The Dark Empress


92.18k words

29 chapters



Table of Contents


Saber's quest is to find and protect the missing and yet unknown Dark Empress of the Dark World. Yes, she has to protect the reigning regime from her very own maker Dena. But with all those assassins and the love she meets on her way in the person of Alpha Haunter, which of them will send her to doomsday first?



jose deborah


2021/12/2 Reply

Anita Deborah

good one

2021/12/2 Reply

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Althea Melodi

awwww!!! this book is so amazingggg!!! i so love it! the chapter is short- direct to the point and no hastle! this will be a great storyline for movie! , the male protagonist is so faithful, and the female lead is a kickass heroine!! so amazing! just so amazing!! though i hoped that saber got pregnant in the last part, but it's fine if she didn't... I'll just imagine that she will in my mind after how many years they're together with haunter though, haha

2021/11/9 Reply

Rose Simeon

really good

2021/10/9 Reply

Akash Zine

nice one

2021/9/7 Reply

Sakeenah Maikudi

nice book

2021/8/1 Reply

Morgan Sash

very interesting

2021/7/30 Reply

Rejoice Seno

wow cool

2021/6/30 Reply

Damon Dondor

luv it

2021/6/7 Reply

Alohah Abalayan

I love it

2021/6/3 Reply