“Ranran? What’s the matter?” Ye Yixu asked when he heard the door opened and he turned to see Sun Xinran lifelessly walked inside their apartment. Ye Wenwen was sprawled on the floor in the living playing with his toys. The television was playing a children’s cartoon for Ye Wenwen to watch.

Earlier, after Ye Yixu left the company where he was working, he immediately went to fetch Ye Wenwen. When he arrived in the childcare center, he saw Ye Wenwen was sleeping in Chu Qingqing’s arms while Chu Renqing was holding Ye Wenwen’s bag filled with his feeding bottles, diapers and change of clothes. All children had been picked up by their parents while Ye Wenwen was left. Chu Qingqing and Chu Renqing were patient and actually loves to watch over Ye Wenwen more since the child is adorable, and that the husband and wife still has not yet bore a child.

Before he left, Chu Qingqing teased him to be the real husband of her cousin Sun Xinran so that he could be Ye Wenwen’s real father. Everyone can see how much Ye Yixu loves Ye Wenwen. Chu Renqing added by telling him to be a man, or else Sun Xinran will be taken away. Ye Yixu just smiled at them after giving them a polite answer. The two didn’t push him more lest they’d scare Ye Yixu away.

“Ranran?” Ye Yixu called again when he saw Sun Xinran was standing motionless in the doorway. He turned off the stove and wiped his hands before going to Sun Xinran with his plain apron worn. “Ranran? What happened to you?” he asked, concern in his voice as he gently held Sun Xinran’s hands. Only to be shocked when he saw scratches on Sun Xinran’s palm and bleeding a little. “Ranran!” he cried and looked at Sun Xinran’s pale face. He checked if there were other wounds on her body before he sighed in relief. He immediately pulled her to her room, quietly bypassed Ye Wenwen who is now watching the cartoon, and went inside her room to get the first aid kit. “Ranran.” He called, his voice soft to soothe the tense Sun Xinran. “What happened?” he asked as he treated Sun Xinran’s wounds with utmost care.

Sun Xinran felt her palm sting and that woke her up. She raised her head and saw Ye Yixu’s worried face. Her heart bubbled up with grievance and pain as her tears fell. “Senior…” she cried and hugged Ye Yixu tight, ignoring the pain on her hands. “Senior!” she cried as she buried her face on Ye Yixu’s shouler. “Senior… senior…” she called, can’t find the courage to tell Ye Yixu of her pain.

Ye Yixu sighed as he patted the back of Sun Xinran’s head to comfort her. “What’s wrong?” he asked, his voice soft. “Someone bullied you?” he asked and looked at Sun Xinran’s arms. There were no bruises or marks on her fair skin, thus, Ye Yixu was relieved the incident in the past didn’t happen again.

“Y-yes…” Sun Xinran answered, her tone filled with grievance like a child reporting to her parents. However, Sun Xinran has no parents now after they pushed her away. She only has Ye Yixu and Ye Wenwen as her family. Yet… “Someone wants to take Wenwen away…” she whispered, finally told Ye Yixu about the problem when she calmed down after feeling the warmth of Ye Yixu’s body.

“What?” Ye Yixu said, surprised. “Who – “ he said, then froze when he realized it. “Wenwen’s father?” he said, a sigh in his voice.

“No!” Sun Xinran strongly reacted as she faced Ye Yixu, anger on her face. “Senior is Wenwen’s father!” she said, as if a child having a tantrum. “That bastard isn’t Wenwen’s father! I don’t agree to it!” she said and hugged Ye Yixu tight as if Ye Yixu will be running away.

“But…” Ye Yixu said and sighed, feeling helpless. He understands what Sun Xinran feels. It was already hard for her to accept she had been raped, yet she braved the storm in her life and face that fact. That darkness disappeared when Ye Wenwen was born. Ye Wenwen casted a bright light on Sun Xinran’s life. Ye Wenwen was Sun Xinran’s hope. However, now, Ye Wenwen will be taken away. This is like asking Sun Xinran for her life. Ye Yixu could clearly see that the darkness Sun Xinran thought she had casted away was actually still there and was just hiding, waiting for its reappearance and fully conquer Sun Xinran’s heart and mind, and push her to the depths of the abyss. Ye Yixu was thankful that he appeared on Sun Xinran’s life at the right time. Or else, if he had appeared later, he is afraid Sun Xinran can’t be saved anymore. “Ranran.” He called as he gently patted Sun Xinran’s back.

“Senior…” Sun Xinran called as she silently cried. She clung tighter to Ye Yixu as if Ye Yixu is the last straw she can find in the middle of the ocean while she drifts away. She doesn’t want to drown in the darkness once again. Ye Yixu save her from the darkness. He and Ye Wenwen are the only ones she has. She can’t bear it if she’ll lose one of them. “Senior… help me – “ she whimpered and cupped Ye Yixu’s face.

Ye Yixu stared at Sun Xinran and felt his heart ached. He leaned close to her face and bumped his forehead to her forehead softly. “It’ll be alright. I’m here. Wenwen won’t disappear – “ he told her.

