“Ranran?” Ye Yixu turned when he heard Sun Xinran’s voice. “Why are you here? I thought you took your day off?” he said, surprised, when he saw Sun Xinran standing not far from him.

Jiang Jingrui heard Ye Yixu’s voice. He was about to call him, only to hear the voice Ye Yixu was talking to. Ignoring the crying Kim Sangmi and Jiang Jikang who was wearing a murderous face, he rose from his seat and walked towards Ye Yixu. Then, he stopped by his side and saw Sun Xinran looking at him, horrified. “Sun Xinran.” He said.

Sun Xinran felt his body became cold once again as if she’s been soaked in the artic seas, down to its deepest depths. She looked at Ye Yixu, then Jiang Jingrui who is half a head taller than Ye Yixu. “S-senior…” she called to Ye Yixu, wanted to warn him to avoid Jiang Jingrui. However, she froze when she remembered how Ye Yixu called Jiang Jingrui earlier.

Ye Yixu’s heart was filled with worry when he saw Sun Xinran’s reaction after seeing Jiang Jingrui. Jiang Jingrui, despite his handsome face, looked scary because of his indifferent expression and his condescending eyes. He wanted to frown, but he held back the urge. “Ranran.” He called and walked towards Sun Xinran. He saw how she’s badly shaking and her face pale. Then, he pulled her to his embrace while patting her back to comfort her. “Calm down. He’s my boss. He’s… actually kind. Don’t feel intimidated – “ he whispered to Sun Xinran and pulled Sun Xinran’s head to his chest to avoid her from making eye contact with Jiang Jingrui.

Jiang Jikang who saw the scene whistled and he smirked. “Brother, this is how you should comfort a woman. Your fiancée is there yet you look like you wanted to kill her.” he sarcastically told Jiang Jingrui whose face and eyes now are as cold as the polar ice caps.

“Oppa – “ Kim Sangmi called as she pulled Jiang Jingrui’s sleeve, her face and voice full of grievance.

*oppa – term used by female Koreans to call males older than them.

Jiang Jingrui wanted to whisk her hand away, and he did. However, he held back his strength. Now that Kim Sangmi’s hand is off of him, his irritation lessened. “Ye Yixu.” He called.

“Yes, boss?” Ye Yixu responded and turned his head to him.

Jiang Jingrui stared at Ye Yixu before he spoke. “The document.” He said and reached his hand out.

“Oh – “ Ye Yixu remembered and he handed the folder in his hand to Jiang Jingrui. However, since he was holding Sun Xinran in his arms, Jiang Jingrui had to approach them.

Jiang Jingrui took a step forward and Sun Xinran could feel that oppressing presence once again. She felt her knees weakened and her hands on Ye Yixu’s chest grabbed the front of Ye Yixu’s clothes.

“You scared her~” Jiang Jikang snorted and walked to Kim Sangmi who is still crying, yet her eyes are on Jiang Jingrui.

“Ranran?” Ye Yixu softly called Sun Xinran who was hiding in his arms. Then, he noticed Jiang Jingrui already reached him. “Sorry, boss. I’ll be leaving first.” He told Jiang Jingrui and apologetically smiled.

“Your wife?” Jiang Jingrui asked when Ye Yixu was about to leave with Sun Xinran. Before Ye Yixu could speak, he added. “I remember your marital status is single.” He said.

Ye Yixu’s feet stopped and he could feel Sun Xinran froze in his arms. “She’s my xuemei.” He answered, then left with Sun Xinran.

“Oppa. Why are you paying attention to them?” Kim Sangmi asked as she tried to pull Jiang Jingrui’s sleeve again. However, before she could, Jiang Jingrui pulled his hand away from her.

“I’ll book a room for you while you stay in the country.” Jiang Jingrui coldly told Kim Sangmi.

“What?!” Kim Sangmi exclaimed. “No! Oppa! You have a child with another woman when I am your fiancée. Now, you are throwing me away?! No way!” she said and held Jiang Jingrui’s arm. “Let’s make love and have our own baby! Your baby with the other woman can be thrown away!” she said and puckered her lips to him.

“Wha - ! Sangmi-ah!” Jiang Jikang cried out in alarm when he saw Kim Sangmi thrown herself again to Jiang Jingrui’s arms.

Any man wouldn’t reject a beautiful woman’s invitation, especially that she delivered herself to him. However, Jiang Jingrui hated her. Thus, he took the table napkin on his plate, covered Kim Sangmi’s face with it and pushed Kim Sangmi’s face away from him, pulling his arm held by Kim Sangmi in the process.

“Kyah!” Kim Sangmi exclaimed when she lost her balance and she almost fell on the floor had not Jiang Jikang caught her.

“Sangmi-ah!” Jiang Jikang called and fixed her in place. “Are you alright?” he asked, worried.

Kim Sangmi took off the napkin off her face “Jingrui-oppa!” she yelled when she saw Jiang Jingrui already had left. She stomped her feet in anger as she watched Jiang Jingrui paid on the counter, then hastily left. “Damn it!” she cursed as she threw the napkin on the floor. Then, she marched down the stairs to follow Jiang Jingrui. However, when she went out, she was met with the smoke coming from the car’s exhaust and saw Jiang Jingrui’s car left. “Oppa!” she called and tried to run after the car, but was pulled back by Jiang Jikang. Not a second after that and they heard a loud honk of the car, followed by the driver’s curses.

