One week later…

Li Rourou smiled as she looked at her son, Jiang Jingrui who was seated beside her. Then, she turned to Sun Xinran who was sitting across her, Ye Wenwen in front of her on a baby sling. And, Ye Yixu who was sitting beside Sun Xinran and sitting across Jiang Jingrui.

She calmly sipper her tea as she immersed herself on the relaxing ambiance of the restaurant where they are now, which in contrast to the tense atmosphere on their table. “Well, then. Shall we take an order now?” she said to start a conversation after she saw no one among the three was willing to speak first. “No one is picky with food, right? Then, I’ll order whatever I like.” She willfully said as she took the stylish menu booklet on the table.

“Mother.” Jiang Jingrui called.

Li Rourou chuckled. “I am joking.” She said, but proceeded to call a waiter and listed the dishes to be serve to them. “That’s it. Anyone who would like to add something? Oh, right. The baby – “ she said and looked at Ye Wenwen.

Sun Xinran was already intimidated by Jiang Jingrui. Now, there was Li Rourou who looked like the typical rich-class mother you’ll see in the television, yet her temperament is different from them. Sun Xinran subconsciously held the sleeping Ye Wenwen tighter. “Ranran.” She heard Ye Yixu called her and held her hand tight under the table.

Sun Xinran felt the warmth coming from Ye Yixu’s hand and he gradually relaxed. However, she immediately pulled her hand back when she saw Jiang Jingrui’s sharp eyes on her. Ye Yixu’s lips thinned as he held back his temper.

Meanwhile, Li Rourou was enjoying as she watched them three. “Alright. Let’s talk while we wait for food.” She said and reached her hand to poke the sleeping Ye Wenwe’s chubby cheek with her finger.

Sun Xinran was spooked and tried to dodge Li Rourou’s hand, but it was too late. Fortunately, Ye Wenwen didn’t wake up from Li Rourou’s poking. “You – “ she said as she warily looked at Li Rourou.

Li Rourou raised her hand. “The baby’s cheek is so puffy like a marshmallow.” She said and good-naturedly smiled. “So, can you give him to us?” she asked and looked at Ye Wenwen again. Her hand itched to pinch the baby’s cheek, yet she held herself back.

Sun Xinran’s eyes widened. “I – “ she said.

“No.” Ye Yixu answered. “She won’t give Wenwen to you.” He said and glared at Jiang Jingrui. “I may be your subordinate, but this is a private matter.” He said and balled his fist under the table. “I’ll give you my resignation letter. Don’t bother Ranran again.” He told him.

Jiang Jingrui’s brows knit upon hearing Ye Yixu’s words. “You – “ he said, gritting his teeth.

“Ah Rui.” Li Rourou called as she patted her son’s shoulder to remind him to calm himself. Then, she looked at Ye Yixu and gave him a smile. “I remember you. You were schoolmates with my son in college.” She said.

Ye Yixu froze. Sun Xinran was surprised and she looked at Ye Yixu, wide-eyed. Ye Yixu pressed his lips into a thin line and met Li Rourou’s gaze. “It won’t affect my decision.” He told her. “I won’t let you take Wenwen away from Ranran.” He said, his gaze firm.

Li Rourou’s brows raised as she looked at Ye Yixu. The smile on her face became meaningful and her eyes were filled with amusement. “Really…” she said.

“Senior.” Sun Xinran’s heart skipped a beat when she noticed a threat in Li Rourou’s voice. “I won’t let you lose your work just because of me – “ she said.

Hearing those words, Jiang Jingrui’s brows twitched, feeling ticked off. His gaze on Sun Xinran sharpened, then he turned and glared at Ye Yixu.

However, Ye Yixu didn’t see Jiang Jingrui’s gaze. “Ranran.” He called as he held Sun Xinran’s hand. “I can just find another job. I don’t need to be tied to Xinghai.” He told her, referring to the company owned by Jiang Jingrui.

“But – “ Sun Xinran said and bit her lips. Then, she looked at Ye Yixu’s eyes. Suddenly, pain flashed in her eyes and she looked away from Ye Yixu.

Li Rourou saw the change in the atmosphere between Sun Xinran and Ye Yixu. Do they have a disagreement? She thought, then smiled. “But, Ah Xu.” She called Ye Yixu. She looked at him as she rested put her elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand. “You’re not even legally married with Sun Xinran. Your words don’t have that power in this conversation.” She told Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu looked at Li Rourou, but he didn’t speak. Sun Xinran’s eyes widened and she gasped. Then, she lowered her head. Li Rourou had confirmed her thoughts. Ye Yixu and Sun Xinran had a disagreement between them. “How can you be sure it was him who… Ranran.” Ye Yixu said as he stammered.

Sun Xinran gasped and she looked at Ye Yixu in disbelief. Then, she turned to Jiang Jingrui. Panic in her eyes. “Don’t – “ she said, her voice pleading. “Don’t let senior see…” she said, her voice broke.

“Ranran…” Ye Yixu called, then closed his eyes. When he opened them, his eyes became determined. He turned to Jiang Jingrui. “Prove it.” He told him and met his gaze.

Jiang Jingrui, who had never spoken since earlier, just smirked. He took out his phone and opened a video. “No - !” Sun Xinran cried, but Li Rourou took her hand and kneaded it.