In the midst of pain, Sun Xinran felt a pang of disappointment as he stared at Ye Yixu’s kind smile on his face. She thought Ye Yixu would kiss her to comfort her. She should have known, Ye Yixu is the kindest man she had met. Ye Yixu won’t take advantage of her helplessness – unlike that bastard Jiang Jingrui! She thought and buried her face on Ye Yixu’s chest, smelling his scent. Even if senior would think I am a dirty woman that’s why he won’t touch me, I still feel I am the most fortunate girl. (A/N: hell, you are. I want Ye Yixu, too!) I am so lucky to meet senior again, and to be saved by him… she thought and closed her eyes.

Ye Yixu felt Sun Xinran became heavy. He lowered his head and saw Sun Xinran is asleep. He helplessly smiled and carefully put her down on her bed. “You’ve worked hard, xuemei.” He whispered and brushed the hair off that’s covering Sun Xinran’s face. He continued treating the wounds on Sun Xinran’s palms before he left and continued cooking dinner for them three.

*xuemei – junior female schoolmate.

Jiang Residence.

“Ah Rui, you’re back.” Li Rourou smiled when she saw Jiang Jingrui.

“I came to accompany mother for dinner.” Jiang Jingrui said and sat across Li Rourou who smiled brightly after hearing her son’s answer.

“My son is the most filial!” Li Rourou exclaimed as she personally put food on her son’s plate.

Jiang Jingrui, likewise, filled her mother’s plate with food, which made her happier. “Jikang was thinking it was you who gave father the idea about having a child to inherit the company.” He said as they started eating.

Li Rourou just hummed in response. “That bastard would blame us for everything, so why bother worrying for just a little thing?” she said, the topic didn’t dampen her mood in the least.

Jiang Jingrui saw she was unaffected so he continued. “Jikang blames you, since he knows we know that he won’t find a child because he keeps himself pure for Sangmi.” He said, his fiancée and Jiang Jikang’s childhood sweetheart.

“Ah. That girl.” Li Rourou said as she sipped her wine. “It was your father who was insisting to marry her to you. You know, I always have disliked that girl.” She said, then paused. “Seeing her keeps me reminded of the bastard’s slut mother.” She said and gulped down the wine.

Jiang Jingrui saw Li Rourou’s mood dampened. “I’m sorry.” He apologized as he lowered his gaze.

Li Rourou smiled seeing her son’s docile manner. “Is that child still bothering you?” she asked, referring to Kim Sangmi.

Jiang Jingrui shook his head. “I had never seen her for a month now.” He answered, then paused. “I am just wondering why would father betroth her to me, when Jikang loves her.” He said as he took a bite.

Li Rourou scoffed. “Even if your father is a bastard, he still can clearly see people the most.” She said, then smirked when she remembered something. “Except that slut mistress of his.” She laughed in schadenfreude as she leisurely sipped her second glass of wine. Then, she looked at her son. “Your father knows his business partner’s daughter is a trouble, so he gave her to you to trouble you. And, to tie you to the company when he found out about your secret company.” She said, her eyes sharpened when she remembered how Jiang Bohan berated her beloved son. However, her muscles relaxed when she remembered it caused Jiang Bohan to be bedridden. “Even so, son, the board disapproves of you since they’re wary of you. You can still go wild as much as you want.” She told him. “Mother will hold them off for you.” She added to reassure her son. She has the second largest share in the company – Jiang Bohan has the largest share, when her father merged his company to Jiang Bohan’s as his daughter, Li Rourou’s dowry. Now, Li Rourou’s father must be rolling in his grave now due to regret.

Jiang Jingrui fell silent. Indeed, he has been having trouble in his relationships because of Kim Sangmi. Every time someone approaches him, Kim Sangmi would shoo the person away from him. Only the label of ‘Jiang Jingrui’s fiancée’ was lacking on Kim Sangmi’s forehead as she always paraded wherever he is. It was 3 years ago when Jiang Bohan betrothed Kim Sangmi to him, declaring that when he’d marry Kim Sangmi, he will be inheriting the company. At that time, he was still starting his own company, so he refused. And now it has been 3 years. Half a year ago and Jiang Bohan discovered his (JJR) company and his intention to not marry Kim Sangmi. He was directly sent to the hospital after that.

“Kim Sangmi still can be used.” Jiang Jingrui spoke.

Li Rourou heard her son and a meaningful smile formed on her beautiful face that can’t be withered by time. Jiang Jingrui wanted to use Kim Sangmi to keep Jiang Jikang in check. Jiang Jikang only wanted Kim Sangmi, yet was deprived of the woman he loves and instead she was given to his half-brother who has not a bit interest in her. Jiang Jikang wanted kill Jiang Jingrui in pieces. However, he resented his father, too. Jiang Bohan clearly favored him, so why did he give Kim Sangmi to Jiang Jingrui? Obviously, Kim Sangmi loves Jiang Jingrui and not him – Jiang Jingkang, her childhood friend. Also, Jiang Bohan didn’t investigate more about his (JJK) mother’s death. Ming Youhua died in a car crash. The result of the police’s investigation was that the driver was drunk and hit her. However, it was not the case for Jiang Jikang. Since his mother left a letter to him, telling him that she was receiving threats and it was obviously from Li Rourou. Li Rourou also openly told those words to her mother, so why Li Rourou wasn’t jailed for killing her mother? As much as Jiang Jikang wanted to expose the letter and reopen the investigation of his mother’s death, but he can’t. Jiang Bohan is now bedridden and almost on his last breath. The companies are now almost on Li Rourou’s hands. If not for him, Li Rourou would already had her way.

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