“Sangmi-ah!” Jiang Jikang called, frustrated. He looked at the pathetic expression on Kim Sangmi's face. His heart can’t help but ache but also feel sad. Here the woman he loves, throwing herself at someone who doesn’t even look at her, leaving her dignity as she ran after another man’s car, almost gotten hit by a truck as she blindly crosses the road just to reach the man in her eyes. Damn it. Jiang Jikang looked at Kim Sangmi’s crying face. He wanted to hug her, but he’s afraid she’ll get mad at him. “Sangmi-ah…” he called. “My brother doesn’t see you as a woman. He doesn’t like you. Can’t you please give up on him?” he asked, anguish in his voice as he pitifully begged her. Here he is, another pathetic person.

“No!” Kim Sangmi answered as she carelessly wiped away her tears, wiping along her make up. She looked like a weeping ghost now. “Jingrui-oppa is mine. I am his fiancée. I won’t give up.” She said.

Jiang Jikang smiled – in between laughing hysterically, and crying hopelessly. Is there still a point of my pining for her? He thought as he powerlessly placed his forehead on the top of her head while closing his eyes. “Sangmi-ah…” he whispered.

“Hm? Jikang, what are you doing?” Kim Sangmi asked. “What’s wrong with you? Does your head ache? Are you sick?” she asked as she held the both sides of his head and made him face her.

“Sangmi-ah…” Jiang Jikang muttered when he felt his heart skipped a beat after seeing her face. In beneath that now messed-up make up of hers, he can see that child bravely faced the other children bullying him. Then, she turned and smiled at him, reaching her hand out to him, asking him if he was okay, was he hurt, or is he sick, just like what she was doing right now.

“Jikang?” Kim Sangmi called, making Jiang Jikang snap out of his daze.

Jiang Jikang smiled and patted her head. “I am fine.” He told her, then let go of her. “Let’s go?” he asked as he turned away.

Kim Sangmi blinked, feeling a bit lost. Did she miss something? She thought as she looked at Jiang Jikang walking away, his back making him look like he’s alone and lonely. She felt a sense of loss in her heart, then fear. She reached out her hand to catch that back and make the man turn to her. However, she can’t reach him. “JIKANG-AH!” she shouted at the top of her lungs while she closed her eyes tight when she suddenly felt panic after she saw Jiang Jikang just continued walking away, leaving her.

Jiang Jikang heard Kim Sangmi’s panicking voice and he immediately turned back. He saw her still standing on the place where he left her. She was crying again. “Sangmi!” he called and ran back to her. He pulled her away from the road. “Sangmi, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Kim Sangmi sniffed. “You left me…” she cried.

Jiang Jikang looked surprised. “Didn’t I tell you to follow me?” he asked, then sighed when he saw she just continued to cry. Her makeup became messier. He took out his handkerchief and wiped off her tears and make up. Then, he held his breath when he saw her face. She had never changed. He thought and smiled in his heart. “Let’s go now, okay?” he asked.

“Yes!” Kim Sangmi nodded. Then, to Jiang Jikang’s surprise, she held his hand. “Go, go, go! Let’s catch Jingrui-oppa!” she said, raising her hand high.

Jiang Jikang felt helpless. One second, he felt elated when she held his hand. Then, the next second and his heart fell when she mentioned his half-brother. Sangmi-ah… I am really powerless towards you. He thought and pulled her away, his ears slowly becoming red.


Sun Xinran: jie, I apologize for leaving without goodbye. Something came up. Senior sent me home.

Sun Xinran sighed as she looked at the message she sent to Zhang Chunhua. Then, she turned to look at Ye Yixu silently sitting on the sofa. His face now serious as he thinks. “Senior…” she called, her voice as small as a mosquito’s.

Ye Yixu heard her call and he raised his head to look at her. “Ranran.” He called and forced a smile. He isn’t stupid to not connect Sun Xinran’s fear towards Jiang Jingrui with what happened to Sun Xinran yesterday. Added to the fact that Jiang Jingrui knows Sun Xinran’s name… these two people had nothing in common nor had met each other… except that night. Ye Yixu rubbed his palm on his face at the thought that it was Jiang Jingrui who took Sun Xinran that night. “Ranran…” he called, making his voice sound as gentle as before. Fear and panic rose in his heart. “Was it Jiang Jingrui who…” he said and lowered his head.

Sun Xinran’s face paled once again. Her eyes welled up with tears as she nodded. “Yes.” She answered as she closed her eyes, her tears fell down her cheeks.

It’s as Ye Yixu expected. “Ranran…” he helplessly called as he pitifully looked at Sun Xinran. Then, he rose from his seat and walked towards her. Then, he hugged her tight. “I’ll try to talk to him tomorrow.” He told her. “I also don’t want for Wenwen to be taken away.” He said and closed his eyes tight, hiding the emotions he currently feels.

“Mn. Thank you, senior…” Sun Xinran said and buried her face on Ye Yixu’s shoulder. Even though she believes in Ye Yixu, yet she knows the most how it is to go against the rich people. Hasn’t she experienced that yesterday? Thus, she can only prepare her heart for the worst thing to happen. “Senior…” she called after a while. “Why don’t we get married?” she asked.

Ye Yixu’s arms holding her became stiff. Sun Xinran waited for his answer, but what she got was only silence. She closed her eyes and a tear fell. She had never felt this pathetic.

She felt Ye Yixu hugged her tight.

Jiang Residence.

Jiang Jingrui carelessly threw the folder containing million-dollars’ worth of paper. His mind can’t help recall what had just happened earlier in the restaurant. Then, after some time and he tiredly closed his eyes.

He went to sleep.

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