“Let them be, sweetie.” Li Rourou said. “It was just a video, right? It was only shown that you and my son entered the same room, yet nothing actually really was shown, right?” she said and smiled at Sun Xinran. Seeing Sun Xinran’s eyes widened, Li Rourou chuckled. “Yes. We might be actually just tricking you. Ah Xu is smarter than you think, thus he asked for a proof from my son.” She explained to her.

Hearing Li Rourou’s words, Sun Xinran felt relieved. So, I just overreacted. She thought when she heard Ye Yixu spoke. “It doesn’t prove it was you who did that to Ranran.” He said as he frowned at Jiang Jingrui.

“What other proof do you want?” Jiang Jingrui finally spoke as he stared at Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu paused. Then, he raised his head to meet Jiang Jingrui’s gaze. “DNA test.” He answered.

Sun Xinran gasped and he looked at Ye Yixu. Then, her tears fell and she lowered her head. She felt ashamed. She blamed Ye Yixu just because Ye Yixu didn’t agree to marry her. Now, Ye Yixu is asking for proof for her. Senior… I’m sorry… she thought. Then, she felt her hand was being held and she felt that familiar touch that always make her feel reassured.

Jiang Jingrui, much to Ye Yixu’s surprise, actually didn’t get angry. Instead, he just raised his brows. The corner of his lips ticked up. “Alright.” He said as he looked at Ye Yixu, his gaze challenging. “Let’s go to the hospital after this.” He said.

Sun Xinran gaped at Jiang Jingrui while Ye Yixu frowned, his gaze on Jiang Jingrui became doubtful. Meanwhile, Li Rourou laughed. Ah Xu, ah. Ah Xu. She shook her head as she remembered that young man she met in the past when she visited Jiang Jingrui once. You had always been smart. Now, my son who is rather dumb outsmarted you. She smiled at the thought. “Now, the food’s here.” She said when she saw the waiters delivered their food. After the waiter left and Li Rourou spoke again. She’s a talkative person. “Sweetie, why don’t you want to be a family with us?” she asked to Sun Xinran. “We are wealthy. It’s only me and my son in our family. I will treat you well.” She told Sun Xinran.

“Pardon my offense, but I don’t like wealthy people.” Sun Xinran answered.

“Oh? This is the first time I’ve heard someone said they don’t like money.” Li Rourou laughed, feeling amused by Sun Xinran. “Care to explain why?” she asked, feeling curious.

Sun Xinran shook her head, indicating she doesn’t mind. “My parents are actually money grubbers.” She started. “They both grew up from a poor family. When they grew up, they separated from their families and met. Then, my mother accidentally got pregnant. Our father had to work harder since there was my elder sister inside my mother’s belly. Then, not long after that and I was conceived. My father hated my mother and began to doubt whether I was really his own child. When my sister grew up, contrary to our parents, she’s a hardworking person.” She said. “She’s also smart, so she got scholarships and was enrolled in a prestigious university. Then, there was me.” She bitterly smiled. “I am a slow person, and I can only be a blue-collar worker.” She said. “My elder sister sends money to home, and our life became better. However, our parents always scolded me for being useless. Then, I ran away from home.” She said.

“Ranran – “ Ye Yixu called and held her hand tight, indicating for her to stop.

However, Sun Xinran just shook her head. “After graduation, I left our parents. I went here to seek a job. Then, I started to send money to our parents. My life has been okay, until…” her voice trailed off and she looked at Jiang Jingrui. However, Jiang Jingrui ignored her and just continued eating. This pig! Sun Xinran thought and frowned. “I am aware that the guests staying in the hotel where I was working were all wealthy people. So, I avoided them and returned home. However, I didn’t expect for our parents to throw me out after knowing I was pregnant.” She said, then felt her heart throbbed achingly. She held her chest. “They were cursing me as a slut, shameless… I had no choice but to return here. It was my elder sister who helped me got through my pregnancy. And senior…” she added and turned to smile at Ye Yixu. Ye Yixu returned the smile.

“What a lovely romance story!” Li Rourou exclaimed as she cupped her hands while looking at Sun Xinran and Ye Yixu with shining eyes. On the side, Jiang Jingrui frowned. “I feel sorry for you, sweetie.” She said and wiped the tear in the corner of her eye. “I now know the reason why you hated the rich people. However – “ she said. “ – we can’t just leave the baby with you like that.” She told her.

“What?” Sun Xinran said, then her hold on Ye Wenwen tightened. “You – “ she said and glared at Li Rourou.

“So, why don’t you live with us?” Li Rourou suggested.

“What?” Sun Xinran, Ye Yixu and Jiang Jingrui reacted.

“No.” Jiang Jingrui was the first to recover. “We only need the baby.” He said.

“I don’t agree.” Ye Yixu said. “He already…” he said and glared at Jiang Jingrui as his hand holding Sun Xinran’s hand tightened. “I can’t trust him. I can’t leave Ranran to him.” He said.

“Hey.” Jiang Jingrui called to Ye Yixu. “Maybe you have forgotten, I am still your superior – “ he said as his eyes narrowed.

Ye Yixu turned to Jiang Jingrui. “I can just look for other job – “ he said.

Jiang Jingrui scoffed. “You’re smart. Why can’t you think I can make the other companies block you?” he asked.

Ye Yixu’s eyes widened as he rose from his seat. His hand hit the table. Finally, he snapped. “You’re really evil! So much for the benefit of the doubt I gave you earlier!” he said, referring to Jiang Jingrui raping Sun Xinran. Ye Yixu turned to Sun Xinran and pulled her.

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