“If your father didn’t discover his bastard’s scheme, that bastard could’ve still enjoyed his privilege.” Li Rourou chuckled as she wiped her lips. The maid replaced her plate with a dessert.

“En.” Jiang Jingrui nodded and took a slice, then ate it.

3 years ago, his company had a celebration in the Shen Hua hotel. He went to the restroom for a bit and went back, only to drink a spiked drink. He had already booked a room for everyone whose home is far when one of his employees seduced him. Then, he found that it was her who spiked his drink. He immediately ran away, directionless, since his head was buzzing. Then, when he found an open room, he rushed inside to relieve his lust, only to see a hotel employee. He tried to push her away, but…

The next day, he went to his father’s company to tell him he plans to create his own company, only to hear Jiang Jikang who is talking to someone on his phone. Then, he heard Jiang Jikang’s plan to kill him through poison, only to fail because his spy on his (JJR) company actually wanted to climb the ladder by seducing him (JJR). Jiang Jingrui left not telling his father anything, and implemented his plan to thwart Jiang Jikang’s plans as his revenge. Jiang Bohan must have known of Jiang Jikang’s plan from someone, since Li Rourou had already divorced him and has no plan to help him in his affairs.

“Play with him for a bit.” Li Rourou told Jiang Jingrui. “He’ll be bored since he has his hands tied right now.” She said, referring to Jiang Jikang.

Jiang Jingrui nodded. “Yes.” He answered. “About the woman…” he reminded his mother.

“Oh, right.” Li Rourou said as if she just remembered about Sun Xinran. “If her child is adorable, then I’ll be friendly with her.” She told him and smiled.

Jiang Jingrui nodded as he pondered about Sun Xinran. He remembered he still haven’t done an investigation in her. Then, he remembered she’s just a poor person, thus he decided to forget her. He set a reminder on his phone about the proposal he gave to Sun Xinran, then, they continued eating their dessert.

Xinghai Company,

Ye Yixu sighed as he stared at his computer’s screen in a daze. Then, he decided to stop designing the advertisement for now. He leaned his back on his swivel chair as he remembered what happened earlier in the morning.

Sun Xinran’s eyes are swollen and she was hiding from Ye Wenwen for the child not to see his mother’s face. Fortunately, Ye Wenwen didn’t find his mother and his head was filled with the cartoon he watched last night. Ye Yixu asked Sun Xinran to take a day off today in case Ye Wenwen’s father might harass her in her work. Sun Xinran agreed since she was still afraid. Then, she called her manager and told her she was sick today. Her manager, Zhang Chunhua, was considerate and told her she’ll sent her food. Sun Xinran felt warm and she sent Ye Yixu off. Ye Yixu then took Ye Wenwen and dropped him off in the childcare center before he went to work.

Ye Yixu wanted to ask Sun Xinran about Ye Wenwen’s father and think that maybe they could talk it in a peaceful way. However, he was afraid to add more to the wounds in Sun Xinran’s heart. Sun Xinran looked really afraid of Ye Wenwen’s father aside from her initial fear as her rapist. Thus, Ye Yixu decided to ask her after she calms down and to know the details of her and Ye Wenwen’s father’s talk.

Ye Yixu exhaled and closed his eyes as he rested his head on his chair and faced the ceiling. “What should I do…?” he muttered. He wanted to help Sun Xinran, but he doesn’t know how. He also has raised Ye Wenwen and he loved the child, so he doesn’t want Ye Wenwen to be taken away.

“If you are tired, then you should rest.” A cold voice spoke behind Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu’s eyes opened and, instead of the ceiling, he was faced with a handsome face exuding male charm with his thick brows, deep eyes, sexy red lips, and sun-kissed skin. “B-boss!” Ye Yixu’s heart almost jumped out of his mouth in surprise, but fortunately, his body froze on his seat instead of jumping away. Or else, he doesn’t know what would have happened… he might have injured their boss with his hard skull.

Jiang Jingrui stared at Ye Yixu’s panicked face before he moved away from him. “As I’ve said, if you are tired, then you could take a day off.” He told Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu immediately jumped out of his seat and stood before Jiang Jingrui before he greeted him. “B-boss…” he called and awkwardly smiled. He was really scared out of his wits earlier. “What are you doing here?” he asked and looked around the advertising department. Earlier, when he walked around the department, everyone was working with relaxed faces. However, when Jiang Jingrui arrived, everyone looked tense.

One of the employees even knocked his coffee and almost shouted had he not immediately covered his mouth and bit his hand to keep himself from shouting. His coffee has just been brewed by the barista in their canteen. Ye Yixu could see the employee’s skin turning red and his hand shaking.

Ye Yixu held back a sigh and walked towards the employee. “Go get your hand checked in the clinic.” He told the employee and smiled.

“Y-yes!” the employee answered and rose from his seat. His eyes darted behind Ye Yixu where Jiang Jingrui was, then almost ran out of the office.

Jiang Jingrui scoffed, which everybody heard. They immediately lowered their head and their hands on their keyboard flew, creating countless clacking noises all over the department. “Here.” Jiang Jingrui said as he turned to Ye Yixu and handed him a folder.

Ye Yixu took the folder. “Oh.” He muttered. It was the additional details about the advertisement Ye Yixu was currently working on. “But…” he said and raised his head to look at Jiang Jingrui. He doesn’t have to send the file to him…

Jiang Jingrui saw the bewildered look on Ye Yixu’s eyes. “You’re on the way before the meeting.” He said.

