Chapter 6: Spotlight partner


The next day, Vickie woke up with a smile on her face. Knowing that they had a visitor excites her the most. Not only a common visitor, a handsome one.

She was used to her father having a lot of visitors in their house. They were usually in their mid-forties and she expected them to be a bit old.

But now, she woke up, full of excitement. She couldn't help but smile as she faced her vanity mirror.

"That's just so weird, sister." Pheby woke up with a frown while folding her arms. She seemed like having a very bad dream. She woke up grumpy, facing Vickie. She just chuckled in response.

"You know what? Frowning at the start of the day is a really bad sign."

"Bad sign of what?"

"How old are you?" She asked in a teasing manner.

"Twelve?" She answered in a questioning tone. She looked like she didn't have any idea of what Vickie wanted to really tell her.

"When you frown, you will look older than me!" She revealed, bursting with laughter. Pheby groaned in annoyance as she almost stomped her feet. She couldn't accept what her sister had told her.

"See? Do you really want to be the older sister here?"

"No!" She replied right away. Vickie smiled at her and nodded.

"Then, smile, okay? That's always my secret to glowing skin and stress-free days. Smile. You're only twelve and yet you're already carrying the whole world on your back."

She heard her sister whined as she stood up and shut their door. Vickie shook her head as she chuckled. She knew that her sister could not leave her in their room for a long time.

She took a deep breath and looked through their glass window. She was half-sitting on her own bed, with her legs resting on the lower part of the bed.

"One...two...three…" She whispered and the door instantly clicked and opened. Her sister stood in front of it, still with a frown.

"Time for breakfast," Pheby said dryly, guiding her to sit on her wheelchair. She gently sat on it and she could feel her hands on her back. Good thing about Pheby is, she would often massage her gently on her back even if she's angry or disappointed at her. Vickie mostly didn't know the reason why she gets mad at her easily.

"Thank you sis, you're the best," She whispered as she yawned. Pheby held the handle of her wheelchair from her back and started pushing it for her. They pass on the mini-ramp that their father made for Vickie. It is made for the wheelchair to go up and down the second floor of the house easily.

"Good morning, Vickie and Pheby!" Kayel's smiling face greeted the two of them. Pheby avoided her gaze on Kayel because of being very shy. She almost hid behind Vickie. Meanwhile, Vickie looked as if she's the happiest woman ever alive at that particular moment. She met Kayel's gaze and she felt like slowly melting her.

She noticed the cup of milk and hot chocolate with cookies beside it placed at the opposite direction of the table. They noticed that their mom and Kayel preferred a cup of coffee for themselves.

"Both of you, please take a seat. Your drinks are getting colder now." Pheby nodded and guided Vickie to her seat. Kayel stood up and helped Vickie as she pushed the wheel hair on the corner of the room. Pheby looked at them full of gloom.

Vickie led the prayer before meals. She prayed for Kayel's protection and more blessings to come for her family.

"Thank you for accepting me here, ma'am. It's more of an honor."

Hylda chuckled as she looked at her two daughters. "Please, treat us as your own family from now on." She said with assurance.

"Yeah. I agree with mom. All of dad's visitors are our family. Don't worry, you can always stay here for as long as you like."

"Thank you. I will always be grateful that you welcomed me here."

They ate breakfast and they talked more about each other's lives. Pheby is noticeably quiet this time that Kayel asked her the reason why.

"Sir, I guess I am just tired and sleepy."

"Don't stay up late always, alright? Get some good rest for you to be prettier even more." Vickie saw how she smiled as soon as she heard those words from Kayel.

"Y-Yes, sir." She responded with cheeks flustered. She poked her arm with her elbow as if teasing her younger sister. Pheby bit her lip and smiled even more. Vickie could compare her little sister to someone who won the lottery because her smile is a bit weird. When she's happy, she can't help but show it out to the world. While Vickie is the reserved one. She's naturally the shy-typed kind of person. She is not easily talking to someone that's new for her. She's the type that stays with only a maximum of five friends all her life and she's okay with it.

"Vickie, Pheby, be good to Kayel, alright?" Their mother reminded them while they were eating their cookies. Pheby even dunk her cookie on her milk. Kayel chuckled as he observed her doing it. When Pheby realized that Kayel was observing her, she almost choked on the cookies.

"Sorry," He said as he chuckled while observing her. He even wiped her mouth with his handkerchief.

"Kayel, don't let Pheby get used to it. She might think that you're always here to spoil her with that."

"Ma'am, don't worry. I will try my best to make these sisters laugh. While their dad is still away, I will take care of them."

"Thank you, Kayel. You're indeed a trusted friend of my dearest husband."

"You can count on me, ma'am."

"Thank you again for being here. I feel like Mack is just here with us because you visited us."

"The pleasure is mine, ma'am." She smiled as soon as I said those words.

I promised Mack that whatever happens, I will make sure his family will never be abandoned. Even if the fact that he will not return to them alive this time.

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