Alexia woke up the next morning with the memory of last night’s dinner still fresh in her mind. She rolled over in bed and clutched the soft sheets to her chest. Last night, she arrived at spring bird, met the family and ate supper with them. She met Colin’s mum and his half-sister. Who would have ever known that the world could be so small? It was so big, yet so small.

Samantha was Colin’s mother! Alexia sat up in bed and sighed. “At lease he could have mentioned it.” She threw herself back into bed out of embarrassment. Samantha had caught her in a compromising position with his son. “No, no, no, no.” She chanted and wished the sun had not come up today, because she was not ready to face them. She wished she were not working for Colin’s mum. Colin _the man who was out for her heart.

Chuckles and screams entered her room and she quickly scrambled out of bed, her white nightie flowing to her ankles. Alexia wondered what excited Sofia so much this early in the morning. She parted the curtains, opened the glass doors and walked out onto the balcony. A cool air blew over her and the sun rays warmed up and caressed the skin on her shoulders, back and neck.

Down below, she saw the little bundle of joy by the fountain, throwing water at Colin, who was also doing the same thing. The scene fascinated her as she held the rails and continued to watch their little game.

They plucked the flowers surrounding the fountain, scattered the petals around and wet themselves plus the entrance with water from the fountain. They were making a mess of the place and it did not look like one of them was a full-grown man. A smile formed on her lips as she continued to watch them. It might be fun playing like that, but they surly would get in trouble with Samantha for destroying her flowers.

“Oh, dear lord!” That was Samantha’s terrified scream when she came out of the front door and saw what her oldest and youngest child had done. Alexia watched as the fuming mother dealt with her naughty children. Sofia was the first to run away in tears from there and then Samantha went after her.

As soon as Samantha left, Colin raised his gaze and met Alexia’s. She froze. Even from that far distance, his eyes still had the ability to make her insides melt. They watched each other for long moments and all of a sudden, she became self-conscious of her attire. Her nightie was a white silk material, designed to cling to one’s body. Besides that, she was not wearing any panties or brassier. Right now, she felt naked, compared to him who was in a round neck white shirt and grey slacks. Colin’s gaze was burning holes through her dress and she quickly moved back into the room before her knees gave out.

After taking a shower and changing into a black and white stripped blouse over a pair of black jeans and white sneakers, Alexia left her room. She was preparing herself mentally for work when voices echoed from downstairs and interrupted her. It was after she reached the balcony that she saw, down below, Colin and Elijah. They looked like they were ready to rip each other’s throats.

“What are you doing here?” The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them. Both men turned their heads and saw her. Alexia doubled her steps and took the stairs two at a time. She came to a stop in front of them and crossed her hands.

Both men stared like dummies. The beautiful red haired in casual clothes with an attitude captivated them both and left them speechless. She started feeling uncomfortable under their heated gazes, and quickly broke the silence that had fallen between them, with a question. “I asked what you are doing here, Elijah?” That snapped them out of their dazed state.

“What am I doing here?” Elijah stepped forward and reached for her arm. “I came here to take you with me.” He said.

“Let her go.” Colin spoke before she did and removed her hand from his hold.


“Alexia, let’s get away from here.

“I am not going anywhere with you.” She snapped and freed her hand from Colin’s grasp. “Please leave this place.” Alexia prayed Elijah was not still as stubborn as he was before. She did not need this - not right now. She was at a client’s home for God sakes!

“If I leave this place, you come with me.” He spoke with such authority that it stunned her. Nope, Elijah was still stubborn and possessive, if not worse.

“She said, she isn’t leaving. Didn’t you hear that punk?” Colin mocked Elijah with a smile after a frown crossed his face. “Get out before I throw you out kicking and screaming like a little girl.” He added and Elijah clenched his fists by his side, while stepping up to him.

Both men were so close to each other their noses were touching and breaths mingling. Eyes burned with anger, noses flared and they growled like a pair of wolves preparing for battle. Colin was slightly taller than Elijah was, but both men were brawny and well built. If they were to get into a fight right now, only lord knows what would happen.

Alexia quickly took Elijah’s arm and pulled him aside. “Let’s talk outside.

“No, Alexia you are not going anywhere with him.” Colin protested and took her other arm in a tight grip. Now both men had each of her arms.

“No, Colin I am going out with him and you are not coming.” Alexia yanked her arm out of his iron grip and winced. Colin’s grip had been a little too hard and left her hand feeling numb and sore. Immediately her gaze met his, his anger disappeared and he realised what he had done. “Excuse me.” Alexia spoke before he could and hurried away with Elijah.

Colin watched them head towards the door and his anger returned. That bastard ex-boyfriend of hers was touching her. He was holding her arm and rubbing his stinking fingers on it. He was rubbing the hand he, Colin had held a little too tight. Damn, he should not have held her too tightly.

“Damn it, Colin!” He said through gritted teeth and fisted his hands. He had to be careful. Alexia was different from other woman. She was soft, fragile, and easily breakable. One mistake on his part had given that asshole Elijah the chance to touch her. That part upset him the most. He, Colin should be the only person to touch her soft skin and nobody else.

Right before they exited the door, Elijah turned and threw a sly smile his way. If someone were to be keeping scores, it would have one point for Elijah and Colin, Zero. The door closed behind them and when Colin spun around, he found his mother standing there. He wondered how long she had been standing there, or if she heard or saw anything. God, he hoped not. Else, she would get involved and he did not want her getting mixed up with this.

“Mother, I didn’t see you there.” He smiled, but she saw through it.

The mother who had given birth to and raised her son, and had been with him through thick and thin could see past that disguise. She knew her son even better than he knew himself. “So, her ex wants her back, hmmm?” Samantha asked with a raised eyebrow.

Damn, she had hit the nail right on the head. “Mother, I don’t want to talk about it.” Colin said and walked away.


Elijah and Alexia were standing by his car outside. “Alexia, see what that animal did to you.” He pointed to her wrist, which was now slightly red. “You can’t stay here, come with me.

“How did you find me?” Her question was so out of context, it surprised him for a moment.

“I went to your office yesterday and your secretary told me where to find you.” He replied and quickly changed the subject by going back to her hand. “We have to go see a doctor.

“No, it’s not necessary.” Alexia objected and put space between them. “Elijah, please go away from here.


“You know why? My secretary told you.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes, even if you’ve been hired to decorate the house you don’t have to live here. We can go to a hotel in town. I already reserved a room for you. Alexia, just please don’t say no.” Elijah took her none bruised hand.

Alexia could not believe she was about to repeat herself to him. “Elijah,” she drew in a deep breath and before she could continue, he pulled her into his arms. Her arms stayed at her side as he squeezed her into him.

“Please, please, Alexia, feel my heartbeat. Feel my heart beating for you. I missed you so bad and I want you back even more.” He drew back and held her at arm’s length. “I should get out of your life. That’s what you want to say, isn’t it?” He asked and she nodded. “Well no, never. I will not leave until I have you by my side again.

“Elijah, you…”

“Alexia you of all people should know it already.” His eyes glowed with determination and hope as he continued. “Elijah Martin never backs down on a fight, never quits and never gives up until he gets what he wants. I want you, Alexia, and I am not going to stop until I have you.

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