Chapter 5: Future forever

"I promise to tell your dad about what you said." Kayel assured Pheby as she tapped both of her shoulders.

Since Kayel is a bit taller, he stooped to their level by bending his knees down. He looked at her eyes and smiled.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Kayel couldn't help but chuckle because of Pheby's being straightforward.

"No, why?"

"If I will grow up, I want you to be my boyfriend. Please wait for me, okay?"

"Gosh, Pheby. Could you please stop being so silly? He's our visitor and you have to respect him."

They almost forgot that Vickie is just behind them, also listening to what they talk about. Since they are now in the front door of the guestroom, Pheby opened it for him. He could see the spacious interior right away.

"Thank you so much! Please tell your mom this is really beautiful."

"We will. I hope you will enjoy your stay here." He noticed Vickie's being awkward as she smiled at him.

"We will go ahead, Mr. Chocolate. I will take care of my sister after this, you know." Pheby insisted that she turned Vickie's wheelchair backwards.

As they were in their room, nobody dared to say any word. It's like a quiet challenge for the both of them.

"Sis, do you have a crush on Mr. Kayel?" Pheby asked her when she caught her smiling without her noticing it too much.

"Why do you ask that?"

"I just want to make sure that I have no rival when it comes to him, okay?"

"Gosh, no. I don't." Vickie answered defensively while avoiding her gaze to her sister. Her sister also frowned while accompanying her to her own bed.

"Good. I made myself clear indeed."

"Don't you dare develop feelings for him, or I will really forget I have the eldest sister. "

Vickie couldn't help but to laugh out loud as she shook her head.

"I promise. By the way, I need a lift going to my bed, please?"

"Of course. I will just be here to help out only if I am sure that you don't love him, alright?"

"Pheb, you're still the one, ok?"

"Please make it sure. I am really happy knowing that she hasn't got any girlfriend."

"You're too young to even think about getting a boyfriend, Pheby. Please don't think about those things yet."

"But sis, I want to marry him!"

"Okay. Tell me that when you reach your 20th birthday. I guess that's really the appropriate time to get a boyfriend."

"Wow, look who's having one. You're already 24 and yet nobody has ever courted you…" Pheby grinned as she moved her eyebrows up and down.

"Well, I guess the right man will come at the right moment. God is only preparing that right man for me. I want him to be a loving and faithful boyfriend and a husband as well.

"Alright. Sounds convincing. We can sleep now." Pheby smiled as she tucked in Vickie to sleep. To Vickie's current situation, Pheby was forced to act as if the bigger sister from the two of them. Vickie is really thankful because she had a very sweet and loving sibling.

"Remember, you're still very young. You have to study well in school. You will meet your boyfriend when you would be older."

"Alright. Let's sleep now. Tomorrow is a great day. I hope Kayel is sleeping comfortably in the guestroom." Vickie added, looking worried. Pheby frowned at her as she looked around to find the keys of the guestroom.

"Don't worry. I already gave the emergency kit and whistle to Mr. Kayel. He'll be super fine there." Pheby noticed that Vickie stopped emptying the small cabinet of her bedside table.

"Wow. Good to know then." She sighed in relief as she straightened from bed. She slowly rested her head on the pillow in front of Pheby who is now in her bed. However, she noticed that Pheby is facing back at her, covering herself with her own blanket.

She sighed as she noticed that her little sister is most probably asleep right now. She could easily fall asleep and that's one of the things that she envied from her sister.

She faced the ceiling while biting her lower lip. She couldn't help but to recall how Kayel smiled at them for the first time. He even showed a humble, down-to-earth and funny personality. His smile caught their attention right away. For Vickie, Kayel is a good person. She noticed that even if he's a bit tired, he still noticed my mom and my sister. He tried his best to answer their weird questions. Vickie believed that he did it with confidence and humor at the same time.

That's why Pheby wanted him as her own boyfriend right away because he's being a good role model for her sister.

Vickie thinks about asking for his phone number the very first thing in the morning. She also wanted to know more about him, just like her sister. She wanted to know how old he is, exactly. She also wanted to know the reason why he broke up with her?

Compared to Pheby and her age, it will be too impossible for her to support Pheby because she's too young for him. Vickie suddenly got excited about the idea of marrying him because her age is nearer compared to his. She is more suitable than her sister fantasizing him while she's super young.

She sighed once more and smiled. Vickie closed her eyes slowly, hoping that she will dream of Kayel, too. His appeal is oozing with charm and handsomeness that she wanted to dream of him tonight. Just the two of them cuddle because it is raining. She also wanted to dream of him bringing her to a romantic candlelight dinner. How she wanted to experience the ultimate freedom of travel. Go almost everywhere with only him.

Vickie covered herself with a blanket. She wanted to giggle and laugh because of her silly thinking about Kayel. However, she's afraid that her younger sister will wake up because of the noise.

She'd better sleep because tomorrow will be a different and exciting one, with Kayel.

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