father. “I accidentally impregnated a nameless woman three years ago after I was drugged. The child grew up healthy and I will be fetching the child in a week.” He explained, his voice indifferent as if they were talking about golf.

The machine beeped loudly after Jiang Bohan was agitated by Jiang Jingrui’s words. The doctor politely told Jiang Jingrui to leave since the patient’s condition worsened once again. Jiang Jingrui couldn’t care less, but he exited the room since he doesn’t wish to stay a second more inside.

“Brother.” Jiang Jikang called when he saw Jiang Jingrui went out of their father’s room. Seeing Jiang Jingrui just nodded at him, he gritted his teeth but he held back his temper. He gave him a couldn’t be more obvious fake smile. “Have you found a grandson for father?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Jiang Jingrui disinterestedly answered. He didn’t wait for Jiang Jikang to react as he walked past him.

Jiang Jikang was stunned. After Jiang Jingrui left, he punched the wall in anger. “Jiang. Jing. Rui!” he muttered, gnashing his teeth as he seethed in anger. “Li Rourou. It was you again, wasn’t it?” he said and his fists clenched. When he received their father’s message this morning, he knew, it was Li Rourou’s doing. As his beloved mistress’ son, Jiang Jikang obviously was more favored by their father. Jiang Jikang was also more nurtured by Jiang Bohan while Jiang Jingrui could only work harder on his own to compete with him. Jiang Jingrui already has his own company, yet he still covets their father’s company.

Jiang Jikang admits. Jiang Jingrui is better than him in all aspects – aside from their father’s love. Jiang Jingrui’s mother – Li Rourou, came from a wealthy family that’s why she was arranged with Jiang Bohan – as Jiang Bohan’s source of resentment. That’s why, Jiang Jikang believes that their father favoring him more than Jiang Jingrui – his legal son, is the cost of Jiang Jingrui being better than him.

On the other hand, his (JJK) mother – Ming Youhua, is an undergraduate and entered the company by being referred of an acquaintance. She might be a slow person but she has her beautiful face. And Jiang Bohan was bewitched by the face. Thus, there was a gossip in the company that Ming Youhua was being kept out of her will by Jiang Bohan. No one dared to criticize Jiang Bohan of his actions, thus all criticisms fell on Ming Youhua.

Everything exploded one day when Li Rourou, the legal wife, pulled Ming Youhua’s hair and dragged her towards Jiang Bohan’s office. The sounds were muffled inside the office yet they know that the fight was intense since the noises inside were all loud. Then, the day after that and Ming Youhua disappeared. Everyone thought that Jiang Bohan had ceased his affair with Ming Youhua. Yet, Ming Youhua was actually literally kept by Jiang Bohan in one of his villas.

Li Rourou immediately went to Jiang Bohan’s office and slapped the pictures taken by a private investigator to Jiang Bohan’s face. That time, Li Rourou was already pregnant. To everybody’s shock and Ming Youhua was also pregnant! It was the drama of the year! Li Rourou fainted after she threw her high-heeled shoes to Jiang Bohan which made Jiang Bohan’s head bleed. However, he can’t ignore his legal wife or else his heir will die. Thus, everyone saw Jiang Bohan ‘heroically’ carried Li Rourou to the hospital which earned secret remarks to those in the know. The drama just didn’t stop there, though. The same night and Ming Youhua was also hospitalized. Both women gave birth, and was separated by only a few minutes. One was born 11:59 P.M. while the other was born by 12 A.M.. No one knows if it was a fortune or not, but the two newborns’ birthday was separated by a day in the calendar.

Because of this, Ming Youhua was openly brought to the Jiang Residence. Any legal wife must be dying in anger because they were living under the same roof with a mistress. However, Li Rourou has always been strong. Instead of hiding, she humiliated Ming Youhua every day. Ming Youhua didn’t fight back because of her status as a mistress. With her beautiful face looking pitiful, anyone’s heart would hurt for her. Some people scolded Li Rourou as a bitch. However, those in the know just snorted. As what Li Rourou had said which dealt a heavy blow to Ming Youhua –

“If you didn’t climb on my husband’s bed, would people know of your existence?” The words were so belittling and Ming Youhua cried in the spot. However, Li Rourou wasn’t finished yet. She added, “Who knows what plans were you brewing now. For someone like you who caught a big fish like my husband, maybe tomorrow you’ll act like you’re dying?” she said.

Not long after that, Ming Youhua really died.

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