“We’re leaving!” Ye Yixu said.

“Huh? O - okay..." Sun Xinran followed Ye Yixu in a daze. Her eyes are wide in surprise as she stared at the angry expression of Ye Yixu. This was the first time she saw this expression on him.

She can understand why Ye Yixu was angry. Jiang Jingrui is his boss and he already had a trust on Jiang Jingrui. Added to the fact that they had been schoolmates before, that was why Ye Yixu didn’t immediately jumped to conclusion that Jiang Jingrui raped Sun Xinran unlike Sun Xinran who doesn’t know the stranger Jiang Jingrui.

“Senior…” she called, her eyes full of pity as she looked at Ye Yixu who sat on the bench when they reached the park. Ye Wenwen was making noises after he was startled awake when Ye Yixu got mad earlier.

Ye Yixu turned and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry if you had to see that.” He told her, then played with Ye Wenwen who immediately calmed down after hearing his ‘father’s voice and feeling the warmth and familiar touch.

Sun Xinran looked at Ye Yixu, then smiled. She sat beside him. “Senior.” She called after a while. She watched as the children played with sand afar. “You only treat me as your sister, right?” she asked. “That’s why you can’t marry me.” She added.

Ye Yixu’s hand holding Ye Wenwen’s hand froze. “Yes.” He honestly answered. “I’m sorry, xuemei…” he said and lowered his head.

Sun Xinran bitterly smiled. “Don’t be.” She said and laughed while her tears fell. “I had a crush on you since high school. You already know that, right?” she said.

“… yes.” Ye Yixu honestly answered.

Sun Xinran wiped her tears, but they just kept falling. “I really love you.” She said. “Not before, but during when you appeared before me that day when I was buying medicines using the money my sister sent me. I have planned to kill Wenwen inside me.” She told him. “That day, I planned to kill Wenwen, then myself. Being a single mother is really hard… I am dumb. I am stupid. I know, I would get nowhere.” She smiled and looked at Ye Wenwen. “But, you appeared, senior.” She said. “Like a knight in shining armor, you protected me from those thoughts. That time, even if you still haven’t recognized me, you still helped me. You prevented me from killing Wenwen. That time, for once, I praised myself for being smart to like you. When you told me you’d take care of me, I thought to myself – “ she said, then turned to Ye Yixu who was silently crying. “ – senior.” She called as she cupped Ye Yixu’s face and wiped his tears. “I still am not that really hopeless as I had thought. I still can be smart, for choosing you as the man to love.” She said and smiled, her tears streaming down her face as she closed her eyes. “Senior, won’t you kiss me?” she asked as she waited for his kiss.

Ye Yixu laughed as he cupped Sun Xinran’s face. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her… forehead. “I am really sorry, Ranran.” He whispered and hugged her tight. “I am sorry.” He repeatedly said.

“Senior…” she called and patted Ye Yixu’s back. Ye Wenwen looked at them, confused. “That day when I gave birth to Wenwen, my parents were there. They forced you to marry me, right?” she asked. “I can hear you inside. However, you told them I’m just a sister to you. My parents scolded you that you are just taking advantage of me, that you were the one who actually raped me and now you’re fulfilling your duties. Yet, you don’t want to marry me thus you used that excuse.” She said and sighed. “I am sorry. I really have wronged you, senior.” She told him and apologetically sighed.

“No… it was me. It was me, Ranran.” Ye Yixu cried. “Don’t mind me. I still can find a job. Just don’t let them take Wenwen away from you.” He told her.

Sun Xinran sweetly smiled. “Senior… you’re really kind.” She told him and patted his damp cheek from crying. “I have no choice but to do what they wanted.” She said. “Wenwen will be tested, as well as Jiang Jingrui. They will do whatever it takes to take Wenwen.” Her gaze lowered and she looked at Ye Wenwen who is nibbling her finger.

“But, you can’t be sure it was him who – “ Ye Yixu said.

“Senior.” She called. “It’s not as if you do not know how rich people does things.” She said, her voice low.

“Ranran…” Ye Yixu called, then closed his eyes as he hugged her tight. “There’s still Jiang Jingrui’s fiancée. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you – “ he said.

“You’ve been with your boss longer than I. You know him more than I do.” Sun Xinran said. “And, from what I have seen that day, Jiang Jingrui doesn’t like his fiancée. Am I right?” she asked and turned to face Ye Yixu.

Ye Yixu nodded. “Yes.” He answered.

Sun Xinran smiled. “I am still not sure whether it was really Jiang Jingrui or not who is Wenwen’s father, but for me – “ she said and cupped Ye Yixu’s face, then squished it. “ – you will always be Wenwen’s father for me.” She told him and smiled.

“Ranran…” Ye Yixu called.

“Senior, it’s not as if you don't know me, right? I am strong!” Sun Xinran told Ye Yixu and showed him her biceps. “I can handle it if they’ll take me away.” She said. “It’s better to go with them and be with Wenwen, than to give Wenwen to them and I’ll be left alone…” she said and pinched Ye Wenwen’s cheek.

“Mama~” Ye Wenwen called with his milky voice.