“Ah.” Ye Yixu nodded and smiled a little. “Thanks, boss.” He said. “Would you like a coffee…” he said, then paused when his eyes landed on the earlier employee’s coffee. “… a drink?” he changed his words.

“No, thanks.” Jiang Jingrui answered, then looked at his wristwatch. “I’m leaving.” He told Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu nodded. “Take care, boss.” He said and waved, but Jiang Jingrui already disappeared in his sigh. He blew out a sigh of relief, then turned to his subordinates who gave him a thumbs up. Everyone knew how bad Ye Yixu’s coffee tasted. Ye Yixu used that to scare Jiang Jingrui off.

Jiang Jingrui… he and Ye Yixu can be called acquaintances. Ye Yixu and Jiang Jingrui were schoolmates during their college days.

Ye Yixu chuckled and waved at his subordinates. “Continue working!” he told them, then went back to his seat. Somehow, his mood brightened this afternoon. He resumed his work while decided in his mind that he’ll ask Sun Xinran about Ye Wenwen’s father tomorrow. “Hm?” he said when he saw a paper clipped together with the folder.

It was Jiang Jingrui’s.

Ai Xing Restaurant.

“Ranran! You’re here!” Wu Yifei exclaimed when the door opened and she saw Sun Xinran entered. “I thought you’re sick?” she asked as they walked towards the back. “Everyone! Ranran is here!” she announced to the kitchen.

“Ranran!” Chen Xixing exclaimed and was about to run towards Sun Xinran when Zhang Chunhua, their manager, raised her hand. Everybody stopped and resumed working.

Sun Xinran chuckled. “Jie.” She called when Wu Yifei left.

Zhang Chunhua stared at Sun Xinran. “Why did you cry?” she asked. “Did your senior finally reject you?” she said.

“No!” Sun Xinran answered. “Senior is great. He’s always kind. I just – “ she said and bit her lower lip.

Zhang Chunhua saw Sun Xinran’s troubled face. “Let’s talk over there.” She said and guided Sun Xinran to the back. They sat. “So, what’s the problem? Is it your parents?” she asked.

Sun Xinran shook her head as her eyes started to water. She lowered her head. “Wenwen… his father came.” She answered.

Zhang Chunhua’s eyes widened in shock. “Wha – “ she said, then immediately calmed down when she remembered there were big clients present in the second floor. “So, where is that bastard?” she asked.

Sun Xinran shook her head. She can’t tell them the identity of Ye Wenwen’s father since it’ll just bring her more trouble. “He told me he’ll be taking Wenwen in one week.” She said.

“That fuck – “ Zhang Chunhua said, then bit her lip. “What are your plan now?” she asked.

“I don’t want him to take Wenwen away. But…” Sun Xinran’s tears finally fell.

Zhang Chunhua sighed as she rubbed Sun Xinran’s back. She knew Sun Xinran has her own reason to not say the identity of Ye Wenwen’s father. She’s already glad Sun Xinran can share her problem with her. She knew, Sun Xinran can’t tell even Ye Yixu about this. No, she can’t tell most especially Ye Yixu.

The two women didn’t notice that the entrance door opened and two people went inside – one man and one woman. The woman was wearing expensive clothes, shoes, and an expensive bag was on her hand. The woman couldn’t wait to go to the second floor so she half-ran and half-marched upstairs. The man left frowned, an ugly expression on his face as he coldly but full of grief watched the woman climb upstairs. Then, he followed her.

Jiang Jingrui looked at the message thread on the screen.

Ye Yixu: boss, where are you right now? There’s an important file that you slipped inside the folder you gave me.

Jiang Jingrui: Ai Xing Restaurant, second floor.

Jiang Jingrui then looked at the message he received just now.

Mother: the bastard brought the bitch back. They’ll be coming to trouble you.

Jiang Jingrui’s face became cold as he raised his head when he heard footsteps coming his way. “Ah Rui.” Kim Sangmi called, her sweet voice filled with grievance as she looked at him, her expression looked like she was wronged.

“Sangmi.” Jiang Jingrui calmly spoke. “You must have a hard time travelling.” He said.

Kim Sangmi’s pretty face lit up. “You know I was coming?!” she said, then turned to her back. “Jikang, did you tell Ah Rui about it?” she asked.

Jiang Jikang’s expression couldn’t be any uglier. “Yeah.” He just said and sat on the chair far from Jiang Jingrui.

Kim Sangmi turned to Jiang Jingrui. “Oppa – “ she called, then froze when she remembered the reason why she came back. She frowned and glared at Jiang Jingrui. “I am your fiancée, so why did you…” she said and sniffed, her eyes tearing up.

“It was an accident.” Jiang Jingrui indifferently said.

Downstairs, Ye Yixu arrived outside the Ai Xing Restaurant. He remembered Sun Xinran took a day off today. He entered and immediately went to the second floor, afraid to delay Jiang Jingrui’s time as he returns an important document. “Boss – “ he called when he saw Jiang Jingrui, only to stop when he saw Kim Sangmi crying in front of Jiang Jingrui, and Jiang Jikang was sitting on the side.

Sun Xinran thought she was mistaken when she saw Ye Yixu inside the Ai Xing Restaurant. However, when she followed him after she went out of the restroom, she confirmed it was Ye Yixu. She was about to call him when she saw Jiang Jingrui. “Senior… he’s your boss?” she asked, her voice trembling.

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