Sun Xinran looked at the DNA result. It was positive. Ye Wenwen is really Jiang Jingrui’s son, and Jiang Jingrui was the one who raped her that night, 3 years ago. “Why did you do that?” she asked as she looked at Jiang Jingrui while they walked towards the shining, black car waiting for them as they left the hospital after they received the DNA test result.

Jiang Jingrui stopped before the open door of the car. He turned and looked at Sun Xinran who was waiting for his answer. She was obviously referring to that night, 3 years ago. “If I’d say I was interested in you, would you believe me?” he asked.

Sun Xinran scoffed, as if she had just heard the funniest joke of the year. “If I’d answer, ‘yes, I believe you’, would you believe me?” she asked.

Jiang Jingrui just stared at her. “No one believes on the words of their rapist.” He said. “So, why are you asking now?” he asked.

Sun Xinran was taken aback. Of course, she knew that those who does harm to others cannot be trusted. Furthermore, Jiang Jingrui assaulted her. So, why was she asking? She stared at Jiang Jingrui, who was now the one waiting for an answer. “It doesn’t suit you.” She finally said.

Jiang Jingrui is a cold and indifferent man despite his seducing look that provokes desire from the people who lay their eyes on him. As what Sun Xinran has observed of the man the past three days as they waited for the DNA test result, Jiang Jingrui is also a reticent man and is disinterested in everything. He looked unmotivated and it was only Li Rourou’s words that could move him, and only Li Rourou he obeys. It was surprising he is friends with a friendly and gentle man like Ye Yixu.

“You are right.” Jiang Jingrui spoke, pulling Sun Xinran out of her thoughts.

“That you aren’t interested in me?” Sun Xinran said.

“Obviously.” Jiang Jingrui answered, his brows raised as he condescendingly looked at Sun Xinran.

Sun Xinran frowned as she disgustingly looked at Jiang Jingrui. “So? Why did you do that to me?” she asked. “Why me?” she added.

“Don’t think of yourself as if you’re in a fairy tale.” Jiang Jingrui said. The meaning of his words are: don’t think of yourself as someone special.

Sun Xinran’s face darkened. She forced a smile but she was madly irritated inside. This devil! She thought.

Jiang Jingrui ignored the glaring expression of her. “I’ll send you to Ai Xing Restaurant, then we’ll talk.” He told her and went inside the car first.

Sun Xinran was about to follow when the door of the car closed. She froze and she looked at the assistant of Jiang Jingrui who was smiling at her. “Young master doesn’t like someone sitting beside him, much less be in the same car with a stranger.” She told her, her smile still polite despite her words, then she walked around the car and opened the door of the passenger seat and went inside.

Sun Xinran felt her chest is full of anger. She turned when she heard another car arrived. Then, the driver went outside and opened the car for her. Sun Xinran turned back and saw Jiang Jingrui’s car had already left. She got no choice but to enter the other car. How was this sending me by yourself? She thought, frowning. She crossed her arms on her chest and she looked outside the window.

Two days ago, she went with Jiang Jingrui and Li Rourou to go to the hospital and have Jiang Jingrui and Ye Wenwen tested. After that, they went to a beautiful and spacious villa that was like cut-out from the movies. Wait – Sun Xinran thought. It was really the villa from one of the drama she watched in the television! So, she was going to live in the house where the female lead of the drama had lived? She thought, fascinated. She excitedly pinched Ye Wenwen’s cheeks. Ye Wenwen just goo-goo-ed, ga-ga-ed and called her ‘mama’.

As Jiang Jingrui had promised, he gave her a villa and a car, then gave her a check worth ten billion. He then left after that, but his mother had stayed longer to play with Ye Wenwen. After she had played enough with Ye Wenwen and she left, promising her to give her attendants to clean the villa and cook for her. Sun Xinran doesn’t plan to make the attendants cook, though. Who knows if they’ll poison her now that they had her and Ye Wenwen in their grasp? Thus, when the attendants arrived, she only made them clean and tend he garden, as well as wash the dishes. She doesn’t plan to make them wash her and Ye Wenwen’s clothes. Who knows if they’ll install some spy camera or pour something on the fabric and make her skin rash? So, for two days, she lived peacefully and free of worries.

When she saw the Ai Xing Restaurant, she made the driver park not far from the place and she went out of the car. She walked towards the restaurant and entered. Her line of sight caught Jiang Jingrui’s figure sitting in the same place last time. Jiang Jingrui also had seen her, then looked away as if his eyes were sore just looking at her.

Sun Xinran frowned and greeted her coworkers before she went upstairs to talk with Jiang Jingrui. “So? Spill it.” She told him as she patted the table.

Jiang Jingrui looked at her. Then, he grabbed his drink. Sun Xinran thought he’d drink it. She didn’t expect for him to spill it on the floor. Her jaw dropped as she looked at him, her face full of disbelief. “What?” Jiang Jingrui asked. “You told me to spill it.” He said and stopped spilling his drink. “You pay for this drink. Order me a new one.” He told her.

Sun Xinran’s eyes widened. “You - ! Are you crazy?! I meant, to spill your words!” she told him. “And, you’re the one who spilled your drink! Why do I have to pay for it? Aren’t you rich? Are you a miser?!” she asked.