Sun Xinran laughed and felt her heart was healed as she kissed her son. Ye Yixu stared at the mother and child pair and smiled. “Ranran.” He called. “After offending my boss, I think I can’t stay in his company again.” He said.

Sun Xinran’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?!” she exclaimed. “You two seemed close! And even Jian Jingrui’s mother, she seemed to like you.” She said when she remembered Li Rourou intimately calling Ye Yixu ‘Ah Xu’ earlier.

Ye Yixu just smiled. “I will go home.” He told Sun Xinran.

“Ah? You won’t accompany me later to the hospital with them?” she asked. “Okay. Wait for me at home, senior. If you’re hungry, there’s still food in the fridge. Just reheat it – “ she said.

Ye Yixu chuckled, cutting her off. “Ranran.” He called, his voice sad. “I will go back home.” He told her.

Sun Xinran stared at him. It was after a while before Sun Xinran realized what Ye Yixu meant. “What?!” she said. “Well, it’s your decision. But…” she said. Ye Yixu will be going back to his parents in the province. “You don’t want me and Wenwen anymore?” she asked, grievance in her voice.

Ye Yixu smiled. “That’s not it.” He said. “I’ll still go back in the city to visit you and Wenwen. Well, if they’ll permit me – “ he said.

“I will! I will state that in my conditions!” Sun Xinran raised her hand as if she’s swearing.

Ye Yixu laughed. “Mn,” he said and rubbed her head. “I will miss you and Wenwen.” He told her.

Sun Xinran’s smile disappeared. “I will miss you, too, senior…” she said and sniffed.

Ye Yixu just chuckled and patted her back. “Alright. Now go back to them.” He told her. “Don’t let rich people wait for you for too long.” He said.

“Ah – “ black lines covered Sun Xinran’s face. She looked at Ye Yixu.

“What?” Ye Yixu said when he saw Sun Xinran was staring at him.

“Nothing. It’s just…” Sun Xinran said, but she didn’t continue her words. She just continued to stare at Ye Yixu, as if engraving his kind face in her mind and heart. Then, she turned to take a step. Why do I feel like, if I will leave, this will be the last time I’ll see senior? She thought and turned back. She saw Ye Yixu still sitting on the bench, a smile on his face. “Senior…” she called. She felt a lump formed on her throat. She felt like crying as she stared at Ye Yixu as she walked farther from him. Senior… she thought when she saw him waved. Then, when his figure became smaller in her sight, she turned away. She missed seeing Ye Yixu took out his phone and called someone.

Ye Yixu rose from his seat and left the park. As he crossed the road, he didn’t notice it was a red light for pedestrians. The next thing he knew, there was a loud screech and he heard a scream. Then, he felt something hit his body, and his eyes closed.


Li Rourou looked at her son and smiled. “You won’t run after them?” she asked him.

Jiang Jingrui pursed his lips. “They’ll be back.” He answered.

“What made you think so?” Li Rourou asked, chuckling after hearing the confidence in his voice.

“DNA test.” Jiang Jingrui answered and he raised his head to look at the entrance of the restaurant when the door opened.

Sun Xinran came back, slightly panting after she half-ran for some reason after she left Ye Yixu. The sunlight bathed her as she stood in the entrance, making her look like she’s glowing. Her fair face was slightly flushed, making her very eye-catching. Some customers of the restaurant can’t help but look at the young but beautiful single mother, and her adorable baby who behaved as he was carried by his mother by the baby sling.

Li Rourou laughed as she shook her head. “If I just don’t personally know Ah Xu, I would doubt about this woman’s purpose for coming back.” She said.

Jiang Jingrui turned to his mother. He knew that his mother and Ye Yixu once met during his college days. However, he didn’t know how the two people became close. Even if he is close to his mother and tells his mother everything he does, including his secrets, his mother isn’t like that towards him aside from doting on him too much. “Yes.” He said.

They have seen much of people’s faces that doesn’t match to their character. Their words don’t prove their actions. Thus, they don’t believe in Sun Xinran’s story. They don’t believe her at all. What they believe in is Ye Yixu’s judgement of people. After all, they had known Ye Yixu for more than three years. Since Ye Yixu cares for Sun Xinran, then Sun Xinran might be really a nice person.

Sun Xinran walked towards Jiang Jingrui and Li Rourou’s table under the gazes of people. This was a three-star restaurant. Even if there were wealthy people, but they are not as wealthy as Jiang Jingrui and Li Rourou. Li Rourou was the one who chose the restaurant. Sun Xinran guessed, Li Rourou always eats in a five-star restaurant, but out of consideration for her and Ye Yixu, who are mediocre people, Li Rourou chose a lesser class restaurant. It shows that she gave much thought on Ye Wenwen, her grandson. “I agree to go with you.” She told them when she reached their table.

Jiang Jingrui didn’t answer but Li Rourou smiled. “What made you change your mind?” she asked.

Sun Xinran didn’t answer. “I have three conditions.” She said.

“What are they?” Jiang Jingrui asked.

“First condition: Wenwen shouldn’t be wronged.” Sun Xinran said.

“That goes without saying.” Li Rourou said.

“Second: I am free to do whatever I want. I can still continue to work. I can also take Wenwen away to visit senior.” She said.

“And the third condition?

“I will tell you soon.

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