“You’re the one who told me to spill it.” Jiang Jingrui repeated his words.

Sun Xinran gaped at him. Unbelievable! This man is insane! She thought and took a deep breath to calm herself. “So. What happened 3 years ago?” she asked.

Jiang Jingrui waved for a waiter. Sun Xinran saw it was Hong Ye. Hong Ye also saw Sun Xinran when he walked towards Jiang Jingrui. “Ran-jie. This isn’t a night club. We don’t allow for our workers to be tabled.” He said, then glanced at Jiang Jingrui. Hong Ye doesn’t recognize the man, since he (HY) doesn’t know anything in the business world.

Sun Xinran gave Hong Ye a small smile. Hong Ye felt shivers on his spine when he saw Sun Xinran’s smile. He immediately took Jiang Jingrui’s order, then hurriedly left. “So?” Sun Xinran said as she turned to Jiang Jingrui.

Jiang Jingrui didn’t immediately answered. He waiting for Hong Ye to come back and serve his coffee before he spoke. “3 years ago, I was celebrating with my employees for the having a big client investing in our company.” He started. “We were drinking. I went to the restroom for a minute, then went back. However, I found out that someone spiked my drink.” He calmly sipped his drink.

Sun Xinran’s eyes widened in shock. “You… were drugged…” she said and covered her mouth. Then, something flashed in her memory. It was a figure of a man who dashed inside the room and pushed her away. She didn’t have time to turn to see who was it when her head hit the wall hard because of the impact, and then she lost consciousness. “People who were drugged have their strength increased because they were fighting the effects. It was you – “ she said and looked at Jiang Jingrui, her eyes filled with tears and her heart ached. “It was really you who – “ she said and covered her mouth as she sobbed. The build, the color of his skin which she had seen before he lost her consciousness… they were the same.

She closed her eyes as she hugged herself. She crouched on the chair, ignoring the other people’s gaze on her. She buried her tear-stained face on her knees and cried. Senior… she thought of Ye Yixu. It was really this beast… I’m sorry – she sobbed as she hugged her knees tight. He really is Wenwen’s father… she felt sorry for Ye Yixu. Ye Yixu’s boss, whom he had trust for over the years, was the one who defiled the person (SXR) he (YYX) cared about. I wonder how senior is doing now? She thought as she remembered the letter Ye Yixu sent to her the other day. He said that he was going back to his province to see his parents. I wish senior is here now… she thought and hugged her knees tighter. She felt cold. I need senior’s warmth… Wenwen… she thought as she sniffed. She felt her pants were soaked with her tears.

Jiang Jingrui could feel the people’s gazes fell on him. However, he had always been indifferent to everything. There were only two people who mattered to him. “Fix yourself.” He told Sun Xinran.

Sun Xinran didn’t answer.

Jiang Jingrui frowned, then ignored her. “I will bring the child for my father to see him. Dress him up when you get home.” He told her, then rose from his seat. He took his coat which he hung on the back of his chair, then he left her.

“Ran-jie…?” Sun Xinran heard Hong Ye called. “Ran-jie! What happened to you?” he asked when he saw Sun Xinran was curled up on her chair. The man she was talking with earlier was gone. “Ran-jie!” he called as he patted Sun Xinran’s shoulder. Then, his hand froze when he saw Sun Xinran’s body stiffened from his touch. “S-sorry…” he called, awkward. He doesn’t know why Sun Xinran reacted like that. She was fine before… He decided to call Zhang Chunhua. Zhang Chunhua was the one Sun Xinran was closest to. “Hua-jie!” Hong Ye called when he went to the kitchen and saw Zhang Chunhua talking to Chen Xixing, their head chef. “Jie!” he called as he walked towards Zhang Chunhua.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Zhang Chunhua asked when she saw Hong Ye’s panicked face.

“Hua-jie! Ran-jie was crying!” Hong Ye answered and pointed the second floor.

Zhang Chunhua’s eyes widened. She immediately excused herself from Chen Xixi, then immediately ran up to the second floor. “Ranran?” she called when she saw Sun Xinran curled up in the chair. “Ranran.” She called and hugged Sun Xinran. When she felt Sun Xinran stiffened. She immediately let go of her and sighed. “What happened?” she softly asked and waited for Sun Xinran’s answer. However, Sun Xinran remained silent and didn’t move.

She turned when she heard the people whispering with their eyes on Sun Xinran’s figure. Zhang Chunhua frowned and was about to tell those people off when she felt someone grabbed her arm. She turned back and saw Sun Xinran was gripping her arm tight. Her eyes widened when she felt Sun Xinran’s hand holding her was shaking uncontrollably. Zhang Chunhua felt her arm hurt from Sun Xinran’s grip, yet she ignored it. Instead, she knelt beside her and held the back of Sun Xinran’s head.

“Ranran?” she called. When Sun Xinran didn’t answer, she turned and glared at the people behind her. They immediately went back to their seat, but continued to whisper. Zhang Chunhua turned back to Sun Xinran. “Ranran, what happened?” she gently asked.

Hearing that gentle tone, Sun Xinran’s heart soured. She slowly raised her head, only to see Zhang Chunhua instead of Ye Yixu